AOS28 – Part 9 – The Duke of Ruin

At the beginning of the month I introduced to a moody shot of The Lady of Decay for a new AOS28 War-band I’m putting together.

This evening I was feeling quite inspired so I built the Lady of Decay a husband.

The Duke of Ruin.


I purposely over exposed the pictures because I wanted to hide the glue and bicarbonate Soda I’d used to fill some gaps and inadvertently created some really ghostly images!!

Im actually really, really happy with him. I’d had a loose idea of a rotting corpse propped up on a horse like El Cid but then decided to make him slightly more animated and ghostly. He’s the perfect soulmate for The Lady of Decay.

I’ve been really enjoying this AOS project/War-band and look forward to showing you all the finished painted pieces and characters.

Any feedback is always very much appreciated.



41 thoughts on “AOS28 – Part 9 – The Duke of Ruin”

      1. That’s the one. I’m hopeless with remembering things like that. I remember real names just fine though so that’s good in my line of work as I’m a prostitute so they’re all called JOHN haha.


  1. You’ve done a fantastic job as always! 🙂

    The model would fit really well for both AoS and WHFB, a medieval gothic look from what I can see.

    For advice, have you tried powdered rust effect before? As I think it would work really well for the armour as a final effect.

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      1. Humbrol do powder effects for hobby trains, scenery any etc. I use their weathering powder to create rust effects for my Death Guard Collection, from a post way back in early 2018. I’ll see if I can find the post and send you the link.

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  2. Another really nice piece of work, loving the spectral photo’s too.

    Covers my three favourite sexual deviations too….

    I’m into Bestiality, Sadism and Necrophilia, my friends tell me it’s out of fashion, and I’m just Flogging a dead horse though 😉

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. Whenever I tell the Toddler that I painted something really cool, she says “Oh yea, I painted that too…” and it becomes a long rambling story ending with banana ice cream.

    So I could say that I did the same thing, because it’s cool! But I didn’t make a cool conversion like that, and I don’t want anyone to take away my banana ice cream for lying. So I’ll just say “Great Job and I think it’s really cool!”.

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  4. That is my new favourite piece from you. It’s not just the flowing bits (what are they off?) but the horse looks like it’s also leaning into the wind too which gives both a very cool effect and consistency with the model (Either that or it’s just the angle of the photo but I’m going with it being deliberate!).

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    1. Thank you hammer. I started painting him last night so hopefully I’ll have something to show tonight or tomorrow. The long whispy trails came from the Lady Olynder kit. They’re actually the hair from her little offsiders. You’re right the horse is leaning forward because he came from an old fantasy magicians wagon kit (I forget the name). He was intended to be hauling a wagon behind him, hence the lean.


    1. Thanks mate. He’s one of my favourites. I finished painting him on Thursday night. I was going to do a post but I’m determined to get the whole project finished and painted first. Then one BIG post to cover the whole war-band. It’s not a massive project but quite different from my normal thing.

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