The Orks go marching two by two Hoorah Hoorah! – Ork Invasion – 3.

Ere we go, ere we go, ere we go…………..

“Wats green an white and red all ova then?” SpitBone asked his comrade. His comrade stared at him with a blank expression. “US after we tear apart doze Imp Guard blokes” SpitBone roared with laughter. His comrade still stared. SpitBone clouted his mate over the back of the head encouraging him to laugh.

The War Boyz for my Albino Ork army called Da Blud Letta’s are complete… finally.

40 in total but from different klans reaching far and wide.

These first 27 have been under my command since the Mid/late 90s. They’ve had a few paint jobs and a few fights over the years and their outfits show it. Darker and dirtier.


These next ten brutes were bought on eBay from the UK some time in 2016. They were painted very badly as though a blind chimpanzee had taken up the hobby. As my skills are only just a fraction better than a blind chimpanzee I thought I’d Re-do them.


Then we have these three  who are the most recent additions. I built them from odds and ends at the beginning of this year and then left them in their barracks to collect dust. They’re more unique, visually, than the rest of their brethren and have a bit more character. I’d run out of small round bases so they’re on bigger Necromunda ones. I think they’re my favourite of the bunch.


I painted thirteen models in 7 hours spread over three nights. That’s not bad I guess.

I’m currently working on ScabRott’s (The WarBoss) ride. Hopefully I’ll have something to show you by this Sunday night.

Remember, when you wished Bill Cosby could be your Dad too, or an uncle? Well… Nuff said innit.








33 thoughts on “The Orks go marching two by two Hoorah Hoorah! – Ork Invasion – 3.”

  1. Nice to see these once again, I seem to recall selling them on ebay in about 2016! Very nice mate and I like the groundwork too, works very well. Your opening line reminds me of my 5 year old great niece’s joke. What did the earwig say when he fell off the table? Earwig go again.

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    1. Thanks Pete. Yeah bandana dude looks like an anarchist at a protest hehe. I try not to follow the crowd with most things so the pale skin was a must. My German Ork army will be green but the stand out thing there will be that they’re all in German uniforms haha.

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  2. Good old blind-chimp miniatures, that’s the source of many of my own models as well. Thirteen models in three nights is not bad going at all, and I really like the pale skin on these, it’s a nice change compared to the usual green.

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      1. Nah, much as I love green Orks (my own Orks are green after all) I’ve always loved seeing them in more natural, leathery colours or other unusual, but still realistic, schemes. Indeed I even toyed with the idea of painting my own Orks white many, many moons ago, but in the end I bottled out although the idea then evolved into the white war paint that some of mine wear. It’s actually really interesting to see yours and imagine how mine could have turned out.
        Of course if you decide that green skin would have been better after all then a quick dunk in a pot of Biel-Tan Green and you’re good to go 😉

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  3. Nice! I always love how unique from one another all your groups of models are. Combined with the writing you usually include with them it just really brings so much personality to your creations. 🙂 They’re a very cool-looking lot. Definitely wouldn’t wanna cross paths with them, though! 😛

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