YouTube Post – Gaming VS Modelling

Hello gang.

Can you believe we are already into the second week of 2019?? Christmas seems like a distant memory now haha.

Ive posted another video over on YouTube  so if you need to kill fifteen minutes or so and fancy a laugh go check it out.

Love to hear/read your comments as always.


Have a happy week.




19 thoughts on “YouTube Post – Gaming VS Modelling”

  1. The video is not available to me for some reason – strange. Perhaps it is because I’m not trying to watch it in the second week 2019!

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  2. Saw your video and I think you raise some interesting points. As you know, I find GW figures interesting to look at, I also find that their marketing (while obviously successful), limits our hobby. Too many have your exact same reaction, and recreating codexes and rules every few years allows for turnover of inventory, but does little to grow the hobby. You returned to the hobby at the same time as I did, and I would recommend that you try some new stuff run by others. A good game should be fun, where you get to enjoy your buddies figures and/or share your own. Your recent battle post is a great example! As you asked for feedback, I do have some advice to you as to learning rules vs playing etc. I believe you need a con! Look for a number of local cons that occur infrequently. That way you can put it on the calendar and plan for a gaming immersive experience. There will be a GM that, like me, welcomes new players and aims to give you a good time. And, with all you do so very well, you could eventually run one of your mad scenarios as a GM yourself. It’s fun, and last Saturday I had 9 players for WaT (post upcoming). Most were newbies, and by the end of the game they were completely comfortable with the rules and the scenario. All thought it was fair to both sides, and that is so awesome. As an example of a con, here is the current game list for HAVOC-

    I have to believe that there is something like this in your area. Trust me, most players will play these games for the first time. And note that there are no GW games, but many many genres. Sorry this is so long, but your hobby and gaming skills need to be set free to a far wider world my friend!

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  3. Enjoyed it mate. Not something I can offer any advice on but looks like Mark may have pointed you in a worthwhile direction. Maybe you need to set up identical boards like they do in chess and then you could play Mark long distance via skype!

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  4. Great vid mate… I am a bit like you in that I am mainly painting and crafting and apart from the Role play group that has just restarted then the last time I played anything was probably May last year. I did have a day’s competition and our Games day, but nothing apart from them. As for GW, I went off them long ago for the fantasy and 40k… basically when they pulled the plug on Mordheim and Necromunda. I use the LOTR stuff for the One Ring campaign. My Goblins are the original Goblins even though the campaign takes place 5 years after the battle of the 5 armies… none of the Peter Jackson inspired nonsense.

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  5. Great video. You are right though it is easier to be taught rather than to teach yourself.

    Mark’s advice is the same as what I’d give you: find a local convention or a club.

    I’d offer to teach you myself but distance would be a factor…

    Nice to find another James Herbert fan too. I love Rats but my favourite is Fluke.



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    1. Fluke was brilliant! My dad suggested it and said it’s quite different from all his other work hehe. Maybe you should come to Australia for a visit haha and then teach me all you know. Not to sound too mushy but I reckon we’d get along in the “real” world.

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