WarBoss ScabRott – Ork Invasion – Part 2.

Pressure makes diamonds ’tis true and I don’t usually bend to demands but today I did.

Just Needs Varnish was the comment on my “Follow Da Leader” post and here’s what the cheeky bugger said…


Here’s his nifty page –


After reading his comment and looking out the window at the pouring rain I thought Meh I’ll have a day at home.

Then I remembered I hadn’t done some errands. So I got my watch fixed, took my phone to the shop for repairs, ended up doing a small handy man job for a client, filled the truck up with petrol and hot home just before midday. I sat down to start painting ScabRott when the school called. My youngest had been stung by a bee. Off I went to pick her up and get a chocolate sundae to help with the pain.

A couple of hours later I finally made a start on ScabRott and finished him in approximately two, broken, hours.

Here he is and I have to say I’m rather chuffed with him.


As I said in the last post his right hand is empty but that’s because he’s incomplete. He will have quite a ride that you’ll see on the next few weeks. That’s also why the base is not done because it’s temporary.


Remember, Shaky Stevens Green Door? Great song.



38 thoughts on “WarBoss ScabRott – Ork Invasion – Part 2.”

  1. Bloody excellent (drat, I promised not to use that “e” word again)! He’s been well worth waiting, let me see, ah yes, one day for! Do like all the dents, scratches and bloodstains! Great stuff, looking forward to seeing his ride, but, please, take a 10 minute break and have a cuppa, ’cause you’ve earned it! Hope the nipper’s OK and the chocolate sundae was nice, but you should really have got one for your daughter as well! And thanks for the mention!

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    1. Ahhhh I wondered why she was crying so much. I put it down to the Bee sting but yes of course, watching daddy gorge himself on a choc sundae must have been just as painful. I just screamed at her “Daddy has had a bad day too! Just Needs Varnish has put so much bloody pressure on Daddy!!!” I’m glad you approve and like what I’ve done. Anything else I can do for you? Foot rub, scotch, cigar, a gentle shove off a very high cliff maybe? Haha nahhh is never… during daylight.

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  2. Fantastic work! He looks great. I love the blood stain details and all the skulls, especially the big beastie one. 😛
    Also, kudos to you for being such an awesome dad. Ice cream totally helps make the pain go away. Haha

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  3. Really nice work, I’m also painting big green things at the moment, and one of them looks like an albino too!!! You work outside in Australia! I’m surprised your still alive, I thought every bit of nature out there was out to kill you!!!

    Did you know Shakin’ Stevens kept his wife a secret for years and never went out in public with her, as he though being married would hurt his career! (I always thought his lack of talent would do more damage myself!).

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Imagine that conversation with the wife… “you know I love you baby but being seen in public is with you is just too much” haha. Arsehole. Luckily us Aussies are tough bastards and can deal with anything thrown at us. I’m glad you like him mate

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  4. Now he looks the part, great work. Chipping on the armour is brilliant. Which got me thinking…. has anyone ever seen a Space Marine in chipped armour, surely they roll around a bit and will take the top coat off unless of course the material is coloured right through… but I digress. Awesome work, I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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  5. Great work on this guy. I’ve actually planned on doing something similar, so when I get around to doing that, I’ll have to come check this guy out again. Sadly, it just reminds me how many posts of all the people I follow that I’ve missed over the last couple of months! Give me another three months to catch up, now!

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