The Battle Of TobrORK

“On wrongs swift vengeance waits”  – Unknown Minsitorum Priest.

After the bitter and embarrassing defeat at Orks Drift just four weeks ago The Stouthearted 31st Praetorian Guard sought revenge of the bloodiest kind.

Their troops were rallied and reinforcements had  arrived in the form of a squad of Praetorian Militia as well as a small  detachment of troops and Dragoon’s from the 701st Royal BannaRoff Guard. A recon team was sent forward to sniff out the stinking Orks.

Orks marched through the ruined capital city of Denizen Mirr. Jovial and still buzzing from the victory at Orks Drift, they failed to see the trap that lay ahead.


General Wellesley, Supreme Commander of the 31st Praetorian Guard, who rarely stepped foot on the battlefield, decided he wanted to be home in time for scones and a glass of port or twelve so he decided on a swift and no fuss tactic.

However, Orks were not to be underestimated and even though Wellesley’s officers advised him to not split their forces he ordered his beloved 31st to dig down on the left flank and forward flanks of the main road of the city. He also positioned his two snipers up in the higher levels of the ruins. The militia squad would follow up behind the Leman Russ Tank while the 701st would position themselves on the right flank. Wellesley would stay well away from the battle (see pic below) with LT Daniels on vox-comms and Private Williams as his bodyguard.


Wellesley also ordered the Battle Russ to attack the Ork column head on from the front.

This battle could either play out very, very well for the Guard or end in total bloodshed.

Orks were renowned to be able to dig/slash/shoot themselves out of tight jams. Usually by causing absolute havoc and carnage. They didn’t play fairly or by any rules of war.

In the first pic below you’ll see the lay out of the city with the road curving right through the centre. You’ll also see squads of guardsmen dotted around and the Orks marching up at the back.


Below… Captain Flatley (named after Michael Flatley due to his uncanny rememblance) watched his corner for the first sign of the Albino monsters.


The two suns of Denizen Mirr were high in the sky and scorched the earth and decaying building below. Sweat dripped off the soldiers of the 31st, as they lay in wait for the Ork scum, and sizzled as it hit the sand.

The first surprise for the day was how the Orks came marching down the road. Instead of any civilised and orderly column they moved forward like a pack of animals. They also had flanking squads on left and right. A looted tank had also shown up as well as some twisted and chunky iron robot thing?

Out of nowhere, two volleys of lasrifle shots came blasting out from every corner of the city at the Ork mob.

It was game on.

A dozen Orks dropped and were dragged to the back of the pack for consumption later in the day. Bad meat is better than no meat!


Captain Flatley, (He was Captain Kal Jericho) saw the Orks keep moving on with their march and he didn’t hesitate in opening fire and did a little fancy pirouette as he did.


Unfortunately Captain Flateley failed to hit anything. However on the other side of the road the, newly named, sniper called Jerico put a well aimed shot right into Warboss ScabRotts thick neck.


The wound didn’t kill the brute so Jerico fired again but his nerves got the better of him and his shot whizzed off and hit a ruined wall. Angered by such a brazen shot ScabRott pointed at his looted tank and then at the Praetorian sniper. The commander of the tank knew what his boss wanted. The sniper gulped as the canons on the Ork tank thumped and the poor guardsmen was reduced to nothing more than a bloodied smear across the ruined walls.

From the onset it was clear this battle was going to be fought on three fronts. Left flank, right flank and right down the centre.

The Praetorian Tank, commanded by Bromhead, came thundering down the main dusty road of the city. Bromhead has always been a little wild and willing to get stuck in. The first thing he got in his sights was a Grot wagon “FIRE” Bromhead shouted down to his gun crew. They’d been with him a long time and knew exactly what he wanted before he even said it. BOOM the shell burst from the canon and hit its target right on the nose. The explosion sent the little Grot wagon and its crew sailing into the air, engulfed in yellow and white flames. It crashed down just yards away from the Green Dragoon’s. That was their que to come charging out and, lead by Captain Maurice Deuce, they headed straight for the bulk of the Ork mob.


Just as the dragoon’s passed the flaming wreckage of the Grot wagon the Ork tank spotted them and opened fire. The explosion killed one of them but the others pushed on defiantly.

Meanwhile a small skirmish between Captain Flatley, a few of his men and the Orks stalking down the right flank was underway. Flatley dropped one Ork after another with his laspistols and then when it came to hand to hand he faired just as well, much to the annoyance of the Orks. He did, however, sustain a wound to his shoulder which he simply laughed off and did a little tap-shuffle which inspired his men. Flatley truely was a hero amongst men!

Warboss BludBasha decided to take on the dancing blonde dandy in hand to hand combat but was slain surprisingly easily by Captain Flatley.


The Green Dragoons fired at some Orks in the front lines of the mob but missed so they decided to trot off to the left flank and go after Warboss ScabRott instead.

Scabrotts surrounding troops attacked the Dragoon’s with much vigour and a tough hand to hand battled ensued. ScabRott was shot to pieces but, sadly, Captain Deuce fell when an Ork Axe split his head wide open. Two other Dragoon’s fell as well leaving only brave Lumiere to seek revenge for his fallen brothers.




Lumiere shot down a couple of Orks but wanted the one who had shot Captain Deuce. The sneaky albino freak had climbed on top of a ruined building but Lumiere simply but skilfully galloped up a broken wall to put a shot, point blank, into the face of the murderous Ork.


The Ork tank manoeuvred up further along the left  flank and opened fire on LT Burrows and his squad of Praetorian Guard from behind with devastating affect. All of Burrows’s men were killed in one blast and the Lieutenant was left with a nasty head wound. As his heart filled with rage and courage, and armed only with his Sabre and lasoistol, he turned to face down the tank heroically.




