German Örks – Der Störenfried – Part 3

Two more flyers for Der Störenfried.

The first is a “StÖrka” A Kamikaze Dive Bomber.

“Tod Von Oben is Death From Above”


On the first flyer I showed the other day Backtothehammer suggested some nose art. See the eyes? That’s my first attempt haha. You can check backtothehammer out here –


The second flyer is a very old FÖrka


I built the FÖrka all the way back in 2015 so all I did was improve the paint job on the plane and the crew. I also added the Örk the tail and the Ork skull logos too.

Heres a group shot of all the flyers for Der Störenfried so far. More to come.


Hope you like them.

Remember, Sharpe? I’ve never seen it but I’ve read all about it and I’d really like the DVD collection.




23 thoughts on “German Örks – Der Störenfried – Part 3”

  1. Stonking work mate! The rope holding the biplane together is glorious. This is some of my favourite stuff from you so far – and that’s saying a lot considering your consistent excellent quality stuff.

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  2. Those are really great- the rope twisted round the wing is inspired. That and the expression of the pilot in the first plane too.

    I’m a bit concerned that the Imparial Guard will be slightly out gunned with no aircraft or air defences of their own though….



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  3. Those are brilliant!! love the Fo’rka that is a great conversion full of character!!

    Top work sir!

    As for Sharpe, I’ve read all the books (actually I’ve read everything Cornwell has written), and seen most of the series, the books win by a country mile IMHO, the “Winter King” series is a great read too as is his new “Warrior” series (I wont watch the TV version of this as I think it will spoil the mental imagery I’ve built up of the characters).

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. Superb stuff – what kits does all this come from? Clearly a kitbash extravaganza bonanza, especially the biplane. Reminds me of the plane in Waterworld, all held together by bailing wire and chewing gum as the expression goes. Some of your best work IRO! (And that’s saying something!).

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