Gulp! New YouTube account for IRO

G’day gang.

Ive taken my pants off and taken the plunge into the world of YouTube and opened an account for IRO

So if you’re intrigued to see my videos on the hobby and, possibly, other random bits and bobs have a look here:

53 thoughts on “Gulp! New YouTube account for IRO”

  1. Good stuff mate, you come across well on camera. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.

    Funny how we’ve all been pronouncing your name differently, I’ve always just said the letters “I.R.O” (i.e. sounding like a Scotsman meeting a pirate who is then surprised, or perhaps a weapon fired from a bow that’s being sold by Apple).

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      1. What it was … I was cast as a killer in a music video (they needed a fat skinhead and I was first choice) done as a promo for my mates band. The vid got put up online and somebody must have complained about either the nudity or body piercing and it got pulled. Shame as it was my 15mins….



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  2. Still haven’t watched the vids yet (spending my “spare” time this Sunday morning trying to catch up on blog posts and comments before I get back to work) :p but from the still image with the flat cap above I see you spent some time as a 1930’s paperboy.


  3. Well mate let me say after the holiday there was a rush to finish the last dio ,it took a bit out of me so it was good to get it finished, and relax and see what others are up to without the rush. Well you didn’t disappoint me ,great move and well done mate !,love the videos ,Tech adviser says I can’t subscribe because I haven’t an account but I look forward to seeing more soon I trust .

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  4. Look at you branching out and invading other social media platforms. 😛 That’s awesome. Nice intro. I feel like intros are tricky since it’s like, “How do I sum up so much in a brief introduction without rambling like a complete weirdo?” 😛
    Looking forward to seeing more of your videos! Best of luck with the Youtube channel.

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      1. Ah, gotcha. Well, just do what makes you happy and what you’re comfortable with. Time can definitely be a deciding factor for a lot of things. I feel like my brain is always like, “Let’s do ALL the things!” and then I remember that there’s only one of me and that my brain needs to settle the hell down and take a seat for a minute. 😛 So I feel ya!

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