Games Workshop V Everybody else.

Toy soldiers have been my thing for a very long time.

Some of my fondest and earliest memories revolve around me sprawled out on a rug surrounded by plastic army men, tanks, sandbags and canons.

Not too much has changed really apart from not being sprawled out on a rug. These days my plastic army men are piled up in my locker, scattered across my work desk or displayed in my glass cabinets.



It’s a sickness people.

I know I’m not alone in this though which brings me a lot of comfort haha.

I’d say 90% of what I do, what I have is based on Games Workshop miniatures.


1. Easily accessible

2. Massive range

3. Plastic (good for conversions)

4. Amazing quality (especially on newer gear from the last few years).

In a lot of ways I am a creature of habit so therefore I know what to expect from GW. Yes they’re pricey but most quality miniatures are. Admittedly I find what I like/want on the GW website and then purchase via eBay because it’s often cheaper. However I love nothing more than going into the candy shop which is my local Games Workshop store having a chat with Matt the manager, who is a pretty cool dude actually, and spending too much money on plastic goodies.

Something GW does very well is marketing. They make me want to buy new things haha.

Now of course I have done many, many searches and purchases of other miniature gear and have found so many equally as cool items. Anvil Industry and Victoria Miniatures are a couple of my favourite miniature manufacturers. The range is nowhere near as big as GW’s of course but for unique conversions they serve me well.

As well as all the plastic miniature companies we also have the metal ones too. Wargames Foundry being one of the greats. In this day and age there are the endless Kickstarter projects as well along with people making/printing their own miniatures and parts etc.

Anyway I know I’m not telling you nutcases anything you don’t already know so let me get to my points/questions?

1. Are you loyal to any one miniature company or do you whore yourself… errrr I mean shop around?

2. Why do I often read/hear/sense a lot of annoyance, negativity or displeasure aimed at GW? – Note that I only came back to the hobby at the very end of 2014 so manybe I missed something. From what I’ve heard GW has got better in the last few years but feel free to enlighten me as to what they’d got wrong before.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m a die hard fan of GW and no other company has impressed me enough for me to jump ship. That being said I wish Forgeworld would open a shop here in Australia.

Remember –

Jump around!
Jump around!
Jump around!
Jump up, jump up and get down!
Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! (Everybody jump)
Jump! Jump!




86 thoughts on “Games Workshop V Everybody else.”

  1. In answer to question 1 I’m a modelling whore and highly likely to catch a MTD
    (modelling transmitted disease) at some point in the future. I can get bored easily and after a while move from one genre to another the consequence of which is having to have numerous preferred suppliers and occasionally finding a new one. Fortunately I have built up a decent list of clients/suppliers who I go to first and they often have what I need.

    Cannot comment on question 2 that much as I’ve never used GW, maybe one day I will but I have a heavy metal bias and a phobia against plastic. If I did conversions like you then I’d most likely have a different view. What little knowledge I have is gleaned from this blog where I think one or two people have commented on the cost. A lot of the figures do look very good though.

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      1. I was told by not one but two psychics that I would die young but luckily I don’t believe in that crap. However I’ve had far too many near death experiences starting from birth. I knew a girl once who was right into clairvoyants and psychics. One day she told me she was going to see one of the more famous ones here in Melbourne. When I saw her again and asked how it went she said the old gypsy lady had died. I laughed and said you’d think she would have seen that coming and should have booked you in earlier. She didn’t laugh and we no longer speak haha. True story.

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  2. Ooh, I get to comment early for once! I’ll buy the minis I like, regardless of who they’re from! I have trusted favourites, and always check out their stuff, but will always look around! I don’t game with GW stuff, but that’s maybe because I started before they were up and running (old git alert)! Whatever people think of GW, they raised the profile of the hobby and spread it to younger generations! I’m fairly neutral on this, although I do like their paintbrushes!

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    1. Wow that old? So were you alive before things like phones and tellys? Actually one question will tell me how old you are… Do you call a Radio a Wireless? Haha. I’m constantly looking for new minis but it’s often a gamble.

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      1. Yep, that old! I remember when we used to live in’t hole in’t road, to which, if you are old enough, and a Monty Python fan, you would reply “we used to dream of living in’t hole in’t road”. If you could post pictures of phones and tellys for me though, that might help me!

