Medieval tale II and other odds and ends.

I, very recently, acquired a castle. Yes it’s a miniature one but it’s cool all the same. In actual fact I acquired TWO of the same castles because, well let’s face it, two of everything is always better.

I’d seen a review on YouTube a couple of weeks ago on the castle by Striking Scorpion 82. One their sponsors is who have some really great stuff. Mostly gaming mats, of which I acquired two different types, but also resin terrain.

If you’d like to see the review here it is –

I’ve been absent for a bit due to two weddings, an interstate trip and a whole pile of work/jobs to catch up on. Here’s one I completed on Wednesday.

I added the pavers, put up the trellis and mowed the grass.

I’ve also been busy acquiring other hobby items some of which are for building trees. I figure that with my new medieval project I will need a shite load of trees. SO I’ve employed my middle daughter (11) to help me set up a production line of tree making. I’ve never made a tree before but thanks to TIMs tutorial on tree making found here –

AND a couple of YouTube tutorials I have a pretty good idea how I’ll be going about it.

The other day at the hobby shop I met a friendly chap who was very generous in advice and told me the trick with tree making is patience and practice. He said he guarantees my last lot of batches will be significantly better than the first batch.

We’ll have to see aye?

In other news I’m on the cusp of receiving a large order of “medieval” miniatures from Perry Miniatures, Conquest and Fireforge. I’m excited!! The two, main, armies will be vast. As mentioned in my previous post the painting won’t be perfect because there’s so bloody many minis BUT they will be at a good standard. Better than just passable but no Rembrandts. Did he even paint miniatures? Hmm I wonder who was the first to make and paint a tiny man? Probably a tin soldier or something.

Anyway that’s your lot for now I’m off to the fish mongers and to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Then I’ll be back at the painting desk pushing on with this might medieval project.



Remember. That story about the Tin soldier who only had one leg? That was my favourite story as a kid.

31 thoughts on “Medieval tale II and other odds and ends.”

      1. I’ve got (both of) the old Citadel ones. My plan this January is to paint up both of them as part of the upcoming Terrain Challenge. I’d originally hoped to do them last year, but, well, you know…

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      2. Just starting to catch up on stuff, so I’ll find that post and email you on the dwarves shortly. No chance of me ever selling the GW castles. I have the original (polystyrene) Mighty Fortress from the 1988 and the Warhammer Fortress from 1998 (with a few extra walls, etc). Both have been sitting around for a long, long time but their time is now. Well, next month.

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      3. Hehehe, you’d find that a little less straightforward than you might expect. Even if you were successful you might find something got amputated in the process. 👹


  1. Just watched the YouTube review – didn’t realise you were linking your own review initially – especially as thew guy on YouTube seemed nice and well spoken! 😉
    Pretty good – I liked the fact that you showed the pros and cons, including where the elements didn’t line up and the gaps rather than glossing over them.
    If I can offer some (constructive) criticism, it would be to shoot in Landscape mode rather than Portrait, as it makes the video *much* smaller on YouTube, and it’s always better to see as much as possible of the actual models/things being reviewed.

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    1. Haha he’s my nicer twin. I was only just today looking into portrait V landscape and I think because I’m so accustomed to watching things on the phone I didn’t realise or think about the big black lines. It’ll be in landscape from this day forward. I think any review should include pros and cons. When I was a sales Rep I always told the client the pros and cons. A good Rep can still sell a product but informing the client of the bad things too.

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  2. Nice review and I echo Azazel’s comments. I think you could easily build a section of stairs at the right scale to fit over and cover the little ones from gamemat. Lovely landscaping, makes me long for spring!

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  3. Nicework on the garden mate, I’ll send you a job list in the New Year! 😉 Just watched your video. Getting used to you a bit more now, not quite so weird seeing and listening. You are getting more comfortable with the camera on you it seems to me. Keep them coming, very enjoyable. 😊

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  4. Nice review, That is a rather nice looking castle, I’d have to repaint that portcullis in wood though, OCD!!

    Also it would have been nice if they had added a door on the two inner sides of the towers so you could enter then from the fighting platform areas of the walls, and they could have put the door on an angle on the inner corner so it wouldn’t be fouled by the wall.

    Now I picked they apart completely!! I just say, but yes really nice castle 🙂

    Oh and picking out the odd stone in brown will make it look loads better by the way.

    Lovely garden mate, you do some great work!

    Cheers Roger.


    1. I thought the same about the doors. I think Miniature Building Authority’s castle has doors you can attach or detach as needed for that very reason. I might just do that Re painting. Cheers mate. 👍🏼


  5. Great video there mate. Getting two castles seems like the best plan as it gives you a lot more flexibility as to the sort of set ups you can put together.

    Like the garden too. I could while away many an afternoon there with a book….




  6. All my early tin soldiers seemed to have only one leg! Then Big Corporation started producing models in plastic. And then a lot of their heads got accidentlally chewed off. Makes me wonder what I did to the tin soldiers!

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