“And thanks for all the fish”

Help me talk Roger into staying with his blog. It’s always fun and very interesting to read. Let’s not let him slip away into the never never. Let’s pursuade him into sticking with it.

Follow him, like his posts and comment. He’s a great bloke and we need more like him.



Rantings from under the Wargames table

I thought I’d better share with you out there in the “Bloggo’sphere” why I’ve been somewhat AWOL for the last few months and to lay to rest the kind concerns of a couple of you who have E-mailed me over my absence. I can begin by assuring you all that reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! (Who said shame!!?) Back at the start of the year I hit a bit of a milestone birthday, rather like Marc Bolan and a certain tree! And this has set me to thinking about life and the hobby that has taken up so much of my time over the last thirty (and a bit) years, and what else I’d like to try before my final slow decent into the grave.

A while ago I came across a post on a fellow bloggers site informing the world of a cancer that was driving…

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23 thoughts on ““And thanks for all the fish””

    1. The comment was the seed that got him thinking of chucking it in. I just don’t want him to go haha. I enjoy his posts a lot so I guess, selfishly, I want him to keep at it. I guess this is my attempt at reversing the negative seed in a hope that he will keep giving us more awesomeness. However, if he chooses to still call it quits and pursue other things I promise not to stalk him haha.

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      1. Ah, I see… makes you think though – what happens to orphaned blogs when life moves on? I guess they just disappear if the bills don’t get paid… that is a sad though :-/

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    1. One musing I’d suggest, something I’m thinking about for thw youtube is “the shame of it all” the stigma attached to painting miniatures or playing games with them. Maybe, just maybe…… we could do a phone interview or something?!

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      1. Haha you’re one ahead of me as I’ve never used it. Oh hang on I did have a sales meaning via Skype once and couldn’t hear a word the boss was saying. I just smiled and nodded and hoped for the best. I could always do the same with you haha.

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  1. I have followed Roger for a while and posted my thoughts there – as long as what he does is what he wants to and not what he thinks that he ought to, that’s fine. I hope he stays blogging and painting though.

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