The 95th Rifles of the 701st Royal BannaRoff Guard plus some LEGO.

If you’ve forgotten what my 701st Royal BannaRoff Guard army looks like you can see part of it here.

There were some Green Dragoon’s too.

Basically old school with a splash of warhammer 40k.

I was going to add this new squad to the Praetorian Guard but due to the dark green they’ll be painted I thought they’d suit my BannaRoff Guard army more. Even though the BannaRoff uniform is of a lighter green I’m going to go with a dark green to match the famous 95th Rifles colour scheme.

Who are/were the 95th rifles? Well dear readers, let IRO enlighten you.

They were an experimental corps made up of snipers (sharp shooters) scouts and skirmishers. They were around from early 1800s to 1966 under various names and they did rather well during the Napoleonic War.

Some of you might be familiar with the TV series “Sharpe” from the mid 90s starring Sean Bean which follows the adventures and exploits of the 95th Rifles. I am yet to see the series but it’s on my “must see” list as I’ve heard great things about it.

Back to the uniforms.

Heres what I’m thinking. (Marvin I have a sneaky feeling you’ll approve hehe 😉)


I like the dark green but will also use the blood red for spot colours on officers. Love a nice Shako too!

Ok so onto the miniatures I’ve built for this squad.

The bits are mostly from Victoria Miniatures and Anvil Industries. Both companies are amazing and have some awesome quality products. All hero scale too so just perfect for my needs.

The faces on the Shako hat/heads are really cool and full of character.

Colonel John Shipp (Who I believe was the real life Sharpe) The thing in his right hand is, I suspect, some sort of future iPad.


Lieutenant Richard Sharpe (Couldn’t resist hehe) He’s actually the “Caine/Bromhead” Miniature from Victoria Miniatures but I preferred him as Sharpe.


Sergeant Kingsley


The Troops.


I look forward to painting these gents and they should slot in well with the 701st Royal BannaRoff Guard.


I’m quite sure I’m not alone when I say I enjoy weekends. I’m lucky enough to thoroughly enjoy my work as a self employed gardener/landscaper/handyman but still the weekend is the weekend.

On Friday night I tipped out our big old vintage suitcase filled with LEGO onto the kitchen table and myself, my youngest daughter and middle daughter got stuck in.

I worked until midday on the Saturday but then when I was home we got stuck in again. I built a house for the girls to play with while they built several things like a heart shaped rainbow, a robot and a playground.

Then today (Sunday) we did a LEGO chanllenge. My wife was at work and my eldest at a party so it was the perfect opportunity to put on the LEGO movie and have a big day of LEGO!!

The challenge was, laid out by me of course, to draw from a hat a random item to build. Then when we were all ready we pressed play on the LEGO movie. We had until the end of the movie (about 90 minutes) to finish our LEGO challenge project.

Here are the results…

Youngest daughter (5) built an awesome petrol station.


I really like the flowers on the car and cash register with que of customers.

The middle daughter (12) built a really detailed apartment.


The attention to detail was very cool and I like the tiled floor.

Me (the biggest kid of all) built a castle that the kids named The Black Magic Jupiter Castle.



As you can can guess I enjoyed myself immensely. Haha.

Great day!

Remember, life’s too short to NOT play with LEGO.






29 thoughts on “The 95th Rifles of the 701st Royal BannaRoff Guard plus some LEGO.”

  1. Really like the latest figures, but . . . time for you to catch up with some painting! I think they’ll look good in green! And that sounds like good weekend as well – looks to me like we need to be seeing your daughters doing some kitbashing now! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Now that’s what I call playing with Lego, properly using your imagination to create some cool scenes. Looks like your daughters have inherited your attention to detail too. And the long queue at the petrol station… so true!

    As for the new troops I say – “Approved!!!!!!” :mrgreen: Weirdly, @patmcf has just this week challenged me to paint some 95th Rifles boys using leftovers from the figures I’ve just used. Hell, I think your picture was actually just what I was looking for as a guide… I’m bang in the middle of some other figs at the moment so may take a while before I get to them.

    In the meantime, needless to say I’m looking forward to these, Once again some very nicely sculpted faces on these fellas. I’m sure you’ll do a stellar job with them.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They’re all chips off the old block that’s for sure. I look forward to seeing your 95th Rifles. Have you read the memoirs of John Shipp? Apparently he took on baboons at one time. I’m keen to get a copy of the book now.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Love the figures- especially the machine gunner firing from the hip.

    The Lego stuff is fantastic though- I love to still play with the nephews with the it. Saw the Lego movie with them too- good times.



    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great creative use of the Lego girls and the big kid as well !,very good for the brain I would imagine . Good to see you are getting into the 95th ,when you take the family to the UK you must go to Winchester and see the 95th museum, the kids will like it as there is a little diorama that is well worth seeing ,I’ve always wanted to go there and finally did on last trip, bloody Grand ,so good we missed the cathedral.
    I was looking at the Bannaroff guys, very good, but what caught my attention was the wooden stairs you photographed them on ,if you made that you are in the wrong game mate, they are so real ! .

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Figures looking good, the thing about Sharpe is that the series reminds me of re-enactment events due to the low numbers of actual soldiers. Lego… awesome stuff. I occasionally let my kids play with my Collection.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Goddamn WordPress hasn’t been showing me your recent posts. I had to come directly here because I thought you had internet disappeared for a hot minute. Nope! Just got drowned out by all the random book blogs I follow lol.
    Playing with Legos actually sounds excellent right now! We don’t have any though. D:

    Liked by 1 person

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