YouTube Intro Part 2 haha

Hi folks,

I kinda, sorta forgot to explain what my hobby is in the first “intro” video on my new YouTube account haha. A big whoopsy daisy on that one.

As mentioned, I’ve thrown myself in the deep end and obviously was so excited that I managed to figure out posting the damn thing I forgot to put any details in haha.

So here’s the “proper” intro.

Thank you again for watching and for those of you that subscribed. Very humbled by that gesture so cheers.

Just so you know, this blog will always be my home but Instagram and YouTube will hopefully prove to be fun too.

Unless of course a talent scout finds me and wants to put me in Star Wars Episode 9.




28 thoughts on “YouTube Intro Part 2 haha”

  1. Can’t say I missed it in the first version, too focused on getting my head around you speaking! Have to say given the examples you showed I was surprised at the size of the figures, I thought they would be smaller for some reason. Oh, and a nice touch that you went for the black and white untanned look to save embarrassing us pommes and those of us who are ginger in particular! 😉.

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  2. Oh, this wasn’t the hobby video I was looking for..I’ll have to keep searching for man wears a cardigan hobbies…

    Nice one, man. Is that your music in the intro? Like it either way. Nice showcase of some of your work there in the end.

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      1. Nah, I didn’t take it as such. Just one of those things where I’m like “Oh crap, that’s me!” and I have a good laugh at my own neuroticism. I guess if you can laugh at it, you don’t have a problem. Right? Hmmm…back to leg #124B and mid-section #9993a2…

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