The Bell Cult – Part 7.

The WIPs continue. I hope you’re enjoying them and not sighing internally and thinking bloody IRO. Although if you are that kind of, perversely, makes me happy too haha.

Bell Cult Disciple – Skink

Skink is annoying, unpredictable, selfish, grumpy and an incredibly skilled fighter. The others in the cult pretty much leave him be because he’ll either wind them up or bite their heads off which usually results in a fist fight which he inevitably wins. No one really knows his background because he doesn’t like to share but no one has bothered to find out. Skink is loyal to the cult but some are suspicious of his motives and ambitions. He’s certainly one to watch.


Technically the only conversion is the knife because it’s actually a separate piece that you can add to the hip/belt. I wanted him wielding it though. Also his pistol arm isn’t intended for that body but I liked the stance. So nothing overly special but subtlety can be nice too.

Charmed I’m sure,


17 thoughts on “The Bell Cult – Part 7.”

  1. Bloody IRO ! ,no great mate really interesting to see stuff so different from what I do ,looking forward to seeing all that painting that’s required ,I’m sure you get yours done before I get my next job done !.

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  2. Bloody, bloody IRO. Posts like rabbits on viagara! Haha, all good! Work has been keeping me busy, so just taking me longer.

    Skink has got a Han Solo pistol holding pose there. Like it.

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