Polar – Movie Review

What’s that? You don’t like blood, violence or sex? Ok here’s your care bear and blanky now go sit in the corner and make a daisy chain while listening to nursery rhymes.

Look I won’t lie to you this movie, Polar starring Mad Mikkelsen (what a great name) is well over the top with blood, violence and sex but it’s great. What makes it great is Mads. He is one cool, calm person. Without him in the lead role the film would have struggled to be anything more than a gore movie.

The movie is adapted from a dark horse graphic novel of the same name. I think dark horse also did hellboy. Not 100% sure though.


The story is a basic one but one I was engrossed in.

Mads is the worlds best hit man and he’s facing retirement. He’s owed a lot of money in the form of a retirement payout by the bloke that hired him, played by Matt Lucas of Little Britain fame, for many years. Well, as you probably guessed, the bloke decides to kill Mads instead of paying him out. Assuming the old hitman doesn’t quite have the same edge as he used to he sends in a younger crack team of hit men and hit ladies to take the old dog out. Assumption is never a good thing especially when you’re dealing with an old dog, they can still give you quite the nasty bite.

Of course I won’t spoil it for you but, like with most films of this ilk, the outcome is what you will expect.

The fight sequences and gun battles are really quite entertaining and I found myself saying “Jesus!” Every now and then.

The actors all play their parts well but Ruby O Fee, Matt Lucas and Mads Mikkelsen definitely steal the show.

Ruby O Fee plays Sindy who is this crazy, sexual enigma who relishes in all the bloodshed.

Matt Lucas is a well over the top, cartoony but nasty villain straight out of a comic book.

I drew some parallels with Kill Bill Volume One but generally I found it to be quite unique.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie for a quiet Sunday afternoon with your loved ones. I’d say watch it on a Friday or Saturday night with a few drinks and snacks by yourself or with likeminded twisted mates haha.

So if you’re after some good old fashioned bloody action be sure to strap yourself in for this one.

Here in Australia it’s showing on Netflix.

3.5 stars out of five.

Heres the trailer



PS. My first job today was rescheduled so hence why I have some time to review a movie haha.

18 thoughts on “Polar – Movie Review”

  1. Haha, this is the type of movie my wife would totally enjoy on a quiet Sunday afternoon. She lurves the action movies!

    Hellboy is actually from the 90s and it looks like Polar was released in 2013, so ya missed it by a few years. Dark Horse Comics is right here in my hometown, btw!

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    1. Honestly it’s cool but if you’re expecting a political drama from the 18th century you’ll be bitterly disappointed. Haha. It is what it is. An extremely violent, graphic, sexy action movie. I think you’ll love Mads though. There’s a very dark humour scene with a dog to look out for too hehe.

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