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  3. I have only ever been Involved in GW minis, I’ve never collected another for another war games company. I’ve heard good things about a few others but there are a couple factors that keep me with GW.

    1. Posability, kit bashing, conversion, etc. One of my favourite advances GW made in the range since I collected fantasy back when I was a kid, is that even the rank and file mini’s look interesting. Not like one guy standing in a hall of mirrors. I own a couple of infinity models that I am using as vindicare assassins… but I wont get any more of those, because they will look the same. I am always checking out other companies to expand on my GW collection, but never to replace it.

    2. Who would I play? I got into 40k because I met a guy at uni that used to play, then there was a quiet period before I moved and met some guys that were REALLY into 40k, 10 years later and now I’m blogging with one of those guys. I don’t think their war gaming habits are about to change, there’s not enough time in the day to play the games that they know the rules for that, that they already own, that are all GW products.

    As for the GW hate… I dont get it. People complain about them being this souless money grabbing company. Well… its a company, not a charity to support millions of people with plastic collecting habits. Their entire function is to make money! it just so happens that making these models we all like is a very good way of doing that so they keep doing it! As for the price of the minis… things are only worth what people are willing to pay for them. if we dont buy them, they will either drop the price or stop selling them. If we buy them, they ARE worth that much money, so cant be too expensive. Maybe by expensive they mean the profit margin is too high? because Im pretty sure that the profit margin on bottle water is something crazy like up to 1000%, and its probably pretty high on plenty of things that are bad for you like Cigarettes. Also, people will happily pay regular monthly subscriptions for things that they watch on tv… something that is there, then gone, and you probably wont remember most of it.

    So I find it a bit weird to hear people hating on them for the price of their merchandise. Aside from that though, I think things have gotten a lot better in terms of attitude towards them because I think the CEO changed and now they seem to be a lot more into community feedback and finding out what people want.

    At the end of they day, I’m not specifically loyal to GW. they just make cool stuff. I have lots of board games that are not GW affiliated, because they are good too. If people get angry with them… then collect something else that makes you happy. There are plenty of legitimate things for people to get angry about in the world… why bother getting angry about tiny pretend people, lets just hang out and enjoy ourselves instead!

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    1. Good points man. Yeah I don’t get the hate either. They are very good at what they do so maybe it’s a bit of a tall poppy syndrome. I also hear people say they had lost their for a while so maybe, as you say, the new CEO has changed the game or just gone back to the roots of the whole thing.

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  4. I only buy GW. They got everything I want and never disappoint. GW make top notch minis, that’s all there is to it. I don’t really see any need to buy other stuff. Maybe I should try my wings but nah, why? When I buy stuff (and this happens too often) I want to be sure that I get exactly what I was after.

    Oh, GW was quite a different company ten years ago. It felt old and tired. Almost hostile. But they reinvented themselves and are awesome today.

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    1. Hostile? Wow. Can you explain why or what made them come across like that? As you know my style is somewhat quirky so finding third party bits from other suppliers is fun but my minis are mostly based in GW stuff.

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      1. The hostility had to do with they being very secretive without being on top of the whole internet thing. I mean, they are still very secretive, no doubt about that but they understand that the people involved with the hobby wants to know what is going on. We like to talk about the hobby and its future.

        Before you had leaks and GW chasing website and forums trying to control and stop stuff from coming out. This gave you the impression that the company was fighting the consumer base. Which by all accounts is not a very smart idea. Today you hardly see any leaks. Why? Well, GW got a great community team that constantly feeds us news and (probably) plants informations for us to talk about. They want the hobbyist involved and engaged.

        The whole hostility dropped when GW decided to acknowledge “us” as an essential building block of the Warhammer hobby and community. We see this on the internet but also at tournaments, in play testing and more. Now it feels like we’re in this together.

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      2. Yea, I have a bit of a tough time with the secretive part of this hobby. I also collect Graphic Novels, and we get information about what might be coming out, nearly a year in advance. That makes it really nice for budgeting. With GW, I feel like it’s a 2 month lead usually, and that can be tough. Especially when a lot of stuff gets dumped at once, from 1 or 2 games I like. I might have socked away some money for Kill Team, but there wasn’t enough warning, and there was a large release of Blood Bowl stuff, plus another Necromunda release on the horizon. I’m guessing with minis, it takes a long time to make and there is more competition with other manufacturers, so they need to keep things secret longer. I don’t know.

