SkyRaiders – Part 8 – Junkers – Mr Rushdale, Boggs and Goldman.

The good thing about trying to finish off several projects before the year is out is that I’m not limited for choice. Therefore alternating between collections keeps me interested.

Yesterday I painted the next two chaps for the SkyRaiders project and today I painted a third. These guys are apart of the Junkers crew who are salvagers and pirates.

Im really enjoying painting these guys as yellow and orange aren’t usually my go to paints. So something different is a bit of fun innit.

Alex from Leadballoony hit the nail on the head when he commented that this group of minis look utilitarian. That’s the best way to describe what I’m going for with this pirate crew.

Currently I’m a bit stuck on what their transport should be so any ideas/links would be much appreciated. I was thinking some sort of cargo ship.

I even thought of getting a shipping container from GW like this.


Then attaching it to a Lego ship hull or something. I don’t know. Bit lost to be honest. Despite hitting a blank with the ship it’s the opposite with their base. I’ve built a shanty kind of docking/loading station that I think you’ll like. Just not sure if it’ll be a floating one or not.

Anyway let’s get onto the minis.

Mr Rushdale.

Hes the right hand man to the Captain. He’s quite the cocky bastard and takes pride in his appearance, hence why his clothing is somewhat cleaner than the rest. He’s been with his beloved Captain for a long time and has hopes of, one day, running the show. It’s his job to oversee all raids, salvages and missions and report directly to the Captain. Despite his loyalty he’s not opposed to taking a bit of cream off the top of whatever they’ve plundered for himself. This is a highly dangerous thing to do as the Captain has executed many a crewman for doing the same thing.


Now if I can be so bold to say that I think the hobbyist my style is probably closest to is Mr Wudugast from Convertirdie. I find his work both inspiring and very grim (in a good way).

This next fellow was, mostly, made quite some time ago for another project that sort of died so when I saw Wudugasts post pop up I was pleased to see that great minds think alike. Or, in this case, his great mind had a similar idea to my more feeble mind haha.

Originally my guy was more like a blacksmith but after seeing Wudus guy I changed him to be a “slopper” as well and added the pot too. The posing and general sort of aesthetic is very similar though. Instead of cleavers I went for meat tenderisers hehe.

Heres Wudugasts mini (second one in the post)

Heres my fellow.




Boggs is a cranky old Viking wannabe who cuts up dead things and half heartedly boils them and claims it’s good for the crew. As soon as Boggs lost his left hand in a vicious fight with some Genestealer rebels he was demoted to Cook. This fuelled his anger and resentment towards the Captain and the rest of the crew. For childish revenge he spits in every meal he prepares. If you manage to find yourself cornered by him he will regale you with stories of when he was a fearsome warrior.

The ghastly black pattern on his head is my attempt at a scorpion tattoo haha.


He’s a work horse. Drilling, mining, digging and treasure hunting is his passion so don’t get in his bloody way when he’s doing it.


Heres the crew as they now stand. I still have 6 or 7 crew members to paint up.


Remember, a potting shed doesn’t have to be used as a potting shed just as greenhouse doesn’t have to be green.




34 thoughts on “SkyRaiders – Part 8 – Junkers – Mr Rushdale, Boggs and Goldman.”

  1. Like all three but Rushdale reminds me of Peter Cushing (a fellow wargamer, don’t you know), so he’s my fav’.

    Upon seeing those transport crates, I immediately thought of the pods for “Thunderbird 2”, do you think you could build something along them sort of lines around one of them possibly with the impression that they could be changed, dependent upon the cargo inside?

    Just an idea, cheers Roger.

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  2. Looking good mate. I agree that we have a similar style and a shared love of the grim and grubby! The inspiration has traveled both ways on many occasions ๐Ÿ˜€

    As for the head tattoo, those are pretty tricky but if it helps I recognised it for what it was before I read the description.

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  3. Umm, what’s that black birthmark thing on the back of that guy’s head? Should I read the words to find out….?

    Haha, did I get your blood boiling yet? I found tats to be pretty hard, I tried some barbed wire arm band tats on my Goliaths, but no one said anything. So they were likely a fail. Some have suggested pen tools, but that was another fail for me. Penciling things in first, does help a bit. Plus lots of practice.

    Great looking group going on. I was really hoping the story behind your slopper was going to involve his left hand ending up in that bucket. I love the mustache on Rushdale, makes him look pretty commanding. The colors once again, really tie this pack together. Well done!

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    1. It’s a tattoo in the shape of a birthmark ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿค˜๐ŸผPractice is what’s needed but who’s got bloody one for it haha. I just want to wake up with better skills dammit. Thanks. I’m glad you like my Salvage crew.

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      1. You’ll get there, we’re all improving, all the time. I hear you on the bloody patience though. I see stuff that should be just about within my reach to do, but it’s hard to have the patience with myself to get there.

        Keep it up, man. You’re kicking butt with all these different groups. You need to find a game system (though I suspect you have a home-brew one) where you can play all the toys at once!

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      2. Bingo! My game play is very rare and when it does happen we pretty much just make it up as we go along. There’s some basic weapon stats and movement rules etc but it’s really about just fun. One time a player asked if he could roll to strap a bomb to a hound and charge it at my leman Russ? We all laughed and said hell yes. That dog blew my tank up! Haha. Brilliant

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      3. LOL, very nice! I do prefer simpler game mechanics with a decent amount of flexibility most times. It allows one to focus more on the story and less on the rules.

        We used to play a game using the Gi Joes action figures (made popular by the cartoons and comics). At first I used rules from the Top Secret SI rpg that had just came out. But it was too complicated, and no one really wanted to use those rules. So then we made it simpler, and most actions were just resolved by checking a stat and making a simple roll. We found it pretty fun over all.

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      4. Exactly! I’ve never played a proper game of 40k because I find all the rules quite daunting plus my mates wouldn’t be ineterested. FYI I have a massive collection of JOEs. Some dating from early 80s ๐Ÿ˜Š Love em.

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  4. That’s really nice that you’ve got enough projects going that you can hop between them all to keep yourself interested while you work on your goal. ๐Ÿ™‚ It can be extremely difficult for me as well to stick to just one project when I’m writing/working on something, so I feel your pain with that! ๐Ÿ˜›
    The new additions to the crew looks great, and they all look very well together as a whole, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the detail of the frown face on Goldman. Nice touch of character!

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    1. I was always in trouble at school for not having goals. Actually I was always in trouble full stop Haha. Funnily enough I like goals with my work and, mostly, achieve them. The hobby is differmet because there’s no “have to finish” but more of “like to finish” kind of thing going on. Thanks re the crew. I’m enjoying the aesthetic of this group a lot actually.

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