New YouTube – Gaming VS Modelling Part B


Hi gang

For those of you not subscribed and/or not aware of the latest video upload from yours truly, here it is…

This weeks episode I continue on (and on and on) from last weeks video about gaming VS Modelling but focus more on the Modelling side for Part B

In next weeks episode, I’ve had a shave and bang on about photographing miniatures. It’s not really a tutorial more of a “this is how I do it and it seems to work for me” sort of video.

Stay cool and remember Cassette Tapes?



14 thoughts on “New YouTube – Gaming VS Modelling Part B”

  1. Right, I’m still playing catch-up with these videos, going to have to go back and watch part 1 now. What was the tune you had playing at the start as you drove off? Not the kind of thing I usually go for but it sounded decent. Also, is any of your music up online? Would be curious to hear it.

    As for the modelling you sound a lot more organised with your storage of bits than me. My filing system is just a big box full of bags of bits which usually produces whatever I need but only rarely spits out whatever I was actually looking for!

    It’s interesting (and I think you’re quite right) that you can split the hobby now into people who want to play the game (buy a kit, build it, paint it – maybe, stick it on the table and go) and those who kitbash crazy models. When I got into the hobby (which I still think was about a decade ago, but must be longer because I’ve been saying that for a while) lots of people were kitbashing to create models for units which had rules but no miniatures. That was back when the rules writers at GW would go “hey, we have an idea for a unit, it’s in the codex now” and the miniature designers might, or might not, get around to making a model for it someday. Obviously this led to a proliferation of third-party companies, various court cases as GW tried to protect their IP, and now GW only write rules for things that have models. It hadn’t really crossed my mind until now but when I started out lots of gamers were kitbashing whereas now they don’t need to, yet at the same time there’s been an increase in the profile of people kitbashing and converting just for creativity’s sake and not to represent something from a codex or rulebook. I was kitbashing units for armies and one day it struck me that I’m not actually playing the game with any of these so why am I struggling to fit within the rules when I could just let my hair down and do whatever I wanted?

    Favourite kit – I’m going to have to get back to you there. When I started, definitely the flagellants, to the point that I now tend to avoid it now to force myself to branch out. Not sure what I’d pick now though, there’s so much choice these days!

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    1. There is a lot of choice on bits and kits these days. It’s almost daunting haha. I remember when I first got back into the hobby and kitbashing like a mad man and Alex asked why I’d put some insignia with a certain model and I was like errrr… it just looks good haha. I like Lore but don’t kitbash within the confines of it. I like gaming but don’t kitbash within the confines of that too. We have a bit of music here and there in line but my mum just posted a song on YouTube that I wrote for her. Warren, my best mate wrote and plays the music I just write the words and sing. It was one of our popular songs but quite different from the rest. If you’d like a CD I’d be happy to send one for free. I was tempted to send one I. The last beastman package haha. The song I’m bopping to is Groove Armada “Get Down”. I’m not massively into electronicy dancy type music but this one is ace and Groove Armada in general are pretty bloody cool.

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      1. Mate, that’s bloody good! Yeah, send us an album – I’ll pay you for it though. I’ll drop you an email 🙂

        As for the modelling, I still try to remain within the lore – or at least have a reason in my head for why I’ve done things if I do break the “rules”. Fair play to those who don’t, it’s just that for me the background is the key thing that hooked me into these universes and the only thing that comes close to matching the miniatures in terms of my enjoyment of them. I’ve read so many codexes, army books, black library novels, etc that things jump out at me when they’re “wrong” – hypocritical I know because I’d like to be a champion of absolute freedom when it comes to modelling! It does make me sympathise with those who say “You can’t stick that part there, the codex doesn’t allow it!” (as Roboute Guilliman once said to Saint Celestine…) but like I always say, the rules change all the time, cool models are cool forever. 😀

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  2. Another great vid mate, and a little poignant for me at present, I love what you do, keep it up remember you are living the dream for both of us now 🙂

    I do like your vids I listened to this latest one while I cleaned out the fishtank!

    You have great taste in music too.

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Cheers man. Don’t goooooo!! I don’t understand and maybe there’s more to it but I think you should stick around and stick to what you love. PS I uploaded another video late night actually. I’m on happy pills in this one haha so maybe clean the fish tank again! 👍🏼

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