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      3. I don’t think they want you save up your cash but splash it all the time. New and shine things all the time, buy it, don’t think to much about it, just pick up the kit.

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    2. Yeah hostile is definately the word. People started to make competatove minis and GW went down a road of law suits and suing at the drop of a hat. Now they just upped their game and started producing minis for the games they neglected for so long, which is a way more posative way of deling with competion.

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      1. I’d heard they tried to even say that “hero scale” was theirs and no one could copy it. I think it’s better to always concentrate and improve on your own thing than worry about the competition

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  5. Althou this has nothing to do with minis, I do own a lot of WH and 40k books… its not from GW but a store I frequented on a regular basis. They had at times a buy 3 for the price of one special and it always surprized me to see some WH on that. Not complaining tho, if it werent for those specials, id not be reading any WH today.

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      1. I sign my contract today, wich means i will be earning a salary soon… just need to find out wich models suit my tastes the best. But ill get to it soon as we are setteled and in some form of routine. Great song at the end btw, House of pain?

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  6. Solid article bud. Like you most of my stuff is GW and I’ve actively been trying to branch out a bit (GW meet my voracious hobby appetite but there’s some cool shit out there worth trying). I’d even go so far as to say I’m a fan boy, but one with eyes open. As for the hate, who has time for that, waste of effort.
    Props to Victoria Miniatures, Paranoid Miniatures, Artel W and CMon, oh and Black Scorpion. They all have done ace sculpts. Got a couple articles that I’ve been meaning to throw out at some point. I am resigned to the fact that I won’t really Game in other systems, but a good model is a good model. Essay done! Length of my response is a sign of a cracking article, nice one IRO 😉

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    1. Addendum: Thoughts on Victoria Miniatures and Artel W doing models that are basically GW IP but mostly minis not made by GDubs (yet)? Controversial topic (well, not legally but you know what I mean).

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      1. Big difference between what Victoria and Artel are doing.

        Vic draws from the same historical sources that GW ripped from, while Artel does to GW what they did to TSR and Moorcock and RuneQuest and Tolkien and 2000AD and…

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  7. From my perspective I am pretty loyal to GW. I think to be honest they do product the best miniatures, and the most people I know play their games. I could buy other miniature wargames but then I would be buying them just to sit on my shelf which is kind of a waste.

    There was a definite hostile environment before they replaced the CEO. It just felt like they were churning out the same stuff and their “offers” on their website which consisted of stuff like 3 dreadnought bundle, buy 3 dreadnoughts for the price of 3 dreadnoughts…the only benefit being it is click once instead of click 3 times.

    I think a lot of what was being said by the higher ups in the company as well didn’t help the atmosphere, with Kirby (the previous CEO) saying most people bought miniatures just to build and paint and not play, they did no market research to see if this was true. They had closed all of their social media channels and did no real marketing except for White Dwarf. Now they are very open with their social presence and are actively seeking to get feedback from their consumers and partners.

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  8. I’m a whore! there I said it. Seriously I will buy figures from just about anyone (there is one company that I wont, but that’s another story). I’m not anti GW but there just isn’t anything that they produce at present that will drag my wallet out of my pocket, that said I started out as many did playing 40K and WFB, so I have no problem with anyone who is GW exclusive, I just feel there is so much other stuff out there that is superb it seems a shame not to browse…

    For instance these scavengers…..

    I feel would be perfect in your Skyraiders project.

    Cheers Roger.

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  9. Well done IRO, more thought-provoking discussion fodder. I look at this differently – I look at what I find cool, think about how I could incorporate it into a game, and then figure out what supplies I need. Once I create a unit or individual figure, I want to have it available for play until I assume room temperature. I respect greatly the marketing machine that GW/Citadel has built. However, I look at their models and codexes etc etc. and I feel like when I consider watching Dr. Who – that is I’ve missed too much to get it, its going to change again anyways, and there’s so much out there that is just easier to get into and play. I like sci-fi, but love a good historical game, be it Napoleonics, Philippine Insurrection, Boer War, WWII (and those were just some of the stuff I played at recent conventions). Warlord is putting out some good stuff, but for me the rules system has to make sense, and Bolt Action is just OK, not great, so I play Combat Patrol, which is infinitely adaptable to my figures. Frostgrave is fun too.