What Burrows wasn’t aware of was the fact that the Praetorian Tank had reversed behind him to take aim on the Looted Ork tank.



It was a tank off which the Praetorian Guard tank won, blowing the Ork tank to smitherines.

Seeing a gap on the left flank now that the Ork tank was destroyed, the 31st Militia charged ahead on a seek and destroy mission. Unfortunately as they rounded a corner of a ruined building the squad was hit by a barrage of fire from the Orks large rusted robot.


Like with Burrows’s squad all the Militia were annihilated apart from their commander. He fired back at the robot but his shots just ricocheted off the thick iron armour.

Luckily, once again, the Praetorian Tank came to the rescue and landed a very well placed shot on the mechanical monster destroying it.

Things were starting to look a little desperate for the Orks but the fight wasn’t over yet and they were about to play a card that could potentially turn the tide of the battle.

They all heard the loud and distinctive buzz of an Ork flying machine in the air first and then came the unmistakable sound of whistling bombs being dropped.

The first bomb all but wiped out Captain Chards squad killing him, Sergeant Lead Fist and many troops. Luckily and thankfully Colonel Mitchell, who had tagged along with Chard, survived the explosion with a couple of troops and they all hastily retreated.


The second bomb hit the sand and failed to explode.

The third bomb hit some ruins and blew them apart.

The fourth bomb failed to explode as well,  made by Orks unfortunately.

The fifth bomb hit Flatley’s squad and killed everyone apart from the dancing Captain.

He charged at the nearest Orks, shot down one and went into hand to hand with another three. As they were some of the last Ork brutes left they fought ferociously and after a long slog they eventually hacked Captain Flatley to pieces.

Lumiere, the last Dragoon, charged into a small group of Orks and killed all of them without breaking a sweat. Then, when he saw Flatley fall, he took aim and shot down the last few Orks ending the battle.


The battle was over and the 31st Praetorian Guard had quenched their thirst for revenge but at what cost?

Many men had died, including Captain Deuce,  Captain Chard, Sergeant Lead Fist and the great Captain Flatley. As well as many brave infantrymen and militia.

However, a victory was a victory and despite the bloodshed the men of the 31st and 701st revelled but they’d forever keep out a watchful eye for any payback that might come their way.

In the grim dark of the future there is only war.



Uncanny resemblance-






32 thoughts on “The Battle Of TobrORK”

    1. Hahaha I hoped and kinda knew you’d spot it. You’ll see more when I showcase the Militia in a separate post. Not my finest work (for the flag) but, clearly, it was recognisable hehe. It was a great game. A bit more intense than the prequel and I’m always happy with a win but it’s not essential of course. Lots of fun is essential though.

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  1. Now others who have commented thus far have bought into this being a write up of a proper war game, not that I would personally have a clue. However, I think the dice which appear in an early shot on the table are for affect only and what we are really seeing here is you playing with your soldiers on your own whilst most likely making gun firing noises as you go. In others words you playing at being about 8 again. In any event I think you had a bloody great time, made up a great battle narrative, took some excellent photos and only stopped because you were told to come and get your tea! Great stuff.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Haha. Well, you’re sort of right. I’ve never played a “proper” war game as I have never learnt all the rules so we have some basic rules and make up a whole load of other ones as we go along haha. I also do have one friend who humours be coming round to play, however when mum shouts that it’s dinner time he has to go 😕 FML

      Liked by 4 people

  2. None of the horses are allowed to die. They’ve just fallen over because their stupid riders were slain and they’re about to get up again and run away to safety.
    (This is a story I’ve told myself every since I was little and watched western movies.)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. The militia – green coats / white crossbelts / black tricornes = the business. The green dragoons are a real pleasure too, the poor, reckless, foolhardy beggars…

    Such a shame so many had to die – but justice was served. And we were all entertained!

    Great footwork from the flamboyant Flatley, not to say marksmanship, by the way. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. An epic battle with some great photos (and your write-up was great fun as well). I tried loading this on my WordPress app on my iPad and it crashed each time – my guess is that the number of pics might have been a data issue, which is a shame if that was the case. Came through fine on my PC. Loved seeing your desert mat (which I use as well). I only wish that you had more shots of the robot, but that’s me. Well done IRO.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks mate and that’s a shame it crashed. I do like a lot of photos hehe. The reason I didn’t take too many photos of the robot thing is because it’s not my paint job. I bought it at a market last year and it’s paint job isn’t that good. Now I have it out on the work desk I should be prompted to paint it in the near future. Then, lots more pix to crash you iPad with hehe. 👍🏼

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  5. “Bad meat is better than no meat.” Haha I love that you always come up with extra details like this for your battles and fluff pieces. 🙂
    Awesome battle post. I really like that little bot guy with the red flag. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha It’s all in the little details for me. I love that kind of stuff. 🙂
        And I agree, the robot definitely has tons of character. When I saw it I imagined him being steam-powered for some reason with really jarring clunky movements. Maybe brassy/copper kind of tones? You’re the painting genius so I’m sure whatever you come up with will be awesome! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Genius is a looooooong stretch love.

        Hey I’m about to send you the latest version of Stumpp. It’s still only a demo but it has vocals now and the words were written by my mate (bass player in the band). Listen out for the howling hehe.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Nice! I am so glad you let me know via comment that you e-mailed it or I would have totally missed that! I’m really digging it and it’s coming together really well. I love the howling, btw! Nice touch. Very fitting for the song! 😉
        Thanks for sharing it with me. It’s been cool seeing the song take shape. 😀

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