Follow Da Leader! Ork Invasion – Part 1.

Every clan, tribe, group, warband needs a leader a WarBoss.

The Albino Ork Army known as Da Blud Letta’s are lucky enough to have two Bosses.

Here’s the first.

WarBoss ScabRott


Recently I saw an Ork conversion on YouTube by a fella called Emperors Crusade. I was very much inspired to do something similar. I never like to copy preferring to cut my own path in this hobby of ours BUT the conversion was too cool not to create something of the same ilk. That’s how ScabRott came about.

You’ll notice his right fist is weaponless. That’s because ScabRott is not quite finished I still need to buy, build and convert his “ride”.

I also have a second leader on his way and he’s a big one, a “Beast” in fact.

Remember, why did Sally fall off the swing? She had no arms.

Now there’s a follow up.

Knock Knock… Who’s there?

Not Sally ahahahaha.




24 thoughts on “Follow Da Leader! Ork Invasion – Part 1.”

  1. Very nice indeed mate. Is that an Armiger shoulder pad he’s wearing? Guess that means the Megaboss model must be even bigger than I thought. One to file away in my brain for later, I’d been vaguely hoping that we might see a new Ork boss as part of this wave of releases (the current one being just a slightly reworked version of the one from Assault of Black Reach which absolutely everyone from my generation of Ork fan’s owns at least one of). Curious to see what this guy’s ride will be like (a cyber maw-krusha?) and of course, what this “beast” turns out to look like ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. Cheers mate. He was really fun to build and I’ve just posted the painted version of him. Yes it’s an Armiger shoulder armour plate. I wanted it to show how big his balls are haha. The ride is a little left field but hey that’s me haha.

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