SkyRaiders Part 4 – Junkers – Salvage Crew/Pirates – Bruiser and Bully – Azazel’s Jewel of July Challenge.

I’m not a massive fan of long titles, despite my own long title “Imperial Rebel Ork Rambo Dutch Robocop Terminator All Round Nice Guy Hero of the People”

Yeah it’s a lot.

Anyeay the title of this post had to be long because there’s lots in it so shut up and don’t judge me.

Bruiser and Bully from the Junkers (SkyRaiders Project) was a lot of fun to paint. Despite the simplicity of the colour scheme I took my time with them to try and make them as good as I can.

Ive been trying a lot harder with highlights in particular.

The colour scheme will be pretty much be the same for all of the Junkers as they’re, sort of, disguising themselves as a salvage crew. Well, they are a salvage crew but double as pirates. Haha are you still with me or have you nodded off?

I wasn’t sure about the orange, red and yellow. I thought it might be a bit McDonaldsy haha but I’m now really happy with it. The lighting wasn’t the best tonight so I hope you can make out the scratches on the armour and mechanical arm.

Anywho here are the pix.

Bruiser is the one who isn’t on four legs.

Bully is the one is the one who doesn’t have a peg/mechanical leg.







When I posted the B&W WIP of this Guy on Instagram one clever dickens knew exactly where the mech-peg-leg came from. Do YOU know where it came from???

Now as we all know Hobby Lord and Godfather of the miniature world, Mr Azazel has been putting up challenges for us each month all through 2018. I was going to skip this months challenge more out of laziness than anything else but much like a nagging wife, not mine, he pursued me submit something. Haha. Bless his cotton socks. SO Bruiser and Bully are my submission for Jewel of July because, out of the Junkers crew, they are my favourite and stand out the most. In other words they’re my little Jewel of the Nile.

Now I couldn’t find the exact post about Jewel July over on Azazel’s page so his home page will have to do.

If you haven’t already got involved DO IT. The best bit about joking in is reading/seeing Azazel’s final write up about he challenge. You get to see all the other participants submissions and of course Azazel’s fine work too. DO IT.


If you scratch my back odds are I won’t scratch yours I’ll orobably just enjoy the back scratching and then go off and do something else. The other week I made Rhubarb Crumble from actual Rhubarb AND actual crumble. One day I’d like to make a Crumble Crumble.




35 thoughts on “SkyRaiders Part 4 – Junkers – Salvage Crew/Pirates – Bruiser and Bully – Azazel’s Jewel of July Challenge.”

  1. Nothing wrong with long titles, especially when the content and figures live up to it as is the case here. The colour scheme and mood lighting work a treat. Good to see you getting in touch with your feminine side but what’s wrong with rhubarb rhubarb?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This guy looks awesome, very characterful. It reminds me of Krautscientist’s Road Crew, probably because of the yellow, but still it looks very cool, kind of a mad max/judge dread vibe for me. Looking forward to the next project

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very nice IRO! Looks like you got some good flesh tones going on Bully. I really like that mechanical arm too? Is that the one from the Orlocks? If so, it looks way better the way you painted it up.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha we usually do. 😉 Both the human and dog are good in this case, though! 🙂 We just have the kinds of brains that instantly go, “OOOH! PUPPY!” when we see one. 😛

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  4. Another victim of me seeing a post, writing the start of a reply, then getting distracted by a shiny object or a link in there, thinking I posted it and then forgetting that I didn’t actually finish the post. (Chimera lasgun, BTW).
    More importantly, where is the puppy from? Tamiya accessories kit or something like that? Touches like that are what can change a figure from very cool but typical to something else by adding that extra bit of character and implied story/depth to them.

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  5. The bionic leg looked kind of familiar, but then my mind went “puppy!” and everything else kind of fell out of consideration 😀 There isn’t really a great angle to tell, but does the puppy have a bionic eye on the right or something? Maybe it’s just how it catches the light there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe the puppy adds a certain something I reckon. The eyes aren’t bionic I’m just not very good at painting eyes haha. Thanks for commenting. I can’t seem to click on your name to follow you?


      1. I’m actually on Blogger. I only have a WordPress ID because it’s a pain commenting on WP blogs without one. But it means that, yeah, my name doesn’t end up linking to my blog:

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