The Black Plague is Rising – 1

Shamed and shunned from all other societies the rotten, malformed, twisted and diseased of the combined universes hid deep in the shadows of the underhives or in the abandoned mines.

A dark seed of hatred was planted…

Decades past, then centuries…

Through the years more discarded and unwanted creatures sought refuge amongst their own kind and their minds and hearts were filled with hatred. 

The seed grew…

A plan was formed…

Tech and weaponry was hunted, salvaged and repaired…

Then, when a mighty army of unholy war machines, beasts and warriors was raised from the despair, they still waited…

Waited until the time was right…

Waited until now…




The mother is wise and knows all…



When I used to write songs I just wrote what I felt when I felt it. I could be chatting with a friend or working or whatever and I’d have to stop and write down the words that came to my mind. It was the only way to get out what was in my head.

Now, years later, it’s the same with my little plastic models. I see something in my head and I have to build it.



43 thoughts on “The Black Plague is Rising – 1”

  1. What worries me mate is if that lot was in your head just what else is in there! 😉 As always I love the creativity and as cool as most of the figures you put together are, and they are very cool, two things bother me. Firstly, we don’t get to see enough of them painted which is a shame because you ae a good painter too. Secondly, I’d love to see progress pictures showing what you started with before you IRO’d it. Of course you don’t have to do either of these things and I will still enjoy what you do. 😊

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    1. Cheers TIM. I guess the trouble is I don’t rate my painting very highly. Next time I do a conversion I’ll try and remember to take pictures. It’s hard to explain but once I start I go into a bit of a zone. There’s no real system. I just know what I want the end result to look and feel like.

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      1. Think you are being more than a little harsh on your painting skills, what you do is very good. We can’t all be Azazel! Yea I know what you mean about getting in the zone. I think that’s something we probably all experience and possibly one of the things we enjoy about the hobby. Like you I just have ideas in my head, never done an outline drawing in my life. Perhaps that’s where I’m going wrong!

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      2. We can’t all be Azazel or TIM. I do enjoy painting, more so now because I can see I have got better but converting is where my real creativity can just go crazy. The possibilities are endless. I love that. It was exactly the same with music.

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  2. The black and white photography really adds to your presentation of these three. I agree with TIM as a WIP would be revelatory in terms of what all this came from. But it might take away from your magic here and I do get that. I see these, and say WOW, but as I’m not a GW guy, I don’t know from whence all your mad components come from, or what you had to do to assemble them in the way you do. And that would be interesting! You certainly have a gift, and the backstory you created meshes perfectly with your creations. In my day, these would be great on a Pink Floyd album cover! Wonderful, and thanks for releasing them from your imagination and sharing them IRO!

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    1. Aww thanks Mark. That’s a really nice comment. I might try and take some shots and/or explain what kits I use and how I go about it next time. I guess I assumed it wouldn’t be that interesting to a lot of you but I can see how it might be now. Like when you list the paints you’ve used to achieve the look of your minis.

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      1. I think you’ll find that you will inspire others, or at least educate them to a new process or material. You are dead on about my paints and also my process. I am amazed at how this has helped others, as I have been helped by many in their blogs.

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  3. Very nice! The first and third one are my fave. Curious what color schemes you’re going to use?

    I had a brief feel of excitement while chopping up a model the other night. If it all works out, I think it will be great. If not, I imagine there will be much swearing. I imagine that’s probably how you must feel with all your custom work.

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    1. Haha. The only time I get frustrated is when the super glue doesn’t stick straight away. I can’t stand holding something in place for longer than 10 seconds dammit!! Other than that I love it all. I think one of my favourite aspects is “carving”. A lot of people use green stuff but I prefer to cut/carve the pieces so they fit together and, if there is a gap, then use a tiny bit of glue and bicarbonate soda. Great fun. I’m hoping to build some more for this army tonight.

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      1. Haven’t really tried that method. I think my frustration list on customization, would be far too long, haha! Just need more time, patience, and skill to make it more enjoyable. Lot like learning an instrument.

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  4. Another great lot of models from you here! The only thing that seems a little off to me is the honking great chainsword on the witch’s hip. Seems like something mode lithe would suit her a little better to me and fit in with the overall aesthetic of the group – but then it’s *your* model!

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