H’tiek and the Chieftain Part I – “The Chieftain”

Dorn Grarl, Chieftain of the Mordaqriel Tribe was born to be a leader. At the age of seven he watched as his father and family were slain and then devoured by a nomadic tribe of warring cannibals. He spent the next 17 years tracking each one down and tearing them limb from limb.

Then Dorn joined the Mahktatian army and fought with the golden land gods agains the Red Terror that threatened to burn all the home lands and enslave its people. The war was long and bloody but Dorn rose through the ranks quickly, proving himself in battle time and time again. His comrades and leaders spoke of him as a legend. He would eventually lead the final onslaught and won the war with but a few warriors left at his side.

After the long war Dorn returned to the home lands where the people began to call him Masparè (warrior god) and sang songs about him. He had protected them and in turn they made him their Chieftain and devoted their lives to him and worshiped him. Dorn continued to watch over the people and seemed to possess powers never seen in men before. He could predict things. He could see into your soul and he was immensely strong. Dorn Grarl feared nothing, no man, beast or god.

Then, as fate would have it, he was to cross paths with H’tiek…


Dorn Grarl.


Years ago, for my mate Keith’s birthday, my best mate (Warren) and I wrote a story for him called H’tiek, which is Keith backwards. It was all about a lone barbarian warrior, H’tiek,  who never spoke, only screamed his name, and waged war on just about everyone. He was an antihero. It was a lot of fun to write. The other night Warren gave me the idea of doing a diorama for H’tiek so this, Dorn Grarl, is the first piece/part for the whole thing.

I hope you like him.


He’s a large miniature, which is a bit of an oxymoron and yes I do love that word haha, 75mm in total which I think is 1/24 scale.

The next photo is to indicate just how big he is as he’s standing next to a standard 28mm zombie from GW.


Have a great Christmas gang and remember to tell the people you love the most that you love em.




35 thoughts on “H’tiek and the Chieftain Part I – “The Chieftain””

  1. He looks awesome mate! Can you tell me the company who makes him? A very merry christmas to you my friend and I think you should head over here for your birthday next year so we can undertake the holy pilgrimage to warhammer world and have battles of such grim dark nature that songs shall be written and souls scared for life. Any way just putting that thought there. Enjoy the holidays!

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  2. Beautiful paintwork there mate, love the eye patch too Nick Fury of the Hyborian age!!

    Oh and do you think he knows one of his skulls is trying to eat his knife?

    Have a great Christmas, and brilliant New year! cant wait to see what horrific visions you bring to live then 😉

    Cheers Roger.

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      1. I did indeed, they arrived safe and sound. Thanks very much again – I’ll be putting them to good use shortly. Thought I sent you an email about it but maybe I just dreamed it? Hope you and family have a fantastic Christmas (indeed if I’m correct it is Christmas morning with you already – so Merry Christmas mate!)

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  3. Fantastic work here – the sculpt looks amazing, but more impressive if your painting. You’ve really improved a hell of a lot (in a non-condescending way) . The overall palette is great, but the flesh tones (especially on his left arm), the fur and the distressed metal look really nice!
    Oh, and Merry Christmas to you, your wife and your daughters!

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  4. Sweet work man! What color did you use as the base for the skin tone? I find I’m constantly to find the right tones that match what’s stuck in my head. Like the back story, reminds me of when we used to play RPGs. Trying to get people to play and then give their characters a decent name was always a challenge. It was usually something like “Mike”. “But your name is Mike! That doesn’t really fit this SciFi game…”. Then one day a friend finally comes up with a name “Dren”. “Nice! That sounds like a good SciFi name!” “Cool, it’s NERD spelled backwards!!” *groannnnnn*

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      1. It’s an awesome name, that sounds like something straight out of Star Wars.

        Ah yea, I think I’ve heard people using Dryad Bark before. Also Rhinox Hide and Doombull Brown, which is what’s in the Citadel paint app. I think the hardest part with dark skin is the transition to the brighter highlights. Something I’ll just have to keep practicing on. Thanks, man!

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