The Bell Cult – Part 5.

I have base coated all of the Bell Cultists i’d built but then I built a Bell Brute and have a new idea for a Bell Ringer. So the warband/gang grows.


Onto today’s submission.

Bell Cult Disciple – Stokes –

Stokes isn’t without his faults that’s for sure. He is riddled with a severe skin infection, has heart problems and is deaf but he is one of the most favoured disciples of the Bell due to his loyalty. Several years back during the Tunnel Wars Mk VII, Stokes was captured by a small bounty hunter crew called the Razors. They tortured poor Stokes for days trying to get out of him where the sacred Bell books were kept. Stokes did not speak at all. No matter what they did he remained silent, didn’t even scream when they forced him to drink boiling oil.

Thinking he was dead they threw him into a waste pit where, miraculously, one of his Bell brothers discovered him and brought him back to the lair. Since then he has been held in very high regards by the Bell Father, the priests and the disciples.


Not much to report in the way of converting. A head swap with a nice unique battlemage head and I also gave him a burning torch. I love his hand weapon.

Cheers gang


35 thoughts on “The Bell Cult – Part 5.”

      1. No can’t grow one worthy of the term. Oddly, as a matter of fact, I’m mostly devoid of body hair. Must have been all the swimming I did… it helped that at least.



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      1. Not sure if it’s an American thing, but we often eat leftover pizza, cold, for breakfast. My Wife thinks it’s weird, but then again her Chinese breakfast freaks me out. Only when it gets up and crawls off the table though.

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      2. Wonder if you guys have authentic Chinese food? The stuff we have at restaurants here is a bastardized version. Nothing beats the real thing (what my Wife cooks).

        I’m also not sure if it’s just Americans, but I am so picky about what I will and won’t eat for breakfast. A lot of other cultures don’t distinguish. I remember the first time I encountered some people microwaving some smelly fish early in the morning…blecccccch!

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      3. Yeah we have he bastardized crap but a pal of mine who is born and bred Chinese took me to a real Chinese restaurant years ago and I haven’t settled for anything less since then. Oh and I love sardines or kippers on toast for brekkie!!!

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      4. We have the same westernised Chinese food as standard from takeaways, though depending on where you go now it’s very possible to get authentic stuff as well, and even a lot of the takeaway places have a few more authentic dishes mixed in there. I really like Vietnamese food as well.

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      5. Generally, meat lovers + mushrooms, no onion, no BBQ sauce.
        Or tomato/cheese/ham/mushrooms – even better from the place that uses garlic butter. Chorizo sometimes.
        Details depend on the place.

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  1. Woo! That is certainly one wicked looking weapon he’s got there. Wouldn’t want to go up against someone with something like that on hand!
    I know you didn’t name which of his Bell Brothers found him in the waste pit, but I couldn’t help but think it may be Tagz who stumbled across him since you mentioned his enjoyment for drinking sewage and waste. Haha 😛
    I love the distinct looks of all these guys and the stories that accompany them. Nice work! 😀

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      1. I really think it’s cool that you do that. 🙂 I love looking at them and seeing the process as you work on them, but learning more about the characters themselves and the world they’re part of is always a special treat!

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