SkyRaiders – Part 6 – The Junkers – KON.

The SkyRaiders project bobs along through intrepid laziness and bottomless pits of side trackedness.

The Junkers are a Salvage/Pirate crew that I introduced you to in early July. See here –

Now there has been a couple of changes since then most notably the fact that I’ve added a Robot to the Crew.

His name is K. O. N (Knowledge Open-Mindedness Non-Belligerent) This is what peace loving hippy inventors named him.


KON was salvaged (stolen at gunpoint) from a science expedition that was exploring the lifeless moon called Devlo.

Initially the Junkers wanted him to be a bad arse killing machine but as none of them could figure out how to Re-program the Big Friendly Git they decided to utilise his strength for heavy lifting and breaking things. He’s also quite handy as a shield due to his thick tungsten metal armour.

KON is also a nod to the game this model came from called Konflikt 47 by Warlord Games.

Heres what KON is “supposed” to look like.


As you can see I’ve gone for a much more ramshackle look.

I actually painted him on a whim as this weekend I’ve mostly been painting ghostly/demonic stuff and needed a break from it. He was fun to do.

Couple more shots with Bully and Brusier from the Junkers.






42 thoughts on “SkyRaiders – Part 6 – The Junkers – KON.”

  1. Really nice paintjob, it’s already a cool miniature but you managed to make it look even better. I’m also a fan of the personality you’ve given him. I can definitely imagine him being a big friendly fella

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    1. Cheers mate. You can’t see it but it is actually a metal oil stained plate. With each new post for the Junkers I’ll be doing group shots so hopefully in the next one you’ll see it. Nothing too flash though. I’d run out of Necromunda bases hehe.

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    1. Thanks Az. Very easy to build. It was resin body with metal limbs. I use super glue so it was quick and easy. I didn’t even wash anything. You should get one/some man is like to see what you do with them. I got mine on eBay for $20. Nice little models.

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    1. Hehe well spotted my friend. I bought him cheap from eBay and he was missing bits but it kinda works for me because he’s a bit old and broken. He can still pick things up but maybe not as well as he did in his prime. He’s also a bit slower and his joints creak. I think we can all relate to that hehe.


    1. Thanks mate. Yeah the others will hide behind him from time to time. A shield isn’t a bad idea. Maybe half an oil drum or something. We’ll see. I don’t tend to revisit models when I call them finished but maybe mate, maayyyyybeeeeee…

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  2. Great paint job mate ,I find making my figures scruffy is a lot of fun also ,I wonder if you will be able to get the effect you have done so well with here when you get around to using the airbrush , it will be interesting to see .

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  3. Wow, nice find on that model! That would be great for the ‘brutes’ they have added to Necromunda. I could see fitting in quite well, possibly on the Orlock gang.

    Great job on getting him all weathered and painted up too. I’m still baffled how anyone could paint something in 2 hours. I swear it takes me 2 hours just to paint a gun most times. No old man jokes, needed! πŸ˜‰

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  4. Nice work! I love that they were banking on this guy being a ruthless killing machine but couldn’t reprogram him so now they’re stuck with a big docile clunker. Haha
    I also like the way you painted KON better than the intended way. Especially the details that make him look all rough around the edges. It adds a lot of character. πŸ™‚

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