War Boss #2 BludBasha – Ork Invasion Part 7.

Do you guys remember the Ork War Boss I built and painted a little while ago?

Here he is –


You may or may not remember that I built a second one not long after. I finished painting him over the last few nights and forgive the self back patting but I think I’ve done a pretty good bloody job of him.

Patience is not one of my virtues but when I do manage it I surprise myself. Taking your time on a model really does show. Correcting mistakes, using layers and edging etc. It all really does help.

I needed a break from the batch painting I’ve been doing for the Medieval Project and what better model to have fun with than this brute.

Here’s the fluff…

“Ahahaha look at dis peece of snot then!” Bellowed GutNut the biggest and baddest albino Ork in SmackBack Swamp. He glared down at the only green Ork in the klan. A young but stocky Ork called Basha.

Basha didn’t shy away from a fight and even though he was different from his brethren he stood up for himself. Today would be no different.

“You know wat I’m gonna do you lil bogey, I’m gonna bash your head so hard dat your brainz is gonna spill out your fat snout.” GutNut taunted and started to snort with laughter.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the young green outcast stomped so hard on the albino bullies foot that both Orks heard the crunch of toe bones. At first GutNut just stared at Basha in disbelief and then he wailed loud enough for the whole village to hear and come running. Basha didn’t hesitate and head butted GutNut in the jaw snapping it in half then he swung a hard left fist striking the big white bully in the ear and split it in two. GutNut fell to one knee not knowing what had hit him. His eyes narrowed and he grit his teeth and was about to retaliate when Basha charged at him head first and drove his solid cranium into the albino Orks chest. GutNut fell to the swamp ground on his back feeling like he’d just been struck with a mallet. All the wind was knocked out of his big chest. Basha was relentless. He leapt onto the winded GutNut and proceeded on raining down hard clenched fists onto the bullies head, neck, shoulders and chest. He didn’t stop. Even when the life had ebbed away from his tormentor he kept up the beating and the Orks around him cheered.

Finally, Basha stepped off GutNuts lifeless body. The young green Ork was now red with blood and the only white to be seen were his large teeth as he smiled broadly at his captive audience. From that day forward he was known as BludBasha.

I do like me some blood and oh there’s blood.

I hope you like him.


He was so much fun to paint. Even though it’s an Albino Ork Army I thought it’d be fun to have one Green skin in it and I like the irony of him standing out from pack.

There was also an agenda behind the green because I used it as practice for when I come to paint the German Ork Army I have built and base coated.

So that leaves one more War Boss to build/covert/paint and he’s a beast. 😉

Remember, that movie with Harrison Ford where he had to protect an Amish kid who’d seen a murder committed by Danny Glover. I hope this isn’t offensive but Danny Glover always reminded me of Moss-Man from He-Man. Or vice versa.



31 thoughts on “War Boss #2 BludBasha – Ork Invasion Part 7.”

  1. Really nice work on the Warboss (I’ll try not to launch into more “Screwed” jokes), the extra work you’ve put into him really shows! Batch painting does get you down after a while doesn’t it 😉

    Re: Moss man and Danny Glover….Bloody hell he does!!!! Danny should really get a collection box fitted to his mower 🙂

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Sorry I’m behind everything ,always bloody busy leading up to the Xmas break ! . Great job painting this one ,your enjoyment shows through ,as I always say I just love the stories ! ,your kids must have a lot of fun with a dad like you .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe cheers mate. Well in actual fact I told my five year old a bed time story last night about this wild rebel reindeer called Rudolf who was always doing bad stuff then after being arrested Santa came to visit him and offered him a job to get out of jail etc. She loved it and said she’d never heard that one before haha.

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      1. That’s the way to go mate ,my girls still love to talk about the way I read them bed time stories ,just a tiny bit different from mum ,like yourself I was a bit of key and they loved it ,keep it up mate that’s what kids live about dads.

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  3. Nice one, man! Always love seeing some Orks. Seems like there are a million different recipes for Orc skin tones too.

    This struck me as funny “Correcting mistakes, using layers and edging etc. It all really does help.”. Not so much the correcting mistakes parts, but the edging. I always feel like there isn’t a ton of difference between the base colored & washed mini, and the one that I have highlighted.

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      1. The part I do see a nice effect afterwards though, is weathering. I was adding some silver edge to a painted armor piece and immediately gives it a nice chipped/worn look.

        I’ve also seen pics online of people doing a really nice job with edging, so i likely just need to learn and practice a lot more.

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  4. As a fan of both Orks and Chaos I am naturally conflicted over this one… Nah, just messing, this is superb, as I as think I said when you showed the WIP using an impaled berserker rather than the ubiquitous guardsman really gives the whole thing some punch. Love the checked pattern on the armour, that’s something I still struggle with but you’ve pulled it off with aplomb.

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  5. This guy is very cool – I think you previewed a build of him in the past from memory. Odd that I hadn’t seen the other (painted) warboss but I had seen this guy. He looks very good, the chipped and worn armour meshes well with your style – though at this point he’s more of a little vignette than a “wargames model”. 🙂

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      1. Neither do I these days, sadly. I’m the guy who has to host and teach the games to my friends, and these days they seem more interested in multiplayer co-op videogames than tabletop stuff. I know there are clubs and such, but then I’d have to go out, travel, meet new people, work out who is actually cool and who is a dickhead… ehhhh….

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      2. Ah, they’re alright in my experience actually. It’s been awhile, but most people are ok. I think the biggest issue for me is really time. That and I’d rather have people come here to play since I’ve been working on tables and terrain and all the rest, but I don’t want randos in my house…

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