Orktober is the word on the mean, grim streets of the 40k universe.

I for one have been checking the GW website every hour in anticipation of the release of the Orks Speed Freeks.

Orks, for me, have always been the classic bad guys to my Imperial Guard good guys. Like Darth Vader V Luke Skywalker, Simba V Scar etc.

Funny though because over the years I’ve become more of a fan of bad guys so Orks have kind of become the good guys haha. Confused? I hope so.

Considering how fond of Orks I am I haven’t done a hell of a lot with them. Sure I have grand plans but little progress has been made on the big two Ork projects.

I think the new release, like im sure it will for countless others, will inspire me to dust off my brutish albino Orks and touch up paint, convert and create new chapters and war machines.

The other Ork project “German Ork Army” might see some additions too.

My friends, family and past co-workers have called me Imperial Rebel Dork, hence the title haha. They’re all on my “people to assassinate” list now, bless their cotton socks.


Thats all, there isn’t any more.

Apart from this.

Remember, when Ralf Harris would draw pictures and you had to guess what he was drawing? Loved it. Now he’s somebody’s bitch. Funny old thing life innit.




11 thoughts on “D-ORK”

  1. I didn’t know Rolf had a brother called Ralf or that they were into the same type of things ;-). As for Orktober, you do realise you are under more pressure to deliver than anyone one don’t you? I’m expecting big things IRO, in fact I think we all are. No pressure!!! 🙂

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  2. Hey! You’re not bad-mouthing Ralf Harris are you? Poor old mild-mannered Ralf, always getting the blame for Rolf’s crimes. 😝

    Looks like it’ll be another week at least before we see any Orks. I just hope they’re not over hyping it, the models we’ve seen so far look good but this isn’t a surprise birthday party, I’m a grown man with bills to pay looking to engage in a financial transaction with a large corporation. Show me the models, tell me the price and stop all the prick-teasing Gdubs!

    Ahem… As for the Orks themselves surely they are the only good guys in the 41st millennium? They just want to have a boisterous and joyful time, it’s hardly their fault if the cultural and physiological frailties of the other species prevent them from enjoying a good fight quite as much as the boys do.

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    1. Hahaha your comment had me laughing out loud so much my kids started laughing at me. They wanted to know what was funny but they just wouldn’t get it dammit!! Another week??!!! What the shit? Why have they said they will be releasing Ork stuff throughout the month?? Ork teasing bastards.

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  3. Ork’s, love painting them, but hate playing them! my youngest is a big Orc (proper non GW spelling) fan,.

    Strange thing with Rolf, I had a Rolf Harris T’shirt bought not long before “it all came out” so was banned by my wife from wearing it anywhere but at work, first time I wore it, someone came up to me and said “Wow that’s offensive! are you interested in selling it?”

    People huh!

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. I always thought ORK was 40k and ORC was fantasy and everybody else. I think wearing a ralf Harris tshirt is no more offensive than wearing one that has a giant Swastika on it I guess 😦🤣😳😱😢😣🤠

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