The Bell Cult – Part 6.

I’ve only ever shot an arrow from a bow half a dozen times but I did have a small pistol grip crossbow for a few years which was very cool and powerful. I also had several sling shots when I was a lad and came to be quite accurate with them.

Bell Cult Disciple – Dog eye –

Dog eye, yes it’s actually his real name from birth, was raised on  waste farm. His father taught him everything he knew including how to shoot just about anything, how to hunt, fight and scavenge. What he didn’t teach young Dog eye was how to stay out of trouble with women. Dog eye married a not so pretty but very willing Wench called Daphne but when Dog eye found out his beloved Daphne was secretly rendezvousing with Sammy “no teeth” Cluster, he went mad with jealousy and shot the two adulterers dead with his crossbow. Needless to say Dog eye went on the run after that and eventually found himself applying to be a disciple for the Bell Cultists.


Again, just a head swap for this guy but what a head!! Suits the character and model perfectly in my humble opinion. I wish I’d know about this head while I was putting my SkyRaiders Pirates together. An eye patch screams PIRATE!!

A fantastic looking weapon. I just wish it had been mounted on something. Admittedly it’s something I could have added but mehhh I like the pose.




23 thoughts on “The Bell Cult – Part 6.”

  1. Nice one. I have to agree that crossbow is ludicrous size. I don’t think I’ve ever shot anything other than a toy crossbow. I have shot a lot of arrows from a box though. It’s good exercise and fun. Pulling a razor tipped arrow out of wood though, good luck! Pretty impressive the amount of damage an arrow can do. As for crossbows, I’d say why shoot a crossbow, when you can shoot a gun? More fun to shoot a bow! 😀

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      1. Haha…I told my little one she has super powers. The daycare teacher then tells me later, she’s running around telling everyone. My Wife explained that her Daddy is a Comics geek. 😛

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  2. I really loved doing archery for a brief stint when I was a kid. My friend’s mom was dating a guy who used to take us on the weekend to archery classes. It was a lot of fun. Something I always wished I’d gotten into again, though. I suppose it’s never too late, just gotta find the dang time! D:
    I never had a crossbow, though, and definitely not one as badass as this behemoth of one. 🙂 Nicely done on this guy!

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