Ok here we go…

2019?????? Wow.




I made made a Hobby New Years Resolution.

“Finish at least one project completely.”

Easier said than done for me because I am so easily bloody distracted but ITS NOT MY FAAAUUULLLLT… but it is.

The joy of finishing a project is so exhilarating that I need to remain focussed on that. I think the only one I finished last year was The Lady Of Decay and the Garden Of Unearthly Pleasures.


Right so I thought I’d put up this list which is really for myself as a document, a permanent reminder that I have so many projects on the go that I need to tick them off haha.

My Grand List Of Projects (disclaimer: I’m not saying I’ll get all these finished in 2019 but at least one of them I will).

1. The Mighty 77th Cadian Battalion. Just needs some artillery, a recon/scout/commando unit and a couple of sentinels.

2. Purge Cardinals. Everything is built so I just need to paint it all.

3. La Carnival Macabre (Gypsy army). Not too much left on this one, just painting more minis. (A dozen or so).

4. The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Need to paint The Bad and The Ugly.

5. Blood Rain Cultists. (Chaos Cultist army). Adding two small platoons of Renegades almost finished one lot of the Renegades.

6. Creeping Death. (Ork hunter army). All minis made but I wouldn’t mind building a sandbag bunker/fortress for them. ie “Hell Town”

7. Techno Barbarians. Still adding minis and bikers to this army.

8. Da Blud Lettas (Albino Ork Army). Still need to build more vehicles plus painting minis.

9. Storenfried. (German Ork Army). Still need to build flyers and vehicles and paint everything.

10. The 701st Royal BannaRoff Guard Army. This one isn’t too far off being completed. 1 platoon of of heavy infantry to paint, some mounted and dismounted dragoon’s and a troop carrier vehicle.

11. 31st Praetorian Guard Army. Pretty sure this one won’t be completed because I have to really start it. I’m excited about this one though. For those of you not familiar with Praetorian Guard, think 24th foot Rorke’s drift in the future.

12. Tau army. I have all I need to build quite a nice army of Tau and have an interesting idea for the paint scheme.

13. Blood Reaper Army. Haven’t touched this one in quite a while. All minis are made but have no paint at all.

14. Medieval Project. HUGE project. I’ve built probably half, maybe a third, of what I plan on having and there’s a whoooooole load of painting to do.

15. Outgard. Everything is built but lots to paint.

16. Ash Waste Nomads. Not too much more to paint.

17. Sky Raiders. Still need to build and/or refurb ships plus finish painting minis for all the pirate gangs.

18. Mordheim/AOS28. All minis built but need painting.

19. Tom O Bedlam’s (new army) I’ve only made and painted a few minis and a couple of cars.


I thinks that’s it? Haha.


Not a very interesting post haha but a useful one for dammit!

Youll like my next post though I promise haha.

Id like to leave you with this picture of me when I was about six. Let’s see if you can guess which one is me hahaha.






48 thoughts on “Ok here we go…”

  1. The bottle.

    Also, do this one first. Two models. Set yourself the challenge of getting them both done this month, then move onto the next closest-to-completion project.
    >>> 4. The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Need to paint The Bad and The Ugly.

    Maybe this one…
    >>> 3. La Carnival Macabre (Gypsy army). Not too much left on this one, just painting more minis. (A dozen or so).

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  2. A Tau army? You really are a man full of surprises! Good luck with these and I fully agree with Azazel’s advice, pick something straightforward, concentrate on it and get it ticked off. Also, try breaking things down into smaller sub-goals (rather than tackle the whole project start with just doing a few models, then a few more and so on). Maybe try the something-every-month trick (might work well for the big mediaeval project). I also find setting a few mid-year goals helps. Rather than trying to get everything done by the end of the year try to get half of it done by June. The greater the time pressure the more you’re focused, but the greater the work load the less your chances of success. Aiming to do half the task in half the time means twice the pressure for half the work, so a much higher likelihood of success (in my experience). Good luck!

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    1. Oh and yeah, I’ve surprised myself with the Tau army. They’re like a cleaner, nicer, manga version of the Guard haha. All of the things I don’t usually like in my grim world but hey my guard and everybody else has to shoot at something haha.

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  3. You have to have a list so good on you for putting one together. Key of course is delivering against it as you say but I’m sure you can make a serious dent in it with a little discipline!!! I’m going for the blond kid. I reckon you like playing with yourself and that’s what he looks like he’s up to! Looks like the photo was taken in England. Can’t imagine you having a Union Jack up on your house wall in Aus.

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    1. Ahaha nailed it mate but that’s actually my Union Jack phone cover on the right haha. I do discipline well when it comes to a lot of things. Eg work but the hobby for me, like music, has always been without restraints. Therefore trying to reign it in and be more focussed will be a challenge. I like challenges though.

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  4. I have to agree… the blonde one with the large bottle 😉. A mighty list indeed. I would go for the bad and ugly then you can relax having fully met your goal of finishing one project. I can’t do lists, it drives my wife up the wall, she is a list person whereas I am not. I look forward to following your progress this year.

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  5. Definitely the bottle kid.
    I had to make a list like this to remind myself to work on book series I had started, liked and then not continued with. It worked well the first year, not so much the second lol. But don’t be like me. 😛

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  6. Bloody hell!! you have a lot of projects on the go.

    The one I’d like to see finished is the Medieval one, but a couple of the others might be easier.

    Oh and have you worked out yet that when you pee in a bottle you should aim for the top not the bottom yet? 😉

    Cheers Roger.

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      1. Yes and some of it is even related to figures and games!!

        If I’m honest all my projects are ongoing, I don’t think we ever really finish any project there is always another figure/building/army/tree/river/etc…. that we would like “to add at some point”, some we never do and the get sold on, or whatever.

        Trouble is as a wise man once said “Wargaming is like sex! We spend a lot more time thinking about it than doing it”.

        So very true!!

        Cheers Roger.

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  7. Best bit of advice I got for deciding what to paint next is to go for the least amount of painting that would get you a game quickest….

    It ios what I use to decide what to do next.

    Looking forward to what you come up with throughout the year- there are some great things on that list.



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  8. I don’t do lists as that way feel bad when I get so little done , and I might be mistaken but both you and your mate are holding bottles ! , and are you using the bottle because you lost your air guitar ! .

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  9. I know you already said you’re the one with the bottle, but I was hoping it was the one on the right who looks like he has a ciggie in hi mouth. Good luck with the projects – I’m not brave enough to list my list of projects that might be near completion.

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  10. Good list. I’ve found the key to getting through the list is to not start anything new and to switch between the various projects on there as the interest takes you. That’s what I did with mine last year and it worked really well 🙂

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      1. Yep, with any list (project), either truncate it down to smaller parts or chip away at bits at a time. For a hobby where time doesn’t necessarily matter, I figure it’s all progress. As long as stuff isn’t getting shelved and never returned to. Though even that, was likely a learning experience in some way. “Geez, that didn’t work!”

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