    As another example, I’ve been searching for a good Fantasy battles rules system but not happy with anything I have found yet. Looked at some where the number of figures per stand is set at 6 or 12 (Chaos Wars), which does not to me represent the concept that on a fantasy battlefield units would vary in size relative to who raised/levied them – but it does make sense to the manufacturer who sells figures in multiples of 6! IRO, your stuff is so non-standard, that I’d hope that you got to play with them and not just look at them. I’m not sure GW’s rules would let you do that, but I am not sure. I’m not knocking their figures, they are awesome, and what I see you and others do with them is amazing. I just want to be free to use my figures unrestrained by a codex that the manufacturer can change and then all my stuff is obsolete. I do like a lot of Citadel paints, but in that area, I’m beholden to no company (so am I a paint slut?). I am a metal guy up to this point too, but not averse to resin and plastic.

    No hate here, BUT IRO if you have not seen TMP (The Miniatures Page) you simply must. It’s archaic in terms of IT infrastructure, but it will expose you to the WIDE world beyond GW’s stuff. With your creativity, and your artistic (dare I say) genius, I encourage you to spread those Aussie wings.

    Great stuff buddy!

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    1. Well said. I’ve bought quite a few GW minis as of late for Blood Bowl and Necromunda games. With Blood Bowl, there is a rulebook out there (which the current rules are based off of), which would basically stand the test of time. It’s basically a boardgame, so once you have the rules and the pieces, you are set to play on and on. Having 23 different teams to choose from, keeps most people from getting bored too.

      With Necromunda, I have no doubt that at some point it will stop being supported or that I might find the rules not to my liking. But that’s something I’m very used to having grown up with RPGs. New editions get launched, and I would take what works and make it my own. I would (and maybe will) do the same thing with Necromunda over time. Worst case, I end up hating the game/genre, and I repurpose them for other CyberPunk like games. 🙂

      This isn’t a really defense of GW minis and saying everyone should buy them. Just that I feel rules can always be found and/or converted or made up. I guess it’s the inner game designer in me, that is always thinking that way.

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      1. Just home brew stuff. I always liked to pick apart game mechanics and make our own stuff. Probably one of the longest running game for us was a homebrew dungeon crawler. We had ideas of publishing it, but never happened.

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    2. Haha we are all paint sluts I’d say sir. That’s the thing with me, I rarely play and when I do we play our own summarised, bastardised, simplifide, demonisied version haha. Basically that translates to we kind of make it up as we go along. I play agains my best mate and his sons so it’s all just for a bit of a laugh really. My attention span for theory and rules etc has never been great so for me to learn a game I’d need someone with the patience of a Buddhist Monk to teach me hehe. I’m off to have a look at the sacred page now my friend.

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  10. I started gaming with 40K back in 1989. Fell out with GW in the mid 90s. Everything went primay colours and aimed at a younger market/ change in business models. For a long time their shops were nothing but clichés too (Overly enthusiastic and push staff that were like over excitable puppies, constantly playing Metallica’s Black album and ‘Zombie’ by the Cranberries) that is still easy to mock nowadays.

    Their more recent business practices under their old CEO are thankfully over and for a company who’s stock was slidding slowly down they seemed to have pulled things around.

    Being mostly a historical gamer I’ll buy from everyone/ anyone. I’m more likely to buy the same sculptors figures from a variety of companies than just buy from one.

    The moonraker ‘savages’ range linked above for example were Mark Copplestone sculpts done after he left GW and before he set up his own Copplestone casting- they are worth checking out too:

    Great figures for my Cyberpunk obessions.



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      1. Grenadier were based about ten miles from where I live, they were pretty big in their day, possibly second only to GW and Minifigs (by a long way though!), they went bankrupt as I recall and the staff weren’t paid for quite a while so when the closed the staff took anything that wasn’t screwed down and the sculpts/ rules etc passed through quite a few hands for a few years till the eventually found a home with EM4 and Moonraker, and have been there ever since.

        Cheers Roger.

