Gob-Bucklers is HERE!! SkyRaiders Part 5.

Well after teasing/annoying you lot with my last post I thought I better follow through sooner rather than later at risk of being tarred and feathered.

Im not a huge fan of Goblins. For me they’re up, or should I say down, there with elves and dwarves (fantasy ones not the ones we like to throw). I know that’s sacrilegious to say to a bunch of hardcore old school citadel type people but hey come at me bro, do your worst.

h0WevER ———

I then stumbled across some pirate goblins from Kromlech while scouring the world (via the internet) looking for things for my SkyRaiders Pirate Project.

They were so cute and comical but nasty looking at the same time that I had to have them.

The original plan was to have them on a raft set adrift but still stoic and ready to attack any passerby’s. Then I remembered I had a Hull from a Kharadron airship thing. It was too small for any other pirate gangs I have planned but the perfect size for this tiny trio crew.

The ship proved challenging but fun to build as it was literally just a hull. The lollipop stick deck was the hardest part. Cutting the right sized shapes for port and starboard was tricky but I did it by making a paper template first. Hard to work explain and I never take work in progress shots haha. There’s still a gap around the deck and it’s  far from perfect but I guess it adds to the overall aesthetic and rustic charm of the little Goblin Ship.

The bow of the ship is all engine contained in half a car with some spot lights and a Ork-ish figurehead that I pinched from an Ork motorbike.

The aft (rear) of the ship is thrown together from an old land speeder jet and some lollipop sticks.

The mast is made from trusty old sprues. I was thinking of a sail but I kind of like the skeletal look to the mast.

You might be surprised to know that I’m not an aeronautical engineer so how this flying ship manages to take off, land and even stay in the clouds is a mystery to me. I guess what it lacks in actual practical flying ability it makes up with imagination hehe. After all my matchbox cars used to fly around Mum and dads house if they just had their doors open! The red cars always went faster too.

As far as the Goblins go I have to say at first I found the painting to be fiddly and annoying but after finishing the Captain off my opinion did a backflip. I had fun painting the little green creatures.

Anyway enough of my blabber.

Lets meet the Gob-Bucklers who are Captain Klakzoid, Flag Bearer Crogz and 1st mate Feck in their trusty aero-pirate ship The Scabby Eye.


Sshhhh don’t tell my wife I tore open the cushion. With my skills as a seamstress I’m sure she won’t even notice ssshhhhh


Sorry if there were double ups with the photos the wifi was playing up.

Also, for those of you in on the conversation about the show GLOW a big thank you. We watched two eps tonight and we are hooked.

One more thing…

Push pineapple shake a tree.







57 thoughts on “Gob-Bucklers is HERE!! SkyRaiders Part 5.”

  1. Smashing work IRO, love this, especially the hull, very “Nautilus” in style. As for how it fly’s well as you say if you open car doors while driving you take off and fly! (well it worked in the old cartoon series “Mask” like that anyway, so it makes perfect sense to me!

    Glad you enjoyed GLOW, it gets better as it goes on (the second series gets very wacky in parts!), I love Ruth and just want to hug her (So that’s what you call it eh, nudge nudge) 😉 .

    So I’m forgiven then, never understood “Queer eye for the straight guy” why would anyone want a wardrobe full of rainbows and unicorns?? I’m more your “Iron Maiden”, “Black Sabbath” and “Alice Cooper” T shirt person myself.

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Wow thanks TIM that’s a nice compliment. I like bigger projects but often get distracted from them so doing a small project like this is a nice quick fix hehe. The trouble is my two dogs are more behaved than I am.

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  2. Oh dear, you almost lost me when you expressed your lack of love for the little greenies (and then made it worse by slagging dwarves as well! At least I’m with you on the elves!) However you then won me back with that rather wonderful model so we’re all good :-p

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  3. Nice work. I like the scratch building that went into the airship.

    I’m with you- I generally loathe all ‘high’ fantasy stuff- reminds me of the saftey dance video too much. Conan though gets a pass from me.



    Liked by 2 people

      1. Ohhhh of course I know this song hahaha but it’s been a while. I just didn’t know the name or the name of the band. Downloading as we speak. Love it haha. Never seen the video clip before

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  4. For some reason, with regards to your last post about these gobbos, I cant view the post on my reader… the app freezes and then kicks me out. Im sure you did a great job mate, im sorry i cant see it tho.

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  5. Man, I’m sure those goblins are impressive on their own, but I just can’t stop looking at the airship. You should’ve taken a pic of the Gobs on their own too. 😉

    Lovely work man. Things like this are why I follow you.

    Did your wife ever forgive the pillow slaughter? Too bad you can’t use the excuse I use…”Umm, well, you know honey….The Toddler….”.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am a 39!year old toddler so it’s her own fault for leaving me alone with a cushion! I did consider taking some solo shots of the Gobs before sticking them to the deck but I was too excited to see the finished look. I’m glad you like it and are you saying you don’t follow me because of our juvenile banter????? What the shit man?

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  6. Oh man this was so totally awesome that my iPad crashed 4 times and I needed to look at it on my desktop. First, I have to say it looks like a designed madman’s kit. By that I mean there are zero ways it looks like it was brought together from different kits, and that’s a great accomplishment. It is so whimsical yet retains a nice quality of “I hope we don’t run into these pirates”! The gamer in me wishes that the Minis were moveable, but clearly TIM is influencing your choice here! As for the pillow batting (don’t know if you call it something else in Australia) is available in large bags at most craft/fabric stores, so maybe next time you can avoid spousal wrath!

    Oh IRO, by the way, keep up the madness, it’s great!

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    1. Aww cheers Mark a very lovely comment. I’m thinking of giving the stuffing a light spray of black to make it look stormy. You know what, I think TIM has inadvertently influenced this piece. I trialed putting them in the ship with bases glued to their tiny boots but it just made them look too big for it. The madness is like my arms I’m stuck with them. Unless of course I decided to get them removed but then how would I do my hobby?????

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  7. Maybe it’s the number of images crashing the app? There’s a lot of big pics there. As for GLOW, glad you’re liking it. Did you watch the doco on Netflix as well yet? Well worthwhile.

    Oh yeah, miniatures!
    Nice work here as usual,. I’ll even overlook that crack about Elves and Dwarves. (How can you not like a group of bearded, bad-tempered, grudge-holding angry bastards with axes and hammers?) I particularly like the car’s front-end being used on the prow of the airship. Gives it a bit of a War Rig/Mad Max vibe. The one thing is every time I see the (renamed) Skyraiders, I still think of Skylanders. So I’m offering up a challenge for you:
    Choose a legit Skylander toy and Warhammer it up. There’s quite a few out there that would actually work pretty well. Some would even work perfectly with your Sky Raiders given the right bits and paint…

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    1. Yeah we watched the Doco on the weekend and really enjoyed it. Hehe ok challenge accepted!! Yeah dwarves are pretty much just small angry men. I see enough of them driving massive four wheel drives around the city.

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