A medieval tale – I

What was Camelot famous for?

Its Knight life.

Camelot is also where you park your camel.

Ahaha. Sorry, they’re the only medieval jokes I’ve got.

I’ve been wanting to start a larger scale historical type project for quite some time. I did convert and paint some Spartans but that’s about it for historical minis so far. Ever since I was a kid and watched movies like The Vikings (Kirk Douglas), El Cid, Warlord, Robin Hood (Costner), Spartacus, Ben-Hur (Heston), The Long ships and then later movies like Braveheart, Gladiator, Troy, 300 and Centurion I’ve had a fascination with sword and sandal eras and Medieval times.

So this new project has been a long time coming.

As is my way I’ll be forging my own path and nothing will be 100% historically accurate BUT they will all be historical miniatures. What do I mean by that? I mean French, Battle Of Agincourt, foot knights might be in the same army as Saxon Thegns haha. I’ll also be making up my own fluff/lore etc. This project falls somewhere between fact and fiction. There will also be NO conversion work, I repeat NO conversions, just building and painting for a change.

Soon I’ll be acquiring siege machines (Ballista, Trebuchet, catapult and other bits and pieces) and a castle which I’m very excited about. So this project will be quite epic.

When I was a kid a friend of the family built me a wooden fort which I played with constantly. Plastic army men, cowboys, knights and even Star Wars figures manned it at one time or another. A few years ago I built my nephew a similar one which he loved too.

There’s something quite cool about a castle, a bastion or fort. The battles through history, that have involved forts and castles, are fascinating. The tactics incorporated to lay siege upon and to defend castles were quite advanced for their day and extremely brutal. For example the pouring of molten metal/lead or boiling oil over the battlements onto climbing enemy troops!! Ironically the best tactic when attacking a castle was to just surround it and wait them out. After all a castle needs food and water to sustain the inhabitants.

I think one of the most interesting siege battles was the one at Chateau Gaillard in 1204 where pretty much every siege tactic was employed. The attacking French even crawled up an unguarded privy (toilet) chute to gain entry into part of the castle.


What I’ve painted so far are actually from The Lord Of The Rings range from GW. However I have minis from Perry, conquest, gripping beast and frost grave as well.

Pretty simple paint jobs will be given to nearly all the minis for this project. I usually prefer one off “character” type painting but there is something quite cathartic about batch painting. I put my music on and zone out for a while. Lovely.

These Gondor guys will, from this day forward, be known as the Red Shadows and break down into three units.

Archers (22 minis)

Spearmen (22 minis)

Swordsmen (22 minis)

Their leader is Godwin The Red who is not a king just a nice, brutal leader for the red shadows.

All the minis for this project are what, I believe is called, true scale 28mm which basically means they’re all in proportion. I usually paint hero scale minis which are a lot bulkier so these dainty little blokes were a bit fiddlier but still fun to paint. I really didn’t spend too long on each mini because they’re more for playing with in the game than show pieces. They should look quite effective on the battlefield though.

Heres what I’ve painted so far (haven’t based any yet) starting with Godwin.


Now some swordsmen.


I still have another six swordsmen to paint before I make a start on the spearman. Then it’ll be archers. After that  I’ve got a PILE more to do and more on the way!! Luckily the castle is Pre-Painted.

I’m not sure to which army the red shadows will belong at this stage. They may even be hired mercenaries or something.

The two, main, armies I’ll be building and painting are the Eumarians and Mortimers Crusaders.

For the Eumarians I’m thinking the colour scheme will be mostly Blue and Red. Something similar to this.


Mortimers Crusaders will be in Black and White or cream and touches of red.

I also quite like the orange and yellow English uniforms featured on Braveheart. Which might be for a third army.


So some some big plans, as usual haha.

As mentioned, in my last post, I’m determined to learn some rules that I’ve downloaded called Lion Rampant. I’m watching some demo games on YouTube this evening. My lack of attention span annoys me sometimes. For me it’s all about delivery. For instance, I find I enjoy striking scorpion 82 battle reports on YouTube more than a couple of dudes who have no personality what so ever and get so lost in their own game they forget the viewers haha.



