Ash Waste Nomads – part 1

One cheeky fellow noticed that, in my last post, I’d slotted in a project called Ash Waste Nomads haha. Justneedsvarnish was the culprit who busted me hehe.

Before challenging myself to finish projects I had actually started another small one so thought I’d add it to the list in the hope that no one picked up on it. I should have known better to think I could out smart you all.

Any who…

Here is one of which will be a small war-band of Ash Waste Nomads.


I made the hat from a pith helmet from Victoria Miniatures and a thin slice of a zombie torso haha yep. I also used bits from:

Genestealer Cults






The legs are actually from an Algoryn infantry kit from Warlord Games.

I have to say that I’ve been heavily inspired by “weirdings way” on Instagram who, I believ, is part of Exprofundis.

I’ve made made give others which have already been base coated and I kindness of just threw this bloke together when I got home from work. I think I’d like to make another one or two as well. I like their aesthetic.



33 thoughts on “Ash Waste Nomads – part 1”

  1. Very nice work.

    I’m about to show both my age and musical tastes here… but I like the mini as it reminds me of Carl McCoy’s cameo in the film ‘Hardware’ as that always looked to me what ash waste nomads should look like.



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      1. Yeah Iggy Pop was the voice on the radio too. I read somewhere that originally Sinead O’Conner was going to be cast in the role Lenny had….

        Have you seen ‘Dust Devil’? It’s by the same director.#



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  2. Looks great imo. The long rifle just looks right on it and with the pith hat (I find it difficult not to love mini’s with them) he could be in Yorkes Drift (a slightly bizarre and odd version of you’d done it of course!).

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    1. I’m not onento pretend I’m a great judge of character but going by your profile pic I can safely say that I bet you do love a good Pith. Actually, as I love my hats, I’ll had a Pith to the list.


  3. Very nice. I haven’t built the Eschers yet, so I couldn’t identify the pieces. I see a Furnace Plate from the Goliaths though. All the rest, no clue. Where is the gun from? Really cool parts, nicely put together, man.

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