Ash Waste Nomads – Part 3 – Armiger Warglaive Pilot

After a night with the all my ladies watching Christopher Robin I needed some alone time with my models haha. So I made…

Winston Kade III – Armiger Warglaive Pilot


I used Rodent legs so carved off the claw like toes and will paint the feet like he’s wearing shoes.

The cylindrical piece on his abdomen is actually a remote control that he can use to manoeuvre the Warglive when he’s not in the cockpit. I was going to go the whole hog and build the interior cockpit but then I got a bit sleepy haha. I think he looks ash waste enough and maybe not quite  Pilot enough but meh he works for me.

Let me know what you think kids.

I hope to get some paint on some more Nomads this weekend.

Have a good weekend.

Remember, even Nuns can have bad habits.



22 thoughts on “Ash Waste Nomads – Part 3 – Armiger Warglaive Pilot”

  1. A mate of mine used to drive a van for the local laundry but he had to stop going to the monastery, he was picking up the monk’s dirty habits.

    He’s looking good mate, wasn’t sure if you’d pull off the rat legs, they tend not to look right on humans, but you’ve made them work well here.

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  2. Looking good so far mate. Hope you enjoyed the film, Sounds right up your street. Talking of which reminds me that I saw two nuns cycling down a cobbled road near where I live. Over heard one say “I’ve never come this way before” to which the other replied “must be the cobbles”. That’s roaming catholics for you I guess.

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  3. Nice unusual looking figure, looks “pilot’y” enough to me, should paint up a treat!

    Two Nun’s in a bath, one says “where’s the soap?” the other says “Yes it does doesn’t it!”


    Two Nuns out walking one night when Dracula appears before them, one says to the other “Quick show him your cross” so the other yells “Piss off, you toothy git!!!!”.

    I’m here all week, remember to tip your waitresses! Goodnight.

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. A drunkard leave the bar, and while stumbling home, spots a Nun across the street. After looking at her twice, he runs across the street and starts beating the crap out of her.

    Police arrive, and take him away. The drunkard looks back and yells “I thought you would be tougher than that, Batman!”.

    You know how hard it is to, get a nun joke with Batman in it?! Almost as hard as it is to pilot a plane with a beer keg soldered to your belly! ;D

    Some little tech doodads would make the remote control look move convincing. Maybe they are on there, and we can’t see it? Looking good though, and I really like the head you chose. I’m guessing that might be from an Orlock?

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    1. Don’t get me started on Batman jokes hehe. There are actually some little buttons on the top that you can’t see and which I forgot to get an angled shot off. The cockpit is bigger than it looks from the outside too hehe. That’s my reasoning so shut your pie hole or I’ll take my toys and go home 😡

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      1. Awww man, no one wants to shut pie holes and take toys away. How about a brief time out?

        Nice, yea I thought there might be some buttons. With some bright LED like buttons, it will come together for sure. You probably have used them already, but the gemstone paints are pretty shiny stuff. I’ve been thinking about using them for LED shiny stuff. Though you can also get a nice effect with inks too.

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