Mordheim Nightmare Part 1

I’ve been enjoying my painting blitz thus far for 2019 but, alas, my real passion is converting miniatures into what I want them to look like.

Over on Instagram #mordheim2019 is kicking off in quite a big way so, despite me trying to NOT join in, like any good old fashioned addict I joined in any way haha.

I’ve never played Mordheim but I’ve read a lot of the fluff and I like the fact that you can come up with your own warbands.

I’m aiming to build/convert/paint a total of four warbands.

1. Cult of the possessed

2. Witch Hunters

3. Bretonnian Knights

4. Mercenaries (The filthy thirteen)


Here’s what I’ve built so far for the first warband.

“Cult of the possessed”.

Doth Magus – He was fun to build. I really like the hooves and head choice as well as the stance. He looks quite menacing.


Carpathia – She’s quite ghostly looking but, at this stage, I’m not sure if she is a ghost? She was the first I made for this collection and was one of the most fun. Let’s see if you can guess where her skirt came from?


Darksteed – I ummed and ahhed over the head choice on this one for a couple of days. Is it someone wearing a severed horses head or some mutated beast? Or does he just look like Mr Ed? Haha. These were the things I deliberated over haha. Finally I decided to just go for it and my thinking is that it was originally worn as a  macabre head mask but then, over time, it has mutated and fused together with the human head within.


Biest Gott – A fairly simple but “thinking out of the square” conversion. The head of the beast is made from two separate heads. See A and B. The spherical cage is from another model I saw years ago and at the time I had the idea of using it as some sort of macabre head cage. Like a muzzle for a large monster. I’m really pleased with it. The body of the beast was untouched apart from cutting off one of the demonic heads protruding from his right arm. I feel the original model lends itself quite well to the Mordheim aesthetic so I just “enhanced” it a little more and made it a whole lot scarier hehe.

The two separate heads I joined together.

A                                  B

The “A” picture was actually cropped from this lovely photo of this very well painted miniature from Wudugast.


See his original post here –


Rumlar the black – This chap was tricky. Bits choices were easy. I was after a gladiator type feel and feel he has that but the tricky part was angling the legs and arms. I’m still not 100% happy but I’m happy enough to say he’s done.


Icas Everbleed – Probably my least favourite of the bunch but I do like his head and it ties in with the possessed vibe quite well.


Crimson Zul – I wanted a barbaric/convict/escapee looking addition to the warband and I think Zul is all those things. The drum and big drum stick were an afterthought and a very happy one. I enjoy working with chains and have done on several conversions now.


Heliot – The face/head conversion was a little tough to get right but I’m pleased with the outcome. Hi sweetheart mutated left leg was also rather challenging.


I’m thinking at least one more member for the cult of the possessed in the form of a mage or something.


Thanks for reading.


Remember, Fred Savage?








34 thoughts on “Mordheim Nightmare Part 1”

  1. Fantastic (mad) stuff once again! I actually really like Icas Everbleed, where is his head from?

    Great work on Doth Magus, any chance of a parts list used for him? I tried to build something similar in the past but kept getting stuck, you’ve inspired me now so I might go back to it though.

    Biest Gott – excellent work, great idea with the head. I’d leave the cage off though if I were you, makes him look a bit top-heavy (and hides the face which you’ve absolutely nailed perfectly).

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    1. Hehe cheers man! The head is from one of the riders of the Mamak from the middle earth range. Doth Magos has the legs from one of the beastmen in the Blackfortress kit. The torso is from a Tech-Priest. The arms are from the chaos knights kit and so is the horse head. The shield is from the Blightkings and the tip of the spear is from one of the blight drones. I think that’s all hehe. I’m undecided on the head cage. You’re right, it is top heavy but he’s a big boy too. Ideally it’d be good if it was a bit smaller but then you’re also right as it does hide the head and I like that head. Hmmm decisions decisions. Maybe I could always have it as removable and he only wears it when not in battle haha. In case he chows down on one of his own comrades.


      1. Up to you dude, but for me, it’s the size, weight and ‘sense’ of it that jars…

        Something with much thinner bars is needed just around the mouth area if you really want to suggest a muzzle of some sort mate – I’d use thin wire & Greenstuff to make it 😉

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  2. Those are some pretty cool conversions. Love the faces coming out the back of the cloak type thing.

    All very impressive.

    Apros of nothing – I might be having my first Mordhiem game with weekend.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Pete. I’ve tinkered with faces on shields in the past but this looks better than the first attempts. I’ll be painting the shield to look as though it’s covered in skin. I was chatting with Wudugast about Mordheim and we are really hoping for a re-release. Hopefully in plastics so I can cut them all up haha. Probably wishful thinking though I’d say. Have fun with the game and put up a report if you can man

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that’s a good thing mate. I like to keep people guessing. It’s a weird, wonderful, colourful and sometimes very dark place in my mind. Imagine if I DIDNT have this job as an outlet now THATS a scary thought!


  3. Thats some creative thinking, man. “Doth Magus” is a pretty awesome name. Icas looks pretty awesome, but I would lose the hat for something else. Wow, took me a long time to figure out what you were talking about with Biest. Guess I was a bit confused with the shot of Wudu’s mini. Got it now, though. Quite a bit of work there, grafting the mouth on!

    What head did you use for Carpathia? I’m always on the lookout for some good knight mins for a possible Blood Bowl Brettonian team (someday!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks fella! The head is from the Bretonnian Knights kit which is out of production now from GW but you’d find them on eBay or Amazon. Hehe you don’t like the helmet on Icas??? Why not. I think it gives him a little quirkiness hehe. What would you suggest?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks man, I’m guessing the scale of the old knights would look off with the new Blood Bowl models. So, I’ll keep looking and looking.

        The hat looks a little too goofy to me. I was trying to think at the time though, what would work better in its place? And I’m kinda out of ideas on that one. I guess they have horns normally? Maybe some antelope style beast man horns? It probably also depends on how it gets painted up. With the right colors, probably just fine.

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      2. GW mini scales have been all over throughout the years. Not having a huge history with Warhammer, I find something that fits is sadly hit or miss for me. Though I’m really particular about scale, so that’s the first problem. I think the last thing I bought was Grombrindal, thinking he would work as a Blood Bowl Star Player…arrives in the mail, and #$%! too small! Like I said, hit and miss, but I keep trying minis across different lines, and reference sites that talk about scales.

        Yea, since you have the mini in hand, you’re going to know what looks best on him. A full helm would be lame. A flowing plume of feathers might be interesting or a small frog/beastling.

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      3. Hmm I like the plume idea. Scale has always been a bastard. It makes me laugh how many forums there are out there talking about it. Then a noob (like I did) asks the question, “so what other scales work with games workshop stuff?” The whole world sighs and the saga continues haha.

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      4. LOL! Yep, I imagine there would be a huge discussion about it across just the GW games. I know with Blood Bowl, scales changed throughout the years. It gets kind of ridiculous when you pair up two minis that should be the same, and as my toddler would say “That one is the Mommy, and that one is the the Baby!”.

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    1. I like nefarious too but I would have also accepted fiendish or ungodly! Thanks man I’m pleased you like what I’m doing here. Tonight I might post up the Bretonnian Knights. They’re all built too now but nowhere near as nefarious as these chaps.

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  4. Awesome work! 😀 I actually think Icas is pretty cool, too. I can imagine him loping around with that creepy, lanky body and I think the head piece is really neat. Reminds me of a plague doctor’s mask. 🙂

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