Ash Waste Nomads – Part 2 – Half way through this project.

Ash waste nomads/bounty hunter/hired guns

A little while ago I put up a list of projects I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could complete before the year is out.

Ash Nomads was one I, cheekily, threw in even though I hadn’t started it hehe.

Now I’m pleased to say that im already half way through this one. Admittedly it’s a relatively small project.

1. Able Muldoon (Leader) – A quiet gentleman who gave up on life when life gave up on him. He is of noble blood but has long forgotten his privileged life. Now he is content wondering the ash plains with his crazed cohorts in search of nothing more than solace… oh and a bit of a well paid stoush.

I think the model is from Black Sun miniatures and he’s awesome. Really nice sculpt. I made some very subtle changes. The base is made by Heresy of Us which was, kindly, gifted it to me last year when I was invited to take part in The Chapel project.



2. Cobble-Styxx – A strange eccentric individual who, which is odd for a nomad, likes to collect bits, bobs and trinkets. He doesn’t like to show his true identity and can sometimes be seen dancing or walking in a strange manner. Some say he has been in the ash wastes too long and his mind is warped. Some people find his ways intriguing and even whimsical while others find him quite terrifying. Either way, he likes to keep people guessing.

A pretty simple conversion and, for me, I think the mask makes all the difference and gives him an uneasy cooky kind of feel.


3. Tyran Wicker – A long time friend of Able and a highly skilled tracker and hunter. He is known to Wonder off ahead of the party and will be gone for days, even weeks, at a time. He also has the reputation of having a short fuse so his comrades give him a wide birth.

Tyran was actually the first model I made for this group. He was both tricky but a lot of fun to build. His torso is from an imperial guard trooper that I carved up to fit into the poncho piece from the Cawdor kit. The hat is from an inquisitor and the hair/feathers poking out the back of the hat are from a Kroot head. I really like his stance, like he’s looking up from under the brim of his hat like a cowboy from an old spaghetti western hehe. The rifle also suits his nomadic Wild West look me thinks.


I also have to say that Tyran was inspired by Alex’s (leadballoony) Post, see here –

Second February challenge – ‘finish a neglected model’

This next model you may remember me picking up back in June from a miniatures show/market I attended. Here’s what he looked like when I bought him.


Aaaaaand below is what he looks like now.

4. Deadlock – A fallen TrollBlood pilot from a forgotten war that raged in the stars many, many years ago. Deadlock still hopes that one day he will find his fleet and wage war once again. In the meantime he will settle for raw meat, scavenging, bounty hunting, exploring the vast ashen wastelands and flying his beloved Tri-Plane he calls “Hell-Punch”.


I kept the tri-plane fairly simple and wanted it to be more of a transport vehicle for Deadlock rather than a war machine.


Apart from the painting of course the only other changes to Deadlock  was the addition of the cigar and also straightening up the model more. He was on quite an angle before like he was shooting up into the sky.

5. Rage – There’s a few theories floating about for this brute. One theory is that he was once a well to do Doctor but when his entire family was murdered he went on his own lunatic rampage killing anyone in his path. Then, somehow he managed to escape capture and wound up wondering the ash wastes. Another idea is that his mother was raped by some kind of Neanderthal beast and he was the result and was abandoned and then raised by scavengers. He is extremely angry 99% of the time and likes the taste of human flesh but is loyal to his gang which he thinks of as his family. The others don’t even like him but they tolerate him due to his usefulness in a fight and his brute strength.


For the life of me I can’t remember where this model is from but he’s a lead one. I used Goliath arms for him instead and converted the gun too.

So, half way through, well roughly.

I hope you like them.





32 thoughts on “Ash Waste Nomads – Part 2 – Half way through this project.”

  1. Awesome work! I love the look of the whole crew. I kept thinking “Ooh, this one is gonna be my favorite” as I was looking through them and then was left unable to pick a single favorite since I love the look of each of them. Very cool. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great bunch… they look proper deadly. Nice mix of figures in here, that Sculpt for Able is a nice one, sort of a post apocalyptic Bill Sykes look. I don’t have a fave, they are all worthy adititons, but I love the simplicity of the conversion for Cobble.

    Liked by 2 people

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