The Bell Cult – Part 1.

Good evening.

Aaaaaaaaand another project haha.

This one is a rather small one though so, fingers crossed, I’ll actually complete it sooner rather than later hehe.

The Bell Cult

The Bell Cult is the only religious entity in the deep, dark, dank sewers and slums of the Underhive.

The Bell chimes only once a year sending all those that hear it into a trance like state warping the minds of the underhive inhabitants and encourages them to offer up all their treasures and possessions to the Bell Cult or commit murders for them. 

The Bell Cult  is shrouded in darkness and mystique and only the most devoted and demented can join. The prospects must undergo vigorous testing of their faith and loyalty. Many of the prospects don’t even survive the early selection stages. 

The Bell Cult consists of the following members.

The Bell Father. Leader and Overseer.

The Bell Priests. Individuals who conduct sermons, lead pilgrimages and deal out harsh punishments upon disobedient disciples

The Bell Disciples. Soldiers, servants and devotees of the Bell.

Lets meet the first Disciple.

Bell Cult Disciple – Sabysk – 

Long has Sabysk been a devotee of the Bell and is in fact one of the oldest members.

Sabysk has had his lips removed and has been gagged by the Bell Father as punishment for speaking disrespectfully about one of the Bell Priests.

Despite this, Sabysk recites in murmurs and mumbled slurs from the book of the Bell. 


A bit on the new Cawador Necromunda Miniatures.

Firstly these are my favourite miniatures in the Necronrange so far. My preference goes like this:

1. Cawdor

2. Orlock

3. Goliath

4. Escher

Can’t comment on Van Saar yet because I haven’t bought them, my bad.

The Cawdor sculpts are fantastic and dynamic. Not only the details are cool but the overall theme really flicks my switch. The rough, ragged, religious and medieval feel I get from them is very much my cup of tea.

I’ve made all 10 miniatures and only, heavily, converted one of them. I’ve tampered with another 8 though and kept one of the models exactly the way it was meant to be.

The only negative is that some of the parts  are quite fiddly, especially for my big fingers.

I hope you’re all well.


It’s not actually plastic cheese it’s just cheese wrapped in plastic.



28 thoughts on “The Bell Cult – Part 1.”

      1. Cripes, no good asking me about colours! The good thing about doing historical figures I that I don’t have to think about colours! I’d lean more towards a dark red though if I had a preference – it’s maybe easier to fit other colours in and works quite well with steel or bronze metallics (said the guy who hasn’t got a clue really)!

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  1. Really nice work and preamble IRO, though I was thinking that he had been punished for eating the birds, and that was why he had his lips sewn up and had to wear the bell (like one on a cat collar), Must make it a bugger to sneak up on someone though!

    Hooray I managed to write a whole reply To this without mentioning something rude like “look at his bell end” (Oh damn now I have!! Oh well off to have my lips removed!)

    Cheers Roger. 😉

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  2. Nice work, man. Cool back story too. I like the looting/murder spree Holiday. That would be an awesome addition to somebody’s campaign.

    Good to hear about the Cawdor being nice models. The Van Saar were a bit too fiddly, so I’m hoping these are a bit easier. Though I’m not sure painting wise. Just looked up flagellants, and I can see where parts of those models would be quite useful. Though it looks like, hunting on Ebay is probably the only place to get them nowadays. Where did the book come from?

    And I’m just going to leave this here:

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      1. Iceland was fantastic thanks. Have a card that a parcel is being held at the post office. Aim to collect today and if it is from you I’ll let you know. Nice to know I’m 17th, your 35th on my list so that makes me feel better!

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