Gob-Bucklers is coming

I’m going to make a huge guess that 95% of my readers watched the Simpsons.

Of that 95% I’d say 75% will remember exactly what this is…….


Im no marketing Guru but I have been employed in several jobs, in the past, to generate business and make money. Without sounding arrogant I grew to be quite bloody good at it too.

My basic method was, what I called, a shotgun approach but could have also been called the trawling approach come to think of it.

I cast out a big net via email telling everyone within my target customer base all about the various products I was promoting AND I’d also let them know that even better things on the horizon. People are curious by nature so the last point grabbed people’s attention and suddenly the clients were approaching me and asking for early samples. Now, of course, it didn’t always translate into 100% hit ratio BUT I’d say it was a 70-80% hit ratio after follow up calls and presentations etc but the key was letting them know something cool was coming. In other words GABBO is coming.

So what’s your bloody point you sorry excuse for a hobbyist I hear you bellow?

Well I’m hoping the title of this post will have a similar effect and get you all wondering and guessing what IRO is up to? Haha. Or it may have just annoyed you and left you wondering why you even bother following my blog ahahaha. Either way tickles me to be honest.

Speaking of tickling, If you have NetFlix, or you could probably find it on YouTube, look up a Doco called “Tickled” bloody weird. I’m only half way through it and I’m so confused haha.

So, see what I did there? I lured you in with the title, gave you nothing and then left you with some bizarre show to look up.

And if you’re still reading I’ll hibe you this thought for the day to ponder too.

I lost my arm in the army

I lost my leg in the navy

I lost my penis in a butchers shop

and found it in my gravy



28 thoughts on “Gob-Bucklers is coming”

  1. Mate, I understand but a fraction of that… but I still like the sound of it 🙂 New project? Gob-Bucklers sounds Gobliny… and Swashbucklery… Goblinoid swashbucklers? Buckler-swashing Goblinoids? Here’s hoping 😉

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  2. You’ve given me a lot to think about after reading this post. I don’t understand it to be honest, but it’s like one of life’s many questions, only thing is, what was the question?

    Ever considered being a philosopher or a professor in the profession of Miniature hobby? 🙂

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      1. I don’t know who would say your not, it’s something anyone can be if they invest and learn. Saying that, I doubt Socrates and Batou (from GITS) needed high degrees to be big thinkers. 🙂

        (Bit of a ramble/ example below, you can skip it if its too long and boring. 🙂 )

        It’s like striving to be an artist, you don’t necessarily need qualifications or fame to be one. Whilst having a job in the art industry requires qualifications for proof of your skills and understanding of the subject, doing it as a hobby doesn’t require high grades to prove you are an artist.

        A lot of people at my old school that I used to attend, will say to me that being a famous artist Is the end goal. As they believe I should be famous because all artist do that, right? (They also have ulterior motives behind it, but I won’t ramble on about that).

        Being a famous artist isn’t what makes an artist recognisable, it’s their work and history that makes them compellingly to study. Artist like H.R. Giger, Georgia O’keeffe and Salvador Dali have a story to tell in their works about who they are, their feelings that they express and what they see around them in this world we live in.

        Whilst I’m not an art genius in the profession (I’ve only just past my second year of my level 3 course work), I do however know that art, like philosophy, hobbying, reading and even life skills are things anyone can do and be interested in.

        This is just my opinion, so any constructive criticism is cool. 🙂 (I’ll be burnt by the stake like BBQ rib in BBQ sauce)

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      2. Hehe I read the ramble and enjoyed it. I used to think it was arrogant to call myself an artist but now it’s a badge of honour. I’m not going to win any award or any real notoriety for what I do but then that’s never what I ever wanted. For me, for example with my music, I felt a great sense of achievement if one person in the audience clapped or tapped their foot along with an original song I’d written and performed. Same as on this blog. If one person likes what I do that’s reward enough! Mmm now I want BBQ Ribs. Where’s that wench of mine????

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  3. Well, it does work.
    I noticed the same approach being used to promote a new show on.. I dunno. Foxtel? Netflix? Showtime? The “we’ve got this show coming up, but we’re not allowed to tell you what it is, so what do we do? We’ll let you know now that it’s great, though!”
    All on a black intertitle screen.

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  4. Of course, my approach of being two days behind the rest of the world has paid off, since you’ve now posted your next post and I know what it’s all about! Well, I will in two days time! See, now I’ve confused myself, and that’s without the help of either Midweek Musings or Thursday Thoughts!

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