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  11. Another great topic man! Getting quite the conversation going! Here’s my 2 pennies worth…
    I have doen a 180 degree turn on GW. I got back into the miniatures hobby nearly 10 years ago and for the first 7 years the only GW stuff i’d touch were LotR and their paints. I nearly entirely bought Historical miniatures, and there are some brilliant plastic kits out there, Perry Miniatures, Warlord Games. Victrix etc. I have hundreds of painted historical miniatures and many armies, 7 ww2 armies, ECW, Wars of the Roses and ancient romans/Celts. I also have lots of metal minis too, mainly pulp and cult TV/movies. I fully bought into the anti-games workshop snobbery that exists in some areas of the hobby. However In recent years my opinion has turned, not only do GW produce the widest range of miniatures, they are the best quality and there are literally hundreds of parts that can be kit bashed. The re-release of Necromunda and Blood bowl, favourites from my youth and Blanchitsu articles in White Dwarf that acknowledge the kitbashing community all helped to turn my opinion. Yes they are pricey, but quality miniatures are. It is very expensive to build a massive army, but doing that does’t appeals to me much now anyway.
    Granted I rarely game and then when I do it is with friends and we generally write our own stats and rules so all my creations can get involved. This year I decided too have a break from Historical minis completely and focus on Sci-fi/fantasy. (Except for finishing the odd started mini). I have only bought and painted GW, and I have enjoyed it is far. That doesn’t mean I won’t be returning to other minis. (For one I have a Warlord WW2 Soviet army unopened, waiting for some attention). Bottom line there is a wonderful world of miniatures out there, but also much to enjoy in the GW camp too. Don’t limit yourself. If it appeals to you, go for it, it is your hobby, there are no rules you have to obey, apart from the ones you want to! That said my friend says I have hobby ADHD… so it could be just that.

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    1. All very true mate. You must have quite the collection. I’d love to see some photos of your armies on display. I think a lot of people have changed their opinions on GW in recent years. I guess I came back to the hobby at the right time.

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  12. I’m not the typical tabletop gamer, only liking a few of GW’s Specialist Games. If you’ve read my blog, then you also know that I hated Blood Bowl the first time I played it.

    So….to answer #1. Yes, I shop around. I do tend to find companies that I really like. Ral Partha made some great minis back in the day. I stuck with TSR’s role-playing games for a long time. But if something else comes along and I can use it in my game…fair game, heh. Which actually brings me to a minor dilemma I’ve encountered, and that’s finding suitably sized options for games like Necromunda. GW makes really good minis, but ForgeWorld is ridiculously expensive. I’ve found some equally impressive Blood Bowl options from independent manufacturers, and know them well enough that I know the figure scales they are using. I wish I knew Necromunda options equally well.

    2) I’ve only been into Specialists games since around the 00s. I think the hatred sprung up a bit before that. On the Blood Bowl side, I know that there disgruntled ex-employees, changes that really pissed off fans, lack of commitment to finish things and/or support on GW’s end, and it sounds like poor customer service all the way around. When I got into Blood Bowl, most of the stuff was OOP. So I used a pdf rulebook that had been made available online and watched Ebay auctions for minis. 2016 was the first time I have really dealt with GW. There were some early issues with stock, a few mistakes they’ve made with the re-releases, and some rulebooks that could use some consolidation and editing. But I’ve been pretty happy with what they have done for these games and really excited to see them back. The painting tutorials are an immense help for getting people started. I can’t say I’ve had any negative experiences with them as late. Could they maybe improve a few things? Sure, but we’re all human.

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    1. Not minis really, but I should mention that I am quickly becoming a Citadel paint junkie. I have a ton of Vallejo paints already, but for some stupid reason I keep buying more and more Citadel paints. I guess I did the same thing when I was picking up Vallejo paints “Burnt Fuchsia?! I don’t have that color! I really need it!”. Then it gets placed in the storage bin. ;P

      With Citadel I’ve just found the quality more consistent overall and prefer them or the Heavy Opaque Vallejo line (sadly not many colors) for base painting. So those two tend to be my goto painting. I’ll grab Vallejo usually when I need an interesting spot color.

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      1. It’s my preferred way. Luckily I don’t have a collection like most. I buy probably around 6 paints per month (don’t check my credit card bill though), and just decant them as they arrive.

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      2. Less than you’d expect, probably. I use a lot of Lahmian Medium and the Holy Trinity of AP Washes (soft, strong, dark tone) but the rest is nicely spread out amongst a lot of different paints, so the damage is pretty much invisible to any given pot from month to month.
        Though I certainly do go through spray cans…

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    2. I reckon some of the old school dudes on here might be able to help you with the Necro options man. I’ve never played BB. Or even looked at the minis but I’ve been meaning too because I think there’s be some good options for conversions.

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      1. I can’t say B.B. is the game for everyone, but I found it to be a blast. I’m hoping they release the supposed ‘short version’ of the game they leaked awhile back. I think that would make the game way more accessible to most people and bring in lots of new blood.

        Funny, because after typing that this morning, I now have a huge list of sites to look at. Starting with the two suggested by folks here, and a ton I found on Yak Tribes.

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      1. Yea, same with Blood Bowl over the years. Though sometimes scale was inconsistent during the same time. Not uncommon though, as I’ve seen it in Ral Partha minis too. Even some of the new FW Blood Bowl figures are slightly larger than the GW ones.

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  13. Short answer – I buy anything and (almost) everything that I like. Finances willing.
    Long answer – see my blog (it got too long for a comment).
    With 66 replies above, I’ll look through them when I have an hour or so to spare..

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  14. I love GW-specifically the 1990s era 40K and Warhammer worlds and the miniatures that went along with them.

    I like modern GW too, but many of their miniatures don’t interest me and I don’t like the direction the background has gone. But I still like a lot of their stuff; I’m especially looking forward to Adeptus Titanicus…

    I like any miniatures that look good and that fit with my ideas of how I want my armies to look. For Warhammer there are many alternative options for fantasy figures (Ral Partha, Heartbreaker, Midlam, Otherworld, historical figures, etc) , less so for 40K though I find as it’s so unique (and GW’s figures annoyingly are a very different size to almost every other manufacturer out there)…

    For Historical figures/gaming:

    WWII: Wargames Foundry, Empress, Bolt Action (though the old Paul Hicks scuplts were far superior to what they make now), Bolt Action and Tamiya vehicles

    Napoleonic: Foundry, Front Rank

    Miscellaneous: Copplestone Castings, Hasslefree, Brigade Games, Eureka Miniatures

    Lots out there… in some ways it is hard to deny that we are currently in the golden age!

    I like histo

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  15. I’ve always been a fanboy of GW miniatures and games since I was introduced to Heroquest and graduated to Advanced HQ and from there to 3rd ed. fantasy. That doesn’t mean I won’t buy models from other companies. Mierce, fireforge, scribor, mom to name a few but the vast majority are GW, mainly as their plastics are just a head and shoulders above anyone else.
    As for GW hate, most of the others have covered the reasons above, especially around Kirby and their statement of being a Miniatures company (which considering the number of rule books and games they produced was just laughable). The attitude just pissed off a lot of the fan base. The scrapping of the fantasy ranked game for another skirmish definitely made me bitter for a while. In fairness it was probably the scrapping of the old warhammer world more than anything as I had 25 odd years invested in it and the lore. The other issue AOS caused was the splintering of a lot of the online and local fantasy gaming communities as so many split into different game systems or quit altogether. The launch of AoS was a bit of a clusterfuck as well and you just felt it was a dry run for their cash cow (40k). Since Kirby stepped down the company ethos has massively changed for the better, things like the community site are such a breath of fresh air for them. As a customer you actually feel a bit more valued.

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      1. I’ll also add that AoS became a lot better when the released the generals handbook with points values. It was probably the accountant in me that couldn’t deal with not having ‘balanced’ armies. AoS v2 has also appeared to fix a lot of my gripes in the first version (especially around shooting). Again changes that were made due to listening to feedback from gamers. All good stuff.

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    1. This Kirby chap sounds like a real piece of work. I wonder what he’s up to now? Did he step down or was he pushed? I came back into the world of miniatures just as AOS came on the scene. I remember being quite confused by it all and then making a few anxious purchases of older kits I feared would start to disappear. Thanks for commenting mate


  16. I can confirm it’s a sickness! I do shop around but most of the time it’s games workshop that work on. You know what your getting and the products are quality. For the second question, a while back they didn’t seem interested in the community and this has changed massively! They are now promoting the hobby and it feels a bit more like it did when I was a kid!

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