Techno Barbarians – Korsch Clan Part 3.

It actually feels like a while since I’ve painted anything as I’ve been busy with YouTube. It’s actually quite time consuming. Time that could be spent painting haha.

To be honest I’m still not 100% sure about YouTube. I quite enjoy the chat, albeit to myself haha but still much prefer the interactions on here on the blog. Only time will tell if I choose to stick with it.


Bit of a departure from the immaculately dressed Praetorian Guard and German Orks today as I fancied having a break from Red and Green. However it will only be a small departure as I am determined to stay on track with my approach to the hobby this year which is making more of a concerted effort to finish things rather than start new things.

GeeeeeeeeWizzzzzz it’s been quite a while since I’ve even looked, touched or thought about my Techno Barbarian Project but after watching Mad Max Fury for the Billionth Time (yeah yeah I’ve been told a gazillion times not to exaggerate) I was inspired to build something.


I think, by his face, you can guess which Mad Max character inspired this build.


I’m quite fond of his robotic left arm and the menacing weapon. He certainly looks like a mean prick.


Quite a straight forward model to build with minimal cutting, carving and scraping. No green stuff and no bicarb and glue. I don’t do too many miniatures holding a weapon aloft but this position worked for this guy and I’m now tempted to make him the leader of the Techno Barbarian Clan.

What do you guys think?

Is he leadership quality? I’m really happy with his head crest and the hazard stripes worked out better than I expected. The decaying and flesh stripped carcass hanging from his belt was an after thought but it works well to show off his size as well as his brutality.


Like with most of my projects there’s lots to do and one idea I’ve been toying with, for this army, is a battle of wagon/truck too.

Anyway that’s all from your Imperial Rebel Ork today.



51 thoughts on “Techno Barbarians – Korsch Clan Part 3.”

  1. As the only figure shown I’m happy to think of him as being leader material 😉

    I actually like this guy quite a lot and think the pose is great. Very nice paint job as well, particularly like the yellow/black shoulder stripe work, neatly done.

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      1. Masking tape. You can buy really narrow width stuff but it can be a pain in the arse to put it on fiddly areas. After that I can only suggest practice followed by more freehand practice. If you can get them looking OK with the use of a magnifying lens then you can be sure they will look good to the naked eye.

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      2. I agree with TIMP, masking tape is great stuff, and I like that you can get it in varying widths for different purposes.

        I do like the hazard stripes. Maybe they aren’t exactly straight and neat, but then again he doesn’t look like the sort who would really care about such things that much, but then you never know.

        The girl who probably was tasked with painting them on the shoulder piece while likely a talented mech/artist in another life probably only had five fingers between both of her hands in any case. If Five Finger Sally weren’t just do darned good at what she does they probably would have cooked and eaten her long ago. But who else knows how to keep that stupid mechanical hand working and not attacking Doctor Mean Prick of the Enormous Axe every time it gets a firmware upgrade….

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    1. There’s another new movie you might like called Rambo mate hahaha. Fury Rd is awesome! I’m still a massive fan of Mad Max 1 and 2 but Fury Rd have the franchise a lovely boost. They’re currently working on the next instalment. Glad you like the Barbarian. It won’t be a massive army but should look pretty cool when complete.

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    1. Haha cheers man. I guess it depends what the next one I build end up looking like. If he’s meaner and more dominant looking then he’ll have the spotlight. The next guy I plan on painting for this army is a Champion though.

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      1. Aye, that’s a challenge I know all too well, you build a leader that you like looks as mean as can be, and then you build an underling that looks even meaner. Looking forward to seeing what else you do with this project (you know I’m a sucker for a tech-barbarian).

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    1. Do you like cars that look more like monsters? Are you into post apocalyptic themed anything? Do you like traditional cat and mouse style movies (I’m not talking Tom and Jerry, more Terminator V Sarah Connor), do you fancy either Charlize Theron or Tom Hardy, do you have a soft spot for really pale bald blokes? Well then this is the movie for you love! I have the sneaky suspicion you’ll dig it.

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      1. I think I’ll like it, I just hardly ever sit down and watch movies. I am slowly getting better at it. I watched The Dirt on Netflix this weekend and the husband and I watched Into the Spiderverse last night. I just kind of forget about Mad Max, probably should fix that though. My answer is yes to every single one of those questions except the pale bald blokes one lol.

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  2. That is a very cool figure, “You, you can run but you can’t hide!!!” loved the original Mad Max movies (well three was a bit…. hmmmm ) but have to say I didn’t like fury road at all, 2hrs plus and the story consisted of….lets drive out into the desert, and then drive back!!!! alright I didn’t expect “War and peace” but come on! Also I don’t like Charliase Theron or whatever her name is, don’t know why but I just don’t.

    Chevrons are a paint to paint, never used masking tape, but I have found it handy to paint on the lighter colour first, then dot in the start and end points of each darker line to check the spacing before adding the lines themselves so you get them even(ish), used a similar technique on shields when adding crosses (especially curved ones).

    Oh and did you know that Mad Max 2 is one of the few films that have brought a tear of real emotion to my eye? it’s the bit when the “warrior woman” gets shot on the top of the tanker and then gets dragged under the back wheels (damn I can feel myself filling up just thinking about it!).

    I’ve met her in real life (Virginia Haye), never told her that though 🙂

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Well it’s been nice knowing you but piss off… how can you not like Fury road???!!! Nah, each to their own mate. I loved everything about it. My best mate and I went to the Mad Max museum in Silverton a few years back which was ace.

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  3. This model is great, and I’m really digging your painting! Seems like you got that Blanchitsu down, being somehow messy but accurate at the same time. I’ve also recently become interested in the techno barbarians and thunder warriors, having read the Horus Heresy books and some other lore. You’ve got a great take on the barbarians!

    I too love the Fury Road, watched it 3-4 times! Definitely do a truck of some sort for these guys!

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