Christmas is fast approaching and here’s what I think about that!

At my 21st birthday party my Dad said to me, “That’s it now son, the years are going to fly by.” He wasn’t bloody wrong. That was just shy of 19 years ago now and a lot has happened since then. Like most people there’s been some amazing highs and some dismal lows but all in all it’s been quite a trip. I think life goes faster as you get older because there’s so much more going on.

My childhood looked like this…

Climb trees, play with toys, eat, go to school, get into mischief…

So not a whole lot going on.

My adult life is like this…

Run my own business, run the kids around, guide/love/help/spend time with the kids, be a good husband, fix things around the house, household chores, be social with friends, pay bills, play drums in a band, maintain my truck and tools, be an agony aunt for friends and family, stay fit and healthy, keep up to date with fellow blogger, write my own blogs, hobby stuff… Oh and get into mischief.

If you have a dull, quiet life I think time drags but if you live life in the fast lane then strap in. It flies by.

So Christmas 2018 is nearly here and I bloody love it but Christmas 2017 was only a few months back surely?

I think a lot of you may have picked up on the fact that I’m a big kid so Christmas time is still just as exciting to me now as it was when I’d lay awake on Christmas Eve trying to listen out for Santa. The only difference is that now I enjoy giving presents more than receiving them. I always thought that was crazy when I was a kid haha but now I get it.

My wife does most of the Christmas shopping but it’s tradition for me to head out into the crowds of “in the way people” who always seem to have their mouths wide open while they stare at shops and choose some bits and bobs for everyone. We say that these gifts are from “Santa”. Usually I can’t stand crowds and shopping centres but one day a year I actually quite enjoy the hustle and bustle. I like how everyone is in a good mood. I find myself behaving like James Stewart at the end of “Its a wonderful life” saying Merry Christmas to everyone.

Today was the day for me to do my annual shop and I had fun. I’m very much and in and out kinda guy so I usually formulate a plan of what I want to get each person beforehand. Today was a little different though and I went freestyle.

Pretty much every year I get my wife a piece of clothing and pretty much every year there’s an awkward moment with the female shop assistant who asks if my wife is about their size. “Err no she’s smaller actually”. From that point forward the mood changes and they are not as smiley with me haha. This happened today again. Sighhhhh…

Another awkward moment arose when I chose some perfume for my 11 year old daughter. The sales girl sprayed it on her neck and asked me to smell it. Whhaaaaat? I sort of did an awkward lean in and smelt it from afar and just said “yeah that’ll do cheers”. Haha.

Generally all went well until I was in a toy shop and knocked over a stand of transformer toys with my shopping bags haha. I just coolly said “who put that there?” and then melted back into the crowd. I just wish I could have dropped a smoke grenade instead. That would have been ace.

As far as presents for myself I never ask or want for anything really. I don’t know why? I get presents of course but I guess I’d prefer to just go and choose some hobby gear myself. I’m not into “stuff” for the sake of it. Does that make sense? I’ve met people, many people, who just buy, buy and buy all sorts of stuff and I don’t see the point. As I get older the minimalistic approach to consumption is becoming more and more appealing. For instance I’ll be cleaning out my wardrobe later today because I just want a few black T-shirt’s, a few white, maybe a couple of Star Wars ones and that’s it. Same with pants and shirts. Why do I need so many when I only wear a third of them? I want to start applying that theory to a lot of things in life. NOT THE HOBBY THOUGH hahahaha.

I reckon I might put one more medieval post up before Christmas but in case I don’t I’ll wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.

I hope Santa unloads his sack allllllllll over you.

Remember, What’s the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa?

Santa stopped at three hos.

Ho ho ho


47 thoughts on “Christmas is fast approaching and here’s what I think about that!”

  1. As for life going so quickly. an old lady – probably younger than I am now – told me that once you’re over the hill you speed up! Gotta laugh at that, it is so true.

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  2. Thanks for the post! I’m very much looking forward to Christmas, some of my favourite time of the year. I really get your point about getting loads of stuff – at the moment what I need (and the world needs) is less junk! For the last couple of years we have shifted more towards gifts like coffee and chocolate – that never go to waste – as well as movie tickets and the like. They’re fun to receive, useful and don’t clutter up the place 🙂

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  3. Merry Christmas mate. Everyone needs ninja smoke bombs so maybe ask for them for Christmas? The perfume story is super awkward 😂 I love (hate) when stuff like that happens. And minimalism and miniature wargaming are sadly incompatible.

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    1. Cheers man. Tell me about it. I was looking through my lockers this morning thinking wow I have so much haha but here I am already thinking about possibly more genestealer gear for 2019 haha. Crazy. I’d pretty much live like Ben Gunn from Treasure Island but still have lots of minis.

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  4. I was watching a vid a week or so ago about how a lot of people buy a lot of unnecessary crap at Xmas and stress themselves out over cost, getting the perfect gifts etc and we so it is better to limit what you get.
    I’ve sadly turned into my dad and if I want anything I will just buy it so become a nightmare for gift buying but I’d rather family just get pressies for my daughter anyway as she just reaching the age where she’s getting really excited about Xmas. The joy and laughter of putting the star on the tree this morning was brilliant.

