The Bell Cult – Part 9.

We are finally onto the Bell Priests for the Bell Cult. Thank you for those of you staying on this journey with me hehe.

My method this time round for this project was to break up the WIPs instead of doing one big one. Why? Well I thought it’d help you and me following along a bit easier with what I’m doing.

When I’m all done with the WIPs there will be one big post.

With my recent AOS28 project (Lady of Decay and the Garden of Unearthly Plasures) I’m going about it the opposite way. Very few  WIPs posts and one big finished result post.

Anyway let’s crack on…

Bell Priest – Arabesque Quo

Arabesque was destined for the priesthood. He nearly died at birth due to heart and breathing complications. At the age of five he contracted a rare hive disease called Hogstad Syndrome which nearly killed him. Over the next few years he nearly died again and again and more and more people started to assume he was chosen.

The Bell Cult heard the rumours of the boy he couldn’t die and were quick to recruit him. First he was a servant, then a disciple, then he was chosen to study to become a priest. He excelled at his studies and was the youngest man, at nineteen, to become a priest on the Cult in its long history.

Since the early days he has earned quite a reputation as a listener, a philosopher, a leader and as a completely merciless warrior.


Used a battlemage body but the rest is alllllllll Cawdor.




28 thoughts on “The Bell Cult – Part 9.”

  1. Yep really like him, one thing is if you have a spare bell I might be inclined to add one to his standard, perhaps on the other arm of the crosspiece? Just a suggestion, either way looks great, love his scowl!

    Cheers Roger.

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      1. Dunno- will see how I get on with my Van Saars first. Adding a second gang is the plan though I’m tempted to wait for the Delaque to come out as the have always been my favourite.



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  2. The Bell Cult makes me think of the Bell of Lost Souls (the huge bell on Terra that rings every time an Imperial Hero dies, not the naff website). Was it an inspiration on them? I can certainly imagine all kinds of bell obsessives forming a cult around such a famous and imposing Imperial artefact.

    As for Arabesque he’s looking great. My only suggestion would be to put a purity seal on him somewhere, I find that really helps to make someone look a little more Imperial and to help to set the model in the 41st Millennium.

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    1. The Bell of lost souls website comes tonmy mind too and I wondered if anyone else would think it haha. No inspirstion for this one other than my own imagination. I just imagined how cool and plausible it’d be to have some fanatical cult obsessed with a Bell and how the power of the chime would effect the minions. I’ll add some purity seals man. I’m just not sure if I have any. To the BitzBox Batman

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