The Bell Cult – Part 11.

How many Ogres does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None, they’re all too busy beating people to death.

I’ll never have an ogre army? Why? I feel that they’re a great addition to an army but a whole army of them doesn’t appeal to be honest.

Bell-Brute – Krone

“If I smash an nen eat fings I’m appy” – Krone after beating tondeaty and then eating three intruders.

Krone was bought at auction by the Bell Father when he was just a babe. He’d clearly been mistreated all his young years and so it took the Bell Father a considerable amount of time to tame the Ogre Cub. Despite himself the Bell Father grew rather fond of Krone and taught him more than just how to serve but also how to fight. Sure the Ogre wasn’t smart but he was big, muscular, strong and didn’t have a sensitive bone in his body. He would do as he was told without question or hesitation. He would become the most perfect killing machine until…

Bethany was an Ogre and village idiot and as soon as Krone saw her he fell in love. The two beats became inseparable. This annoyed the Bell Father because he saw that his vicious uncaring pet was becoming soft. He had Bethany captured by his disciples and “disposed of”. The Bell Father consoled Krone and was delighted to see that Krone soon became the murdering monster he once was. However, not a day goes by that the Bell Father doesn’t wonder what could happen if his disciples betrayed him and told Krone of what had happened.


The Bell-Brute wasn’t part of my original plan for this gang. Then I was tinkering around with some ogre bits for something else and then thought how cool it’d be to have a big brute for the Bell cult.

As his legs were designed to be riding a hair monster I had to cut and angle his right foot to put him on a striding mode. I used my favourite bicarbonate soda to fill the gap.

I hope you dig him ladies and gentlemen.




26 thoughts on “The Bell Cult – Part 11.”

  1. Great stuff- am surprised with two things… one that he hasn’t got a bigger gun and b that he is trusted with grenades….

    Seriously though he’ll be great lumbering along trying not to get stuck in in the confines of a hive.



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      1. It’s now the trend to not have tattoos haha. I love mine. They all have a meaning and tell a story. I also love it when people judge me at first sight and then get to know me and realise I’m not a thug. Then when I’ve fooled them into a false sense of security I rob the bastards.

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  2. Great piece to add to a gang, but I feel like he needs to tie in a bit more. Like maybe a big bell on the stick? Or maybe turn it into a big torch/candle? Candle could probably be green-stuffed easy enough. I see that it looks like he has a mask though, so probably once you paint them all, he will tie in just fine.

    There’s an Ogre team in Blood Bowl tooo….though people always lose with that team! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Oops, and I lost my train of thought…we had to take something away from our daughter this week. Which reminded me of your story. No more pacifier. Kinda breaks your heart, because her little eyes just light up whenever she gets the pacifier before bed. Hopefully she doesn’t turn out to be a horrific She-Ogre….though there are days….

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      1. She already does!

        We waffled a bit before. This time the Doctor told her to quit using pacifier, (even though her older daughter still uses one), haha! So we used that as leverage. It’s been two nights now, and it seems like it’s going to stick just fine. She’s pretty good, once we get her on the path.

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      1. Yea, just make sure you paint him really good. No pressure. I’m sure Azazel isn’t watching over your shoulder…hmm, what’s that look mean. Oh crap, you better start fresh…

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