Remember, I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day… when it’s cold outside… I’ve got the month of May…



45 thoughts on “A medieval tale – I”

  1. No conversions, only painting, castles and wargaming? Are you ill? Sounds like you’ve taken on a fare sized project but one you are excited about which is great. As always the main thing is to enjoy it. Very good progress so far that’s for sure. If you have a fat knight you could call him Sir Comference? Sir Render would be a ideal if you lose your first game? Only here to help! 😉

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  2. Ah mate this is right up my street. Sword and sandals, castles. Great stuff. My wife despairs as not only was she dragged round every castle by her dad when she was younger but now I do the same.
    I also love the Vikings movie and had been quoting from it this week as we are going axe throwing this weekend (it really is a thing apparently) but unfortunately there is no buxom lass whose braids are nailed up to try and cut to prove our manly skills! The Costner Robin Hood is a classic (if only for the spoon comment) but I also like the Errol Flynn version (and for comedy try the court jester).

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  3. The very best of luck with this mate, you’ve set yourself a mammoth task, don’t forget the scenery you’ll need some trees as well! (you can never have too many trees! I’ve always fancied doing Robin Hood myself (Errol Flynn era, showing my age now!), but using “Hat” 20mm plastic figures to keep it cheap (I’d have to convert a Little John figure as there isn’t one in the box set).

    Just another in a loooong line of things I’ll do one day!

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on with this, batch painting can be a real drag after a while, I might have been tempted to put off buying the next lot of figures till this lot were painted to give yourself a goal and something to keep up the impetus, but that’s just me!

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. This is looking good mate ! can’t wait to see the castle , the painting of the knights is really good how do you do the armour if I may ask ! when I do any it turns out pretty shitty ,may be its the paint I use, I only use the old Humbrol and Revell metallic stuff and it turns out a bit grainy if there is such a description ! .

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  4. “Didn’t spend too much time on these minis” – oh shush! Excellent work on these guys – very impressed. I’m really looking forward to seeing the siege machines too. Along a vaguely similar theme, I’ve got some Turkish siege mortars and cannons to paint coming up.

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  5. Very cool and love to see you getting historical. I think that Roger is correct, and that you can create some impressive terrain as well and that would be very interesting to see. Best suggestion to learn a game is go to a club if you have one around, or hell just start your own (I did!).

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  6. Thanks mate I’ve been meaning to visit Warhammer up in Ringwood and have been putting it of ,so no excuses now, of there tomorrow to get the paint ,will let you know how it goes down the track when I’m back into painting the guys again .

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  7. Funnily enough, although I’ve never been interested in painting historical miniatures myself, I’ve always liked the look of big armies of medieval models. I’ll be watching how this develops with interest. Good work so far, with a large number of troops there’s really no need to go to town painting every detail on every individual model as they’re generally going to be viewed as a single group. These work really well at that level, you’ve managed to paint a large number to a solid standard which is really the name of the game. Painting a third army in the style of the bad guys from Braveheart though – oh dear, sort you life out old son! 😉

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  8. Castles are cool, until you’re under siege and the enemy lobs plague-ridden bodies over your walls! Yea, same here, really enamored with them as a kid. Then I started to read about what real war was like, and man, it’s hard to fathom.

    Great start on the minis. Sounds like you’re doing a bit of speed paint on them. It always amazes me how a few spots of color can easily make a group recognizable as a unit.

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      1. LOL! Actually those movies made me want to get in on the action when I was younger. Because it made it look like you run around all crazy with big guns and get to tell off your enemies with with some quick one-liners!

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  9. Looks like a fun project you’ve set yourself up for. I’m almost tempted to do some more of my own Gondor guys, but if I do any historicals this summer it’ll be some WWII guys for my (super) slow-burn Bolt Action. I will say this though – Your greatest allies over the coming months are spray cans and the excellent spraying weather we’re entering…

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