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    1. One of my favourite things about Christmas these days is when we all go choose a tree, put it in my old truck, bring it home and decorate it as a family. Then it’s my job, while I still can, to lift one of the girls (they take turns each year) to put the star on top hehe. Good fun. If it was all up to me I’d ask each daughter and the wife what they really, really want and just get that. Should be quality not quantity but then again if I got 1000 miniature soldiers for Christmas I’d be happy haha

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  5. I’m a Christmas fiend too. Strictly because I LOVE giving people presents and eating good food. This year we’re doing it a little bit different and heading to family across the country for the holiday. I wasn’t bummed about not decorating until I started seeing all the sweet Christmas stuff in shops. Oh well, we’ll make up for it next year! Hope your Christmas is fantastic!

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  6. Dude, you gave me a bit of a scare when you started talking about clearing out stuff. I had to stop reading. Who clears out hobby stuff? What kind of people would do such a thing?

    Ok. Only old clothes. That’s fair.

    Happy holidays!

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  7. I remember my dad saying the same thing but like a lot of things our parents say when we are younger we have to grow older to really appreciate them. If you think time goes quickly at 40 then wait till you get to your 60s!

    Like you I much prefer to give than to receive. Sounds corny but in truth there is far more pleasure in it, especially if you get the perfect gift. Apparently I’m difficult to buy for but oddly I think I’m by far the easiest, they’re just not observant and don’t love me enough!

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  8. Sadly as you get older the time for mischief seems to diminish to next to nothing….

    Not an xmas person really. Although having the nephews around makes it worthwhile (nephew related update- the oldest wants to get into warhammer so I said in the holidays I’d take him into town to get some stuff).

    Hope you do have a good xmas though, given you’ve lived in the UK how long did it take you to gety used to having it in hot weather?



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    1. Ahh nice one Re the nephew. Mate I was so excited to be able to play outside all day on Christmas Day that it took no time at all haha. Mum struggled with the heat for a couple of years but now she and dad have moved up north where its even hotter and more humid. They love it.

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    1. Thanks Marky Mark. You have a great one too. I think there might be a medieval update before the big day because I’ve nearly finished a whole bunch. Then there will be the wrap up for 2018 post.


  9. The missus and i will be working all the days of the festive season 24-27 so there wont be presents. We had our version of it on the 8th. Hope you have a good one mate thanks fir the post, your santa vs tiger woods had me in stitches

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  10. Great post mate ,so true ,I feel you are starting to take over from Dave in giving me the laughs I always love ,it must be the Pom in you as I have always found your mob can really hit the funny bone ! .loved your castle post they look really good ,I’m still trying to glue mine together ,I might have said it but the super glue /bicarb trick has saved me heaps as there are a heap of gaps in my model castle ,and thanks for the paint tips the colours work really well . If I don’t talk soon have a great time with the kids and the wife over Chritmas and enjoy that glass of port ,yeah and enjoy the Blue it’s so good ,beats Dave’s Stilton !

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      1. I just loved Richard Wilson in One foot in the grave ,Funny thing in all my time I’ve not been close to anyone famous ,but on our last trip in 2014 we were in a pub in London and low and behold there he was at the next table ,being a cool old guy I didn’t ruin his night! I just said to the old girl look behind you ,and boy did that did get an OOH! .

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      2. Haha that’s cool. It was such a great show full of comedy gold but also laced with some really sad drama. Remember the episode when the builder buried him in the garden and put a plant pot over his head haha. Or the one where the whole episode was of them in bed trying to sleep and everything just kept going wrong hahaha. I’ve seen and met a few celebs but one I saw when I was visiting England in 2008. I went into a cafe for some brekkie and there was Clive Owen sipping a coffee and reading the paper. Same as you, I left him alone.

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  11. I think they should have Christmas in the summer when the shops are quieter!!!

    I do love Christmas though, only two things I don’t like about it are, I hate surprises! I would much rather buy my own presents and get exactly what I want and nothing I don’t (just about got that sorted with the family now, after 30 years of marriage), and My wife loves surprises so I have to try and figure out what she wants without asking her! (still haven’t figured this out, and probably never will!!!).

    Apart from that your off work and you can eat chocolate and cake from breakfast and nobody says anything!! what’s not to love!

    Cheers Roger.

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  12. I love a good cull. Unfortunately, I love buying gaming and hobby stuff even more. Cull 5 old t-shirts, but 10 more new cool ones with designs I really like. After a few regrets from the past, hobby stuff doesn’t get culled at all anymore – but you can guess that doesn’t stop me buying (way too much) more!
    As for Christmas shopping, aside from the odd trip to the local JB/EB/BigW, I do it all online now. I hate crowds even more than I hate …crowds. At least there aren’t many to buy for these days. Misanthropy has it’s benefits!

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