Two YouTubes one of which is a Please Help Save a Blog!!!!

Earlier I reblogged Rogers (Rantings from under the wargames table) EXIT/DEPARTURE post. Then, feeling so strongly about not wanting to lose him and his great blog I did a small video you can see here –

Lets get behind this old school loony tune and pursuade or convince him to stay with it/US!


The other night I also put up this video about photography. I don’t know what I’d drank or eaten but I was pretty bloody hypo haha.



Check em out (if you can stomach two doses of IRO) and, please, encourage Roger to stay on the blog and to keep posting!!!!






17 thoughts on “Two YouTubes one of which is a Please Help Save a Blog!!!!”

  1. Just watched your YouTube post on photography. A worthy subject which reminded me that backdrops is something I still need to look at more. Best YouTube yet I reckon.

    Oh, by the way, sorry for driving slowly in front of you! 😉

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  2. Oh IRO, what have you done, what have I done, who am I again…senile old git that I am!

    I am extremely flattered that you would take the time to do this, and by your re-posting of my post. So much so that I will be posting a bit more information about whats going on towards the end of the week.

    Though the offer of a pair of your old “budgie smugglers” will not be required thank you, though strangely my own “superhero”” costume also consists of a paint of leopard print “speedos” though I wear these on my head as a mask, and my hero work mainly consists of running away from the police! so perhaps the adding of a second pair might not be such a bad idea after all……

    Cheers Roger.

    Oh and I love that vid on photo’s, your vids are great, like talking to a strange friend on the phone, exvept you cant get a word in edgeways (so actually exactly like talking to a lot of my friends on the phone!!). 🙂

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  3. Great videos both… I know my photography could be much better, the thing is though I find it is something I can’t get that excited about, that and if I get too good at it it will just show up my shoddy painting….



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    1. 100%!!!!!! You’re not going anywhere love. Haha my sarcastic American accent isn’t some suggestion that Americans are sarcastic it’s just my go to accent. That and a bit of Scottish and/or Indian haha. Hey by the way I’ve been listening to last podcast on the left and I absolutely love it. My favourite episode (only listened to 3 so far) is about retarded serial killers haha. They went off on a tangent and suggested one of them (Henry) has a fat – vagina – like belly ahahahaha. Brilliant

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