I was about to start painting miniatures and then this happened…

I’ll I swear to whatever God you may or may not believe in that I was about to start painting when BAM my creative juices started flowing and I made a mess all over my work desk haha. Eeeewwwlllll…

I’m a plastic crack addict what can I say.

I made this HQ unit which will be recruited into my slow building 701st BannaRoff Guard Amry.

General William Bristol


I particularly like his right hand. It’s very hard to find open hands in the GW range. They’re usually gripping a spear or gun or something. I wanted Bristol to look regal and commanding.

Hector Slane (Tracker and hired bounty hunter)


Azalia Peaceveil


She’s a great model as is so all I did was a head swap and a gun modification seen in the second pic.

Captain Alissa Gamble


Another great model, this one from the Rogue Trader kit. All I did was a head swap. She reminds me of Captain Phasma from Star Wars Episode VII Force Awakens.

Servitor – Q770XX


Then we have the standard bearer, comms-link/vox-caster and General Bristol’s bodyguard.


As I was on a bit of a roll I also built a veteran unit for the 701st BannaRoff Guard which are (Thanks to Pete, who gave me the idea a while back) Dismounted Green Dragoons.



Ok now I’ll paint. I’ll just have a beer first then paint… Oh hang on I want to watch The Ballad of Buster Scruggs first too haha. Painting tomorrow night I promise!

On another note…

Thanks to all of you that have been supportive of my foray into YouTube. Some of you even subscribed which was a pleasant surprise and made my day.

Ive kind of thrown myself in the deep end a bit with it so we’ll see how we go.

I’ve got a list of ideas I’d like to put up as videos but if you lot have any suggestions too I’m all ears.




Remember, Captain Planet he’s our hero gonna take pollution down to zero, he’s our powers magnified and he’s fighting on the planets side.

38 thoughts on “I was about to start painting miniatures and then this happened…”

  1. On a roll with the kitbashing and all looking good! Seeing some more of this lot painted would be good! I’ll admit I haven’t looked you up on YouTube and that’s a reflection on me, not you! I’m just not usually a video person and, anyway, I like this blog you’ve got here!

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  2. Great looking stuff, mate. I like here you are taking this. Those Rogue Trader models looking amazing, I might have to pick them up.

    Not a fan of the one-handed Stormbolter guy. The Stormbolter looks too heavy, it breaks the illusion. Marines in Terminator Armour carry Stormbolters one-handed, a regular human doesn’t. Add a Cherub or Servo-skull that helps to lift it up.

    One thing I like to see on the YouTube channel is you talking a bit on cool models, conversions and stuff from the Blogosphere. A lot of people do round up posts with links to other people’s stuff but I cannot recall seeing it done on YouTube. I think it would be pretty sweat.

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    1. Funny you say that about storm bolter man as he was the weakest link for me. I think he might get disembodied haha. I didn’t like the pose and he just looks a bit off. Ironically the bolter came from Yarrick. As for the YouTube idea it’s a great idea mate. I don’t know how to add links in YouTube haha but I’ll certainly shout out to pages, sites etc. Thanks for the suggestion.

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  3. Nothing wrong with a bit of distraction, happens to the best of us! Like what you’ve done with the Voidsmen, the one with the banner especially works really well. Where’s the banner from by the way? I agree with Thomas though, the one handed storm bolter is a bit too big (although keep in mind I’ve got a real thing against one handed bolters in general). Otherwise all looking good mate.

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  4. Right now I am in the middle of trying to create a work area. I moving shelves around in my half basement to free up some wasted space and at the same time going to things that I have gathered over the years. I hope to finish this when I have 10 days off starting on the 15th. I should be able to get more projects done when this is done. Right now I have been using the kitchen table as a part time work area, lol.

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