Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 2

Progress on the island has trickled along. I feel quite encouraged to keep chipping away at this project.

The other day I achieved three things for the island.

1. I pointed THE MAIN CHARACTER for the whole island/project

2. I painted Emperor “Pick Your Bones Apart” – Leader of the French contingent of the island.

3. Built, base coated and then highlighted a laser cut MDF Church/Chapel/mission from Sarissa.


Lets start with the Mission


I call it Saint Jades, named after Sister Jades (another character on the island) mother by the same name who was one of the first settlers on Saint Kristos. Sister Jade (senior) helped build the Mission, tried to educate and convert the Pygmy inhabitants and when that failed had them slaughtered or sold to slavers.

Its the first time I’ve built one of these things. I’m not really into building model kits generally. I mean as in planes, ships and buildings. As you know I much prefer to make them my own way but for this project I’m going to keep things simpler. Mostly because it’s such a big project and I don’t want to get too bogged down.

It was quite fiddly but also quite fun and easy to build. The instructions were a bit ambiguous but the kit itself is fairly straight forward so I sort of winged it.

The walls will remain a murky white but the roof will be terracotta and I’ll add other details like the timber floor and brickwork around the base of the tower.

Its also bigger than I thought but a really nice looking building and should suit the overall theme of the island.

As you can see I accidentally broke the crucifix BUT I kind of like it. It’s sort of symbolic to the debauchery that goes on on the island hehe. I just don’t know how to make sure it doesn’t break any further. Any ideas on how to strengthen it?


Next we have Emperor Pick Your Bones Apart.


Best EYES I’ve ever done in my humble opinion. Usually I’m quite SHITE at eyes haha.  Here’s a close up


 Love this metal sculpt and fell in love with him about a year ago when I first discovered the Freebooters website. He oozes character and I love how he is a bit short, dumpy and pompous. As mentioned he’s in charge of the French contingent of the island which really just consists of a small rag tag army called The Rag N Bone Guard.


Last we we have the simple shepherd boy Asif who, as it turns out, is not so simple. Despite the fact that there are murderous pirate captains and a devious and cruel Governor it’s Asif the shepherd boy who is actually running the whole show. He is feared and revered by all on the island. He is shrouded in secrecy and, despite his humble appearance, is the wealthiest soul on the entire island. He has his fingers in all the pies and rules the Island with an iron fist. Just about everyone on the island either works for him or owes him. His trusty Sheep is called Conan the BaaahhBarian 😉


Not too much else to say apart from they were fun to paint and I feel good that I’m chipping away at this HUGE project.

Remember, the silent comedy movie called The Plank? Brilliant.

If you haven’t seen it give it a go.




32 thoughts on “Saint Kristos – Pirate Island – Chapter 2”

  1. Looking great, those eyes on the emperor are very good indeed. I reckon with the cross you could add something to support the top, as if it had fallen onto it. The other option is to use a piece of bent wire in both bits and then glue them back together

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  2. Great work there mate. Love the emperor but that shepard boys would get my attention in a game… he does he report back to…?

    Given that MDF is quite porus I’d be tempted to just put runny superglue into the break to stiffen it up, it should soak in well enough.



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  3. Nice as always mate and agree with the others regarding the shepherd boy, nice little figure. As for the cross you could a) pin it as already mentioned, b) make a new one using match sticks or left over MDF from the Sarissa sheet the building would have come in or c) square off the broken piece and stick it in a bit of shapped Milliput as the base instead.

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  4. Nice work on that church – looks great to me, though like you, I’m not an expert.

    Yep, great eyes! The emperor of course has my approval – love the power stance. The shepherd boy definitely has something very, very sinister about him and wouldn’t want to mess with him or that sheep.

    Bring on that rag and bone guard. I have this idea in my head that they’ll have a bugle player that sounds something like this infernal din on a rag and bone man.

    Finally – fixing the cross – a big blob of glue. Probably best trust the other suggestions first, though. I will say I kind of like the broken cross aspect best. It suggests a story behind it and makes for nice icon for a mixed up island.

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  5. Great eyes mate ,well-done I don ‘t even try unless it’s late at night and I’ve had a few and that generally means a paint over the next day ! ,What ever you do with the cross don’t do it until you have completed everything else !! I speak from experience ,anything that sticks up gets broken of every time you reach over to do something else . The number if times I broke the mast off the river steamer would beggar belief ! .

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  6. Sorry mate forgot ,just like old guys do!!! ,I just loved “The plank” ,that’s what makes you and your fellow countrymen so unique ,brilliant humour ( I can’t live without it ) , I can just hear the old IMP now saying Oh F…. k, I hope he is not going to mention that he is pis….. g himself again !! AHHH .

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