Warhammer/Viking/ AOS28 Band

As I’m sure many of you can relate I’ve just spent the last hour trawling the web looking at miniatures haha.

On my travels a new idea formed which lead me to look on YouTube for something and then I landed on a bands song and live performance that blew me away.

I just had to share it.

They are very warhammer/Viking/AOS28.

I can imagine these folk performing at a fallen warhammer heroes funeral or at a wedding ceremony for two ghastly grim dark fiends.


Be be sure to watch and listen to all of it and I’d love to see what you think?


50 thoughts on “Warhammer/Viking/ AOS28 Band”

  1. Um, interesting. Haha! I really like their costumes, instruments, and the set. Music wise, a bit long winded, and chants have never been my thing. Could be some interesting background/game music though?

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    1. Oh yea, I have an off topic question for you, and this is probably the perfect time to ask. I was listening to Paul’s Boutique on the way home yesterday and marveling at the drum beats. Then was wondering if drummers are a lot like us. Learning different drum rolls along the way. Or is it more like learning different songs? I know timing is everything in drumming, but what are the things that drummers are constantly trying to get better at?

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      1. Good question. I know for me it’s all about pushing the comfort zones. Anyone who can pay their heads and rub their tummies at the same time can drum in time but it’s all the in between little fills and rolls that are the challenge. It’s funny because as I’ve got older I play less but push myself more. We jam once a month but my methods of coming up with beats are not exactly normal. I beat box them, as in use my mouth to crest beats, first and then when I sit behind a kit I try to play them. I can only read drum tableture and not actual sheet music so the beat boxing is my theory before the actual playing. I also listen to a lot of music and focus on the drums and what they’re doing. Key influences for me are bands like Helmet, Slayer, Pantera but also the Stones, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and The Who because the drumming really stands out.

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      2. Cool, so it is about learning rolls. And thanks for the awesome answer, I might have more questions off of that, but here’s a quick one. Say a band has their own song, and they audition two drummers, would those two drummers possibly sound very differently? I’m sure rolls would probably be different, but how about the background beats?

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      3. Any good drummer can copy or sound like another drummer but the great drummers cut their own path. If two drummers auditioned for an already established band they’d try their best to curve their style to sound like that band. For instance Rob Trujillo (bass player for Metallica) has his own style of playing but is so skilled he can play all the old Metallica songs to perfection but with their new gear he brings his own sound and style. It’d be the same for drummers. My Dads a big fan of saying a band is made up of three musicians and a drummer haha. I’m certainly no professional but I do have my own style. Here’s a drumming fact for you, girls fall in love with the lead singer but shag the drummer haha.

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      4. Usually because the lead singer has such an ego, they can’t get close to him. 😉

        Ok, that’s kind of what I thought with drums. I know guitar and vocals you have quite a bit of room to do whatever you want. When I was trying drums, I would sometimes do my own thing with a song. But other people would know, that’s not how the song goes, so that always made me wonder if there was a “right” way. Makes sense that each drummer would have their own style, and when coming up with a song, would place their accents differently.

        Yea, Rob seems much more like a professional musician, rather than a bunch of kids getting together to form a band. I don’t think half of the group even really knew how to play their instruments at the start. But they had ambition and a style of their own, and maybe a bit of luck. They definitely had a big impact on the music scene.

        I forgot, does your Dad play an instrument?

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      5. Dad is very musical and educated me on music but can’t play a note. Funny because I’m a singer as well hahaha. I don’t think I had an ego. In fact it took a long time to find my voice as I wasn’t confident with it. I found it much more unnerving being at the front of the band as opposed to being at the back behind my kit hehe

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      6. Maybe you’re a drummer at heart? It kind of reminds me of being a manager. I never really wanted to, but got moved into that sort of position. I can’t say that I ever felt totally comfortably in that role, but some of my old employees still seem to like me. I still feel like the best managers are those who don’t really want the job.

        Back to drums, can you play this? https://youtu.be/chM3y4OvDgs
        I love listening to the drums on that song.

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      7. It sounds like different rock beats I’ve heard in the past, but a great groove. I should listen closely to the bass sometime, to hear how they are playing off each other.

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      1. I would play it at a fancy cocktail party, then proceed to walk around and say “Isn’t this band great! I tell you dahlin, I seen them live in New Zealand and they were AMazinnnnng!”. But then again…I don’t seem to have many people come to my fancy cocktail parties. Actually no one shows up. But um, yea, I’m going to go now…

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    1. Hells yeah, Wardruna are solid. They’re playing a rare gig in London in November that I’ve already booked tickets too. Ivar Bjornson & Einar Selvik are worth a look too, Tore Hund is a solid track.

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  2. Dude🤘🏻🤘🏻. I saw this vid a while ago and it huants me still. I fkn love it but dont know why (i am a little bit savage i guess). If you like this and dont know them yet i would suggest looking up wardruna, they did almost most of the music for the vikings series. Also as a added “i would like what you think of it, look up dordedu (i think thats the name of the band) they have this song standing on a slope/montain playing these long ass horns… im going to try feature it in a metal monday some time.

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  3. Ten minutes? I don’t have that kind of crazy time!
    They’ve got a great visual going, and musically, they actually remind me quite a lot of some of the atmospheric goth stuff I used to listen to in the wayback times. Well, before the guys started barking staccato lyrics. Actually, that still sounds like some of the old goth stuff. Not bad. Not bad at all!

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      1. I may have resembled that remark. Of course, I last had a mohawk just a few months ago. Didn’t wear it up often at all as I need to look somewhat respectable for work.

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