Taking stock

No I haven’t been stealing from the supply cabinet.

No im not doing stock checks.

What I am doing is taking stock on my hobby and, to be more precise, my online presence.

I started this blog in early 2015 with some trepidation. Now, nearly, four years later I’m still loving it. It suits me and my lifestyle. I like that I can write as much or as little as I like. I enjoy taking and posting photos of my work and most of all I like all the interactions with you lot, my extended blog family hehe.

So, for now at least, I’m still very excited about the blog and looking forward to many more years of it.

About 18 months ago I opened an Instagram account. Predominantly for inspiration which has been great. I have a good healthy following and I follow many wonderful pages BUT I’ve come to feel like… “what’s the point of it?” Sure there are likes and comments but no real conversations like on WP. No real sense of community either. It’s also become a bit of a habit to scroll through, robotic-like. I feel that this isn’t productive or creative and I end up feeling like I’m just wasting time. So I will be backing off Instagram in a big way. I follow my daughter on there too so it’s good to be able to keep an eye on her and I will have a look see from time to time but, generally, I’m calling it quits on there.

About six months or so ago I opened up a YouTube account. The idea was to share my thoughts and ideas on there in a hope to have another creative outlet and an interactive platform where I could chat with other hobbyists. Even though I’ve enjoyed doing the videos I’m feeling, again, “what’s the point?”. I know I’m sounding like a real negative Nancy but it’s just that these extra social media things take time. Time that I don’t really have to be honest. Any spare time I get I’d rather be creating instead of talking, liking, commenting. WP ticks the boxes for all those extra things.

Ironically or is it hypocritically (?) another reason I’m backing away from these social media platforms is because my best mate and I are going to be doing a joint podcast.

He already has his own, which is brilliant. Very highbrow haha. Here it is.


So, in conclusion…

1. I’ll be ceasing all YouTube video uploads indefinitely.

2. I’ll be backing right away from Instagram.

3. It’s business as usual with this here blog.

4. I’ll be starting a new podcast with my bestie. This podcast will cover everything and anything and will be called “Fly on the wall.” More info on that when the first episode is done.

Thank you to those of you that followed YouTube and/or Instagram and I hope you continue to follow me on WordPress and, eventually, have a listen to the new podcast.






36 thoughts on “Taking stock”

  1. I totally get what you’re saying, I quit Instagram after the new year and for some reason feel so much better for it. I seemed to just absorb what other people did and rush my own stuff, not much fun as it turned out.

    On the plus side I’ve been able to focus on my blog more and do a bit more world building.

    Looking forward to seeing your creativity continue to flow!

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  2. Yeah, I’ve never joined Instagram and I’m quite glad of it, facepuke and its associated platforms are a bit of a scourge. I’ve pretty much left twitter too for exactly the reasons you’re describing, just wasting time scrolling when I could be enjoying my life. I saw a cartoon recently of some guy arriving at the Pearly Gates and Saint Peter is looking in his book and saying “Turns out you had a pretty good life overall, but you missed it because you were looking at your phone”. (Sidetracking a little onto a rant, I almost ran over some guy the other day, he walked straight out into traffic in front of me, head down, looking at his phone, scrolling through his updates).

    I’ve enjoyed your youtubing, and it’s nice to put a face to the name, but I just end up commenting here anyway. Like you I really enjoy the social aspect of blogging, it’s much more personal and closer to what the internet used to be, before it turned into a stream of meaningless “memes” and people giving each other dog’s abuse in 140 characters. Anyway, glad you’re keeping the blog on and I’ll be keeping an eye out for your podcast 🙂

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  3. Scrollimg IG is definitely habit forming. I prefer it to FB though so I know I’ll keep doing it lol. I can only imagine how long it takes to make a video , so I don’t blame you for quitting that.
    This new podcast should be interesting. 😛

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    1. Haha it’s easy to do and harmless fun really but I don’t like bad habits, only good ones like heroine necrophelia 🤙🏼🤘🏼I’m actually hoping you’ll like our podcast. We’ll be covering everything from born again psychotic christians to the many uses of gerbils. Stay tuned 😉

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  4. That’s cool, as I prefer this venue as well. I have not been on Instagram but never felt a need, plus it seems a generational thing, and hell I remember stuff in 1966 so that was out. I did enjoy your YouTube stuff as an adjunct to the blog, but your blog to me was the main interest. Glad you’re here, and looking forward to the continuation of the madness!

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  5. I will totally miss watching the view out of your back window of the pickup… 😂I get where you are coming from re Social Media, I follow blogs and yes YouTube too but YT is more a background noise type thing

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  6. Re. Wudugast’s comment. In Germany, people who walk around SMSing whilst not paying attention to their surrounds are known as Smombies!

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  7. It’s good to try things mate, and even better to know what is and isn’t working. I’ve never Instered a gram, neither have I youd a tube – at least you’ve given it a whirl mate!

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    1. Cheers man. I haven’t deleted either of them because, well, you never know I guess but I do feel cleansed and a sense of freedom haha. I think keeping things simple is best for me. More time to paint and sculpt is best for me.

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  8. I use both FB and insta but half the time of you see a post on one, 5 mins later you see it again on a different platform. My issue with them both is they are too transitory in nature which is why I prefer to just post here or on a couple of forums I’m a member of.

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  9. I too like the vids, but watched them from your blog, only watch trailers on YouTube (no interest in peoples funny dog vids or pranks!!!), and I really don’t understand Facebook, Pininterest, Instagram, Whatsap (my blackberry wont support it anyway), or any of them things (too bloody old!!!).

    So best you just stay here, Oh and I don’t do podcasts either sorry, a friend at work was telling me about one he listens to and said…

    “You should listen to it its hysterical!, you just click on the podcast app on your phone”
    “you do have the podcast app right?”
    “Errrrr, I don’t think so”
    “Well just go into your app store”
    “My what”
    “Oh forget it, I give up!!”

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Haha fair enough grandad. Maybe I could put it on record so you can play it on your gramophone hehe. Honestly, I’m not great with technology either but podcasts are the freakin bomb man. Especially with the work I do. Long hours of working all on my own.


    1. Hey hey welcome back daaaaaad!!!! I’m not deleting the YouTube site because you never know but I am excited about concentrating on the blog more. The podcast is exactly that. Two Aussie mates talking shit. Unscripted and just a whole lot of fun.

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