Fly on the wall podcast plus some hobby updates

Right you scurvy lot, as mentioned the other day my mate Warren and I were going down the podcast path together and I’m proud and pleased to say we have just uploaded the very first episode.


Now here’s the format/concept:

Two blokes who are best mates, driving around, drinking coffee and talking shit.

Warren and I have been best mates since we were fifteen (25 years) and, obviously, get along very well and have a unique sense of humour. So we thought it’d be fun for us and, hopefully, you too to record our conversations. We talk about everything and anything with our own warped sense of humour constantly weaving in and out of all of it.

There is some swearing and adult content so I wouldn’t suggest letting your children  listen to it. Or MUM if you’re reading this I’d prefer you didn’t listen either haha.

As we are new to this we are finding our feet, which is all recorded as well haha, so the sound quality isn’t amazing but we will endeavour to get better with it.

Here’s the link below guys and I don’t believe you need to have the app to listen to it.

We would love your support and help in promoting it so tell your friends and family and share the link where you can if you can.

If you have any trouble with the link please don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll do what I can to help you out. We are hoping to get the pods into other podcast platforms too.

We will be uploading fairly regularly (once a week) and we have many, many subjects to cover but if you’d like us to discuss something in particular or wanted to hear our views on something feel free to contact us here –

Hobby updates.

I lost my glasses on my recent holiday and have only just received my new ones so I’m finally back at the hobby desk.

Whats coming? Well I’m chipping away at more German Orks, Imperial Guard and Traitor Guard but I’ve also thrown myself into a new project based on a graphic novel which I’m super excited about and hope to show you in the next few weeks.

Thanks in advance for listening/sharing the podcast.



20 thoughts on “Fly on the wall podcast plus some hobby updates”

  1. oh silly me, i should have read your post, now I understand the background noise, it is because you are driving around. it is fun pod cast and radio show like. But, the back ground noise drowns your voices sometimes, then the ticking of the indicator light, etc… Then your voices aren’t directly at the mic. Anyway, who am I to talk, i am still learning the ropes. I hope you don’t mind my honest feedback.

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    1. No no I love the feedback. I’ve just purchased some better headphones and built in microphones so hopefully that helps drown out the background noise. Plus we will place the recording device more in the centre of us. Cheers 👍🏼

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      1. Is it your intention to podcast from the car always? Then may be figure out to edit the noise out, whuch is tough to do cause i am stuggling with that. Yesterday i that i would podcast from the dinning room and playback the background sound of echo etc was awful. So i did from my bedroom as i have more soft cushions that can absorb some of the noise. Podcasting isnt easy. But again i like your chit chat format it is fun.

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      2. G’day. Yes it’ll always be from the car. I think listening to it via headphones helps a lot rather than through a stereo or anything. We hope that by using better microphones and headphones it’ll help drown out the ambient noise a bit. Tricky because we do want some of the ambient noise but not if it’s too distracting. I honestly thought the sound you got was pretty good. There was a bit of popping from the microphone though so try using a coat hanger with stocking material spread across it to act as “softener” musos donit all the time when recording vocals for a song. 👍🏼

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      3. Oh it is called ambient noise. A coat hanger as a shocker. You guys kbow your stuff. I watched a few video on how to podcast and they discussed an arm and a round thing that is put next mic to lessen noise. I am not ready to spend too much money yet, but probably will later.

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  2. Finally got around to listening to it and have to say I loved it. I did enjoy the YouTube posts but this beats it hands down for me. I think the interaction you have with your mate works far better than you on your own, you need trade off each other and for me it certainly works. Personally, and I mean this in a positive way, I think the amateurish feel to the podcast is great, part of the appeal for me.

    Interestingly I do have a tattoo on my penis. I guy standing at the urinal next to me in the gents observed my manhood and asked if the tattoo “Wendy” was dedicated to my wife or girlfriend. I told him I got it done when I was in the Caribbean and in full actually reads “Welcome to Jamaica and have a nice day”.

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    1. That’s great to hear!! It really is great to get your feedback. I was starting to think that none of my blogger buddies were interested because it’s non-hobby related. I like the amateurish feel too. Sound quality will get better but we will always stumble through it like blind beggars in a nudist colony. I think Warren’s calm and dry wit works well with my manic boyish charm haha. Your penis made me laugh… oops I mean your penis joke made me laugh.

      We will be recording episode two this Monday evening.

      Thanks for the feedback mate it’s made my day.

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      1. Looking forward to the next one. Seriously loved it. So much scope for development. It goes without saying that Warren is the star of the show but hang on in there! 😉 Personal opinion, don’t lose the two guys down the pub feel, it’s what makes it for me. If you decide to go “international” in some way give me a shout!

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      2. Haha he’s certainly the star of MY show yes. The whole idea was to just capture our usual banter and chit chat. We will introduce things like selecting random topics from a hat to give the thing a little direction but that’s about it. Few interviews down the track etc too. Thanks again mate

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    1. Excellent hehe. It’s only early days so forgive the sound quality but I’d suggest listening via headphones, which I guess you will be if on a train haha, it’s a bit better. Love to hear your feedback once you’ve listen to it too man. It’s unscripted and unedited haha


  3. I’m so excited to check out your new podcast! I found out about it on IG and followed on there, but I can’t wait to get to give it a listen. 😀 (I haven’t really given any podcasts a go yet, though there’s a couple that are of interest) so looking forward to it! Congrats on the exciting new adventure with your friend. You guys sound a lot like me and C&M. We’ve been best friends since we were kids, too! 🙂

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    1. Oh cool. I hoped you’d listen and I hope you enjoy it. Please note that I don’t swear, as a rule, in front of women or children (old fashioned haha) but I do swear a lot on these podcasts because I’m being myself around my mate. It’s been so much fun so far. I think we’ve got a good balance between us. He’s cool calm and collected and I’m bouncing off the walls haha

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