The Bell Cult – Part 4.

Bloody rain!

In my line of work im very reliant on the weather. Now, for those of you not in the know about Melbourne Australian weather let me say it’s like the lottery. You’re always hopeful but you never know what numbers you’ll get.

You can wake up to sunshine and blue skies and by the time you’ve finished your cornflakes it’s absolutely pissing down.

Now im not one of these namby pamby, hoity toity overly sensitive types so I’m happy to work in a bit of rain or intense heat for that matter. However, a downpour is a downpour. So after doing some quotes, emails, ring arounds and a small inside maintenance job I find myself in my armchair at home. Not a bad thing but I love my work so it’s not great either.

Anyway enough of my moaning. I’ve got another Bell Cult Disciple for you.

If you have no idea what a Bell Cult Disciple is be sure to read parts 1, 2 and 3 of this thread to find out.

Bell Cult Disciple – Fisque –

Fisque is a Warrior through and through. Sure he’s not inundated with any real fighting skills but he’s always been a soldier at heart and has plenty of guts. He was adopted from a poorly run hive orphanage when he was only eight. Taken on board by the Bell Cult to cook, clean and hunt muck-rats in the Bell Lair.

From the age of twelve he started to beg his masters to let him become a warrior. As he was a bit of a runt the Bell Father didn’t see any real potential apart from the fact that the little fella had guts and determination. On Fisque’s sixteenth birthday the Bell Father granted the young runts wish.

Fisque proved to be didicated and loyal but alas his fighting skills never really improved. He just wasn’t strong or fit enough. He was given a shooter staff which he was to use from a distance because at least his marksmanship wasn’t completely horrible.


Fisque is the only model in this project who is built as per the instructions. Why? I was curious and also this particular sculpt is my favourite from the kit. I like the stance and the weapon. Really fiddly to get the arms and weapon into place though but if you’re an elf, a child or a very small and nimble person you’ll have no trouble what so ever hehe.

I’m off to do some maintenance on my tools.



21 thoughts on “The Bell Cult – Part 4.”

  1. Hmmm “tool maintenance”?

    Looks pretty good. I still remember the first time I had to assemble a two-handed multi-part weapon. “Why would they do this to me?!?”. It’s still not much better these days, maybe a bit less swearing on my end.

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  2. That has got to be the least accurate looking weapon I have ever seen, “point the end that the bullets come out of in the general direction away from your face, and pray!” would probably be a fairly accurate description of the aiming process in firing that. Having said that I love it!

    Cheers Roger

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  3. That’s a weird looking one. I’m honestly still not sold on the new, shabby-scavvie look for the Cawdor. I’ll have to see how they turn out once I’ve built and painted some.

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      1. I guess pre-conceptions from the original models that were a lot more monk-like and less feral-shabby while these are more like Flagellants in 40k. I don’t dislike them as models per se, but they’re not “Cawdor” to me at this point in time. I hope to get my old ones out, finish the ones that need completing, rebase them and touch others up as needed for next month’s Neglected Models. It’ll probably be more clear once I’ve done that, and it’ll probably take me building and painting some of the new ones for me to actually accept them. So not anytime soon, probably….

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      2. I never cared for the original Van Saar models, so the near-total redesign there doesn’t faze me. The new Orlocks and Goliaths (to me) have taken the simple and not-so-great original models and reinterpreted them in a much better way, while I’m actually in two minds on the Escher. The new ones have a lot of the same spirit and aesthetic as the originals – the only thing that doesn’t feel right on them really is “combat heels”. Because if you’re doing punk and skin-type warrior chicks, then flat soles and Doc Martens are the ways to go. Not 11-inch platform stilettos.
        We don’t know what they’ll do with the Delaque, let alone if they’ll even properly resurrect the Scavvies, Spyrers, Redemptionists, Ratskins – so I’ll have to hold my judgement there.

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  4. Bugger missed this one mate , so right about the weather explanation for those blogger mates that don’t live here !!! . As I said In the hedges blog it took me a while to get a day with enough light to shoot them !. I can’t really complain I’m inside a warehouse and only have to venture out to unload trucks occasionally ! .

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