The Bell Cult – Part 10.

George Lucas and I have two things in common.

1. We bloody love Star Wars.

2. We are fans of limbs coming off.

Bell Cult Priest – Davlan Syrov

Davlan is old, ancient in fact, wise and senile. He has been lost in the sacred Bell scrolls and books for so long that he struggles with what is reality and what is faith. He is well respected due to his longevity and devotion to the Bell. Davlan no longer conducts sermons but he has been known to disappear with the sacrificial wine from time to time. The old priest also doesn’t take part in many battles but used to be quite the warrior. However, now he struggles to raise his * cough * “weapon” let alone any kind of gun or blade. He is quick to criticise and scald and unreliable in most ways but he is well looked after by the disciples.

Due to his age and the fact that he is a cripple Davlans main role, these days, when not buried in parchment and books is to ring the summoning bells. These summoning bells call he disciples to arms or to serve in other ways.

No one really knows how Davlan lost his leg and no one really cares either.


I’ve been wanting to use this head for such a long time. I was going to use it for some dark mechanicus but a lot of people have done that. As you may have realised I’m not big on following trends and prefer to cut butter rather than spread it.

His leg, or lack there of, was more of an after thought when I realised the leg intended was cut up for something else so I thought “great another perfect opportunity for a thrown together prosthetic limb” haha.

Up next for these WIP posts will be the Bell Brute and then the Bell Father. So stay tuned kids.



19 thoughts on “The Bell Cult – Part 10.”

  1. Nice one IRO, though he isn’t as hot as Rose McGowen the girl with the machine gun leg in “Planet Terror”. He reminds me of “General Blackblood” from the ABC Warrior’s, though he had a road drill for a leg, anyway he’s in good company.

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Watched Empire Strikes Back (or episode V if you willingly accept there’s been others made since Return of the Jedi). Sure there was scene where Luke lops off a limb from that Wampa. Ticks all your boxes! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmm, does he really love it though? How could one give up their baby like that? Especially one as big as Star Wars! Who knows.

    Yea, I love the head on that guy. Great for an evil priest or something. Where did it come from?

    Is this part 10 of 20?!

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