SkyRaiders Part 3 – Junkers – Salvage Crew/Pirates

Do you remember the Sky Pirates Project? It was SkyLanders and then became SkyRaiders thanks to madam cupcakesandmachetes.

Well today I started to do a bit of dabbling with some some odds and ends and before I knew it I had a new Pirate gang. This one is a lot smaller but they have a certain charm.

They are called Junkers and pass themselves off as a Salvage crew but in actual fact they are pirates through and through.

Theyll be getting a ship, probably something from the 40k range rather than a playmobil conversion but they’ll also be getting a base, a little Port/bastion. I’ve been inspired by some very cool “floating” terrain pieces on instagram so watch this space.

For now though let’s meet the Junkers.

Captain Wyck Dante – Pretty simple conversionbut the hat add and gun convert are my favourite sections of this mini. I bloody love that coat too.



1st Mate Mr Rushdale – He was fun to do. Possibly a little too heavy though.


Walcot – I wasn’t sure about the body choice at first, being Eldar, it’s quite slender but I bulked out the hood with some bits. The long ponytail on his right hip is a scalp 😉


Ashes – I wanted to build a mini that looked like he was burning off some disease infected scrub. I imagine him to go deep into pipes and burn off mound, corrosion and creepy crawlies. I built the helmet out of two space marine shoulder pads. Let me know what you think and any advice on how to print it would be appreciated.


Bruiser and Bully – Hes actually probably my favourite in this bunch. A mechanical leg and arm, a collection of nice long blades, a huge hammer “thing”, a bionic eye and a cute little dog called Bully haha. What’s not to like???


Bailey – He’s the bloke who digs the holes looking for treasure and also to bury bodies. It was all about head choice for this little fella.


Granger – I wanted this guy to look like he has fallen victim to all manner of noxious gasses.


Smedley – I really, really like his head. Can anyone guess what it is?


Bruce – Still a bit unsure about the head but I wanted him to look arrogant and nothing says arrogant more than aviator sunglasses and a flat top haircut haha.


Goldman – He’s a driller. Always tearing holes into everything he finds in search of anything of value. I had difficulty getting the arms to fit right so used the shoulder pads to hide the gaps 👍🏼


Doyle “potty mouth” Helton – He’s a climber, explorer and a bloody good soldier.



It’s been good to have a break from painting but I promise it’ll be more painting this week.

Happy Sunday Superheroes.





36 thoughts on “SkyRaiders Part 3 – Junkers – Salvage Crew/Pirates”

  1. Awesome!
    I think I might have to try that dome helmet out. Looks really retro cool.

    All and all, I need to finish my Rogue Trader crew. It was ages since I touched them.

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  2. What’s a pirate’s favourite letter of the alphabet?

    Smedly’s head is part of an arm, I think from a dwarf of some description. I actually have the exact same bit lying on my desk, I would never have thought to do that with it though.

    Where’s the captain’s “briefcase” from – I’m looking for a similar bit for a scheme of my own?

    Oh and great work on these, you can’t go wrong with a few pirates! (And as for their favourite letter, most people think it must be R but actually it’s the C…).

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    1. What do you call a Pirate with two eyes and all his limbs? A Rookie.

      Very close on the head guess. It’s an upper arm from a Bretonnian Knight but you know what I’ll let you have the win.
      The briefcase is from the Astra Militarum Scion kit. Even though you can only make five complete figures it’s chocked pack with extra bits of loveliness. For me it’s up there with the Flagellants kit.

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  3. Nice lot there, and I actually recognized a few bits since they are from Necromunda. Granger and Doyle are my fave.

    On Ashes, I would go with chrome on the faceplate, but then he might look to SciFi for the pirate gang. That’s a tough one.

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    1. Ugh, sidetracked and forgot the very “thoughtful” part of my post…So most bad guys don’t think they are “bad”. Supposedly the Nazis were just following orders. Psychopaths are just regular old folks like the rest of us. Etc. But Pirates seemed to sort of revel in their badness. I guess you could relate them to Rock Stars, who figure they are rebels and getting theirs from the rich. Their actions are justified. Or maybe they were just doing their job as well? The Captain has a freakin ship to run. The mates have freakin work to do. And we all just like to get paid.

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      1. To pull a reference from the late Steve Ditko, you could give something like this a try. Not sure how perfect it would be on a 3D mini, but the shadowed part wouldn’t be too hard to pull off:

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  4. Cracking work. I love the way you can just take a bunch of plastic bits and a bit of glue and create such characters from them. Granger looks like he is my favourite- just.



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    1. Haha thanks. I enjoy that part. With the kids and even with a mate of mine we come up with characters who are always weird and wonderful. A couple of my favourites are Wenzel Dashington (Denzel Washington) who is a chain smoking unsuccessful screen writer. Ray Gallagher who fixes black and white tvs and Cameron Baldwinson who 35, morbidly obese and obsessed with cars haha.

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