Just a giggle

Today I’m working up in the hills. Beautiful neck of the woods in which I one day hope to build a cabin.

Heres a quick snap of my office today. Beats working in the city like I used to.


That’s my loyal truck there too.

Anyway, so I’m working away removing some Ivy that’s strangling just about everything when the client comes out for a bit of a chat. Under his wing I see he had a sketch book and said he was off to an art class. As I’m a curious fella I asked about his art etc then he asked if I had any hobbies. I told him I love music and play a few instruments but my passion at the moment is painting little men.

He asked a few questions and then said, “I thought a big bloke like you was going to say you play footy or something.” (I’m 6ft 2″ and about 105kg) I laughed politely then (as often happens) spoke before I thought and replied “Yeah a big bloke who likes to play with little men.” Ahaha.

What occurred to me and made it even funnier, after he left, is the fact that he is a small skinny man. I think I scared him hahaha.

Thought you’d all appreciate that one.

Let me know if you have any funny hobby anecdotes.



Oh yeah and remember Samantha Fox? Sigh…………

46 thoughts on “Just a giggle”

  1. Nice office! People tend to make assumptions based simply on appearance, we all do it. I picked up a hitchhiker last night. He seemed surprised that I’d pick up a stranger and asked “Thanks but why would you pick me up – how do you know I’m not a serial killer?”. I told him the chances of two serial killers being in one car would be astronomical!

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  2. Very good – now I always say I do modelling… and then pretend to be offended when people look at my ugly mug in a ‘really?’ kind of way 🙂

    Speaking of modelling, yey for Sam Fox! First crush also I think? (her and the Athena tennis lady of course)

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  3. For many years I wasn’t ‘out’ as a gamer- through my misspent goth/metal/industrial/rivet years in a drunken haze. I’m a lot more open about it now though.

    My mate collected all of the Sam Fox 7″ and 12″ records before he lost them in a flood… I said to him that I never knew people liked here for her music.

    For the record I’ve never been that keen on blondes. I much prefered Linda Lusardi.



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      1. Yeah was sick of the pitying looks from women… men just usually reminisce about GW back in the day. There was always a big 40k/ metal fan crossover in the early 90s.



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  4. So you’re both all alone in a forest and decide to bring up little men. New time, break it to your new partner a little more gently. Spread out the picnic mat, get the wine and cheese out of the basket. Take a moment to breath in the nice clean forest air. And then you can talk about painting little men!

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      1. Lol! “Keep em in your pants, Bull!”.

        Ok, random music question for ya. Do you think there are more amateur musicians in Rock/Alternative, than other music such as Jazz/Classical? Why might that be?Been listening to some YouTube vids about different bands lately. Nirvana in particular got me thinking about that.

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      2. Good question. No I think there are probably the same amount of amateurs in every genre of music. We probably just either hear more about the mainstream music ones and/or the ones we are most interested in. All genres of music are tough to make a name for yourself in. Even amazingly well paid session players go unknown and are technically classed as amateurs.

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      3. Maybe that’s the question I was trying to ask “Do you think there are more mainstream amateurs in Rock versus other genres?”. Cobain and some others got famous for their sound, but wasn’t a technically skilled player. When I listen to Jazz radio though, all those guys/gals are masters of music. Made me wonder if that statue of music is tougher to get into or maybe their acceptance of other player is higher. But it’s more likely that I’m just hearing whatever selection the radio dj’s have chosen.

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      4. Cobain and others managed to break into the industry because they were unique. It was more about personality and approach. Like now it seems to be, for the pop industry at least, that you need to be a pretty boy/girl OR just have a bit more of a unique sound and stand out from the crowd ie Ed Sheeran. I think there’s master musicians in all genres but I think Jazz is a genre that just doesn’t have as big a following throughout the world. I see it as part of my role as a dad and as a musician to educate my daughters on music. My eldest is mad into modern RnB and when I told her what it stands for and where it originated from she was blown away. As a consequence she has been listening to some old school blues. Muddy Waters, Little Walter and Son House in particular. I guess whatever the most popular genre is throughout the world there will be more amateurs trying to make it in that scene. Not to gloat but the two piece blues and roots band I was in had some good local success 1 because of the music and 2 because we weren’t your usual type of band. From our look to our delivery we stood out. You can be the best singer in the world, which I’m certainly not, and no one will pay attention.

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      5. Double liked. I think uniqueness is really the key. If someone finds a band that is unique in some way, they can always make up for the lack of ability with effects, editing, training, etc. Nirvana wasn’t the best band out there, but they were doing something different from everyone else. Sucks for people who are possibly more talented, but I guess that’s how it rolls. Probably the same in our little hobby. I could be a super skilled painter, but if I paint the same way as all the other Games Workshop Employees, then no one would probably notice.

        Good job on teaching the kids. I started the little one with Classical radio, now some Jazz. We’ll listen to some Rock and other stuff too. Whatever she seems ok with.

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      6. For me, with kids, it’s the same as teaching them to walk and talk. I teach them to sing or play or do something with music. Technically Cobain and Nirvana weren’t much at all but what they did was purposely go against the rules to make their own sound. Lots of bands around that era were cool but Nirvana made it mainstream which was good and bad at the same time.

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      7. Yea, I love 90s Alternative. You have Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Janes Addiction, RHCP, Faith No More, etc., All under that label…but all very different sounding bands. You picked up any Alternative CD, and pretty much guaranteed it wasn’t going to sound anything like the rest. At least until people started copying each other. I imagine the start of Rock and other music genres were like that too, but that was my first experience with discovering a genre.


  5. It looks a lot better than my old office where I was kept captive for up to twelve hours, five to six days a week for about eleven years. So glad I’m retired now and can enjoy those outdoor moments.

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  6. Nice office, though it must be hard to shut the window in the winter 😉

    I once say a guy at a show wearing a T-shirt with “Wargamers do it on the table with little men!” on it, and thought now he’ has balls!!! and a sense of humour, I always thought it would have been better on a girl with the word “female” added to the start, now she would have made lots of friends!!

    Sam Fox was nice but I was always preferred Sue Ashton on page three myself she was from Liverpool (over the river from me), now I bet you’ll have to look her up!!

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. When katie Price (aka Jordan) was on “Shooting Starts” (comedy panel show type quiz thing, with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer), she got really annoyed after about the fiftieth reference to her boobs by Vic Reeves saying…”Is that all you lot do! talk about my tit’s!!!!” to which other panellist Johnie Vegas piped up “When I’m out with me’ mates we talk about your arse and fanny too”, she shut up after that 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

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  7. Bahaha! I literally laughed out loud reading the “little men” story. Too funny. 😛
    Sooo, in some slightly-related-to-Australia-news, I tried speaking into my remote today to look up “Crikey! It’s the Irwins” to check it out, and apparently Comcast here cannot comprehend the word “Crikey” and kept taking it as me saying “Cranky”. I even had my bf try to say it and it still took it as “Cranky”. Random, but amusing enough to mention. (Either that or I’m just very easily amused.) 😛

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