Kamikaze Kar – Ork Invasion Part 5.

Grots have grown on me. The little cartoony imps are full of character and cheekiness and are actually quite endearing in a violent kind of way haha.

A few months back I did a did Goblin airship – https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/2018/07/22/gob-bucklers-is-here-skyraiders-part-5/

This was my first go at little folk and I quite enjoyed it. So I thought why not add some little green, or in this case little albino, Goblin type critters into my Ork army?!

What better unit to put them in than their own Kamikaze Kar unit. These little white nutcases speed and blast their way into battle and then, when things are looking a bit grim for them and their vehicle, they’ll drive at full speed into the nearest enemy vehicle or structure and BLOW UP!

I’d had this old Ork buggy for a few years. Think it might have, originally, come from Gorkamorka not sure? It’s original occupants were two tiny Orks, which I didn’t like the look of at all, but they worked kind of well as larger Grots haha. All I did with the one on the right (driver) was do a head swap. The one on the left was trickier because it was an upper torso swap which, as you can see, looks a bit odd. The legs are too big haha. The issue was that the legs are part of the buggy mould so not easy to snip away. Anyway I think it’s passable but only just.

The Grots are glued into the Kar because, for the story, it’s their home, their sanctuary and they treat it, almost, like a living breathing family member. They live in it they die in it.

Silly me glued all the crew in before painting them so painting was more of a challenge than usual but turned out fairly ok in my humble opinion.

The actual Kar/Buggy was fun to paint and I tried a different paint chipped technique.

First I painted the whole body with Mithril Silver (old school GW paint) then I stipple on the red. Looks quite effective actually but I should have done more red. Then I washed the whole thing Agrax and then added more red and silver shipping on details like the rivets.

This vehicle is just one of quite a few for my Blud Letta’s Albino Ork army.



Remember, the show Drop The Dead Donkey? I used to watch it with Dad.

44 thoughts on “Kamikaze Kar – Ork Invasion Part 5.”

  1. Nice, I love the style of Grotz from the Gorkamorka era but the Ork Boys were indeed shite. Some cool character models though, like the scrap prospector. Since then I have been dreaming of a Revolutionary Grot Army. One day, still got the Red Gobbo and banner waver.

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      1. It is a bit I suppose – usually the green skin of orks contrasts nicely with red, but you don’t have that going on with the albino skin… Maybe go for some more colour on the Grot’s clothing, and hit up a buggy panel or three with blue?

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  2. Man, those old orks really were tiny, it’s crazy how close in size they are to the modern grots. You’ve done a great job modernising that old kit, I’m not a fan of the original model at all but you’ve turned it round in style, shows what can be done if you’ve got the will to do it!

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  3. Looking great, the colours are spot on!definitely Gorka Morka truck… I love the Grots, I loved them in The game… sadly I let my Red Gobbo go to a new home along with a pile of his chums 😱😱. I actually liked the Ork boys from the game, they fitted the trucks nicely.

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    1. Nah I’m just the guy standing on the front hehe. I had someone pull right out in front of me this morning on the pouring rain. I was tempted to show them how hard I can punch but I’m a peace loving dude these days. I just smiled and cranked up the music.

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  4. Very cool, it actually got me thinking what would be even cooler? Doing versions of all the character/cars from “wacky races” but with an IRO spin on them, here you have the “Ant Hill mob”, an Orc plane conversion would make a great “Red Max”, a “Killer Kan” would make a good base for a “Surplus Special” etc… Just an idea, feel free to ignore it/me.

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. The “Creepy Coup” I could see you having a field day with!!

      Oh and yes I remember “Drop the dead donkey” I always liked the idea of the chap who carried a child’s doll around with him to place on top of piles of debris to get the viewers “sympathy”.

      I’ll go now….

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  5. Looks pretty nice. A real Fury Road feel going on here, but as Alex said, it might do with a bit more colour. Maybe a touch of yellow on the buggy in spots (not much, though) would make it pop that bit more. I feel like the blue should be in the background, not on the model, if that makes sense? (just google “Fury Road” for the colour imagery that I mean)

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      1. Yep, you’ve got the hang of alternative WW2! Games like Konflikt 47, Dust Tactics and Gear Krieg! Normal WW2 troops and weapons plus walkers (mechs), supertanks, robots, rocket troops, sonic cannon, Tesla cannon, zombies, whatever you want! I need to get myself moving on this and get some piles of lead painted!

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      2. Ahhh I see. I thought it was a particular game. Have you ever read James Herbert’s book called “48” ? Absolutely brilliant if you like alternative WW2 gear. He’s my favourite author and that is one of his best. 👍🏼

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      1. There’s no difference between gretchin and grotz, bar the Gw naming conventions and gaming systems (40k and AOS respectively). They are basically both goblins. Snotlings are just their downtrodden smaller siblings (even goblins have to have someone to pick on!).

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      1. That would be too bad if they weren’t. I guess I’m wondering if Speed Freaks has rules to make up your own vehicles and such? Newcromunda has rules like that, so you can basically make any sort of gang you like. Pretty cool.

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