An old warboss returned – Ork Invasion Part 6.

When it pisses down here in the land of Oz I can’t work. Well I can do some internal maintenance jobs here and there but, generally, as I’m a gardener/landscaper 90% of my work is outside. Friday it poured down and usually I’d reschedule work for the weekend but my wife was working so I needed to be home with the little ones. SO what did all this mean? Well, as well as playing UNO, going swimming, playing mums n dads, helping with maths homework, listening to what they all want for Christmas and going to the tip I managed to squeeze in a fair bit of hobby time.

The first thing I did was go through all my many, many sandwich bags filled with miniatures to sort them out etc. I also planned on parting with a lot but alas only 11 will find new homes haha.

Then I read all about Lion Rampant. Which is a simple historical (Saga) type tabletop wargame which had a free PDF rule book to download. I’m determined to make this the first tabletop war game I actually learn properly. What inspired this? I’m lucky enough to be coming into some castle “stuff” which includes two castle sets and siege machines. PLUS a whole bunch of minis. I already have quite a few “medieval” type minis but this new injection of stuff has got me pretty excited. I’m also adding in some Lord Of The Rings (Gondor) minis to these armies. More on that soon.

While going through all my miniatures I found my first Albino Ork that I’d painted a few years back. He was part of a bounty hunter crew called The Scrappers which you can read all about here –

Scab-Givva is his name and he’s long since left the Scrappers and has joined up with his own kind once more. He’s no longer a warboss as he is quite old now but he’s still got some fight in him so he will lead the Konmandos. His sidekick was a little chap called Kaze (pronounced Kar – Zee) but he’s been dead for a couple of years. Fortunately Kaze has a sister called Suey-Side who filled the role as sidekick.

I touched up the painting and made them a little brighter.

Scab-Givva (Favourite thing about him is that his body armour is from a Space Marine Terminator)





Yes that’s right, it’s a little Grot flying a bomb. Why not aye?


Over the weekend I also, finally, made a start on my Praetorian Guard Army but more on that another time.

In my next next post I’ll be showing you guys the Gondor troops I’ve painted. Managed to finish 14 over the weekend but still have more to go which I hope to knock out today as my truck is in for a service.



Remember when John Travolta says the “C word” in Saturday Night Fever? I think it was the first time I’d heard it used in a movie.




















































23 thoughts on “An old warboss returned – Ork Invasion Part 6.”

  1. Can’t get my head around it raining in Australia. If we stopped working every time it rained we’d get nothing done. Then again thinking about it I don’t think we do! The lion rampant project sounds exciting and these figures look very good too.

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  2. Cool project…it took me ages to see the Gretchen riding the bomb, my internet was so slow that I could only see the preview picture. Then suddenly he swam into view. Totally wired, now that I can see him I can’t work out how I couldn’t!

    Liked by